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These events take place one year after the events of Saints Row: the Third. you follow new character: Darius King, Son of Author and Business philanthropist and former leader of the Vice Kings; Benjamin King and new leader of the Saints, Found By Johnny Gat Following the Events of Saints Row 2, Darius was Just Trying to find his way in the saints and now finds himself in the upper Echelon in the saints, helping the saints beat both Maero of the brotherhood and Dane Vogel, Former CEO of Ultor Industries. After the saints help Ultor exec. Eric Gryphon, deal with former saint lieutenant and Ultor Head of Security, Dexter Jackson (A.K.A Dex) and scared him out of Stilwater, Darius was made a second in command (Same as Johnny) but After Seen what he could do and taking more of a leadership role, the saints made Darius their leader.

Saints and Sinners

Based on the Characters from the Hit Video Game Series from THQ/Violation Inc.

Series Created By: Money Escobar


A King's Decision

During the firefight with STAG and Luchadore Forces, Darius, Pierce and Oleg are at the Guard Armory Hiding Behind a STAG Nforcer Dodging Bullets and Defending themselves from STAG and Luchadore Fire, talking about personal exploits, when Darius is about to get two phone calls that would have a SOLID Impact on the Saints and the outcome of the war in Steelport.

"Hey, I was Thinking, we might die here ya know, anything y'all wanna get off your chest" Pierce Said as he was Shrugging off bullets Shooting back.

"Hey Come on Pierce, don't go talking like that" replied Darius Shooting at STAG Soldiers while holding one hostage himself.

"No He's Right. Were Kinzie here, I'd Pour out my Heart" Said Oleg as he was Lunging STAG Soldiers in the air while expressing his feelings about Kinzie.

WHAT? Yelled Pierce.

"It's rare that I find an Intellectual equal in this line of work" Answered Oleg While Piledriving a Brute into the Pavement.

"I have an Irrational Fear of Bees" yelled Darius answering Pierce's question.

"Good to know" replied Pierce.

"Wait. And like the big guy, I also have feelings for Shaundi and Viola too" Added Darius

"ARE YOU SERIOUS BOSS" Yelled Pierce can't believing the Boss having feelings for anyone other than himself.

"I mean let's be honest…these girls are hot and if ya ask me are REALLY Badass…I don't know it's Just something about them that Screams Smart, Sexy and Powerful, ya know?" Answered Darius Smiling back to the facet he really has Feelings for the girls while Killing STAG and Military Soldiers alike.

"Good to – WHAT? Am I the only one receiving No Love here? " Asked Pierce

"…YES! " Yelled Both Darius and Oleg

The Three Saints Held off the STAG/Luchadore Attack as long as they could, When the Saints Backup Came just in Time handing them reloads to their guns and Dealing with the Remaining STAG/Luchadore forces until Darius Gets a Call From Angel.

"That Takes Care of the Last of them…I think that's all of em" Says Darius relived that They Survived another Onslaught.

((Incoming call from Angel))

"Talk to me Angel" Answered Darius on his Cell phone.

"Killbane is Leaving Steelport" Angel said while on the Phone with Darius While looking with a Few Saints at the airport looking at Killbane with Binoculars.

"LIKE HELL HE IS" Yelled Darius Enraged that Killbane is Trying to Run away from another Asswhoopin At the hands of the Saints.

"He's at the airport, there isn't much time" Angel Answered looking at Killbane getting out of his All White Limo and entering his Custom-made Jet.

"Angel –"Darius said before saying another word Angel Replied "No, I Can't let him Win, WE can't let him win"

"Angel, just sit tight til I get there, I'm Comin'' Darius said ((Beep –Incoming call from "unknown")) before he could say another word, Darius gets another Call from someone from his past.

"Ah Shit hold on Angel" Darius Said to Angel before clicking over to the other call.

"Talk to me" Darius answered.

"Hello Saint…Or Should I call you…King?" The anonymous caller said Darius's last name like she knew him.

"Who The Fuck is this and how the hell do you know me?" Answered Darius wondering who would call out his name like this.

"Remember, Cairo, Kosovo, Iraq…STILWATER?" The Anonymous caller told Darius, He Knew all of these places during his time of duty overseas and his hometown, but wondered how she knew. That's when he put Two and Two together and knew that there was only one person that hated him like this.

"KIA!" Darius Answered

"So now you know. King" Kia responded angrily. "I guess I should Expect Nothing more from the youngest son of the Infamous Benjamin King" she added.

"Kia, you wasting a lot of my time and yours not to mention a lot of YOUR good soldiers trying to come arrest me and my Crew Bitch" Darius Said to Kia but she Responded Back "I Don't want to Arrest you, It won't solve anything, the people need to wake up and see the threat that scum like you are to innocent people...Once you blow up the Magarac Island, The whole world will see your true colors" she added.

"Don't be stupid, the Saints aren't into Domestic Terrorism, Never have, Never Will and we ain't blowing up Anything Kia!" Darius Responded to Kia's Accusation.

"We'll see how many people believe that, when Shaundi and Viola are found in the Wreckage" Kia Said to Darius, when she said that, if as is though his heart Dropped and Sweat was Dripping from his body from his down to pavement like rocks.

Worrying about the safety of his lady saints Darius pleaded angrily to Kia "Kia, Don't do this, If you want to get back at just me…FINE do that…but Don't Take it out on my Crew" Kia responded, "Should have thought of that before you left me for the saints and your family back then…King" Kia said as she Hung up in Darius' Face.

Darius' Mind started to wonder as look out on the Horizon, looking to the right of him at the airport in the distance thinking about Killing Killbane and then looking to his left at the Magarac statue Thinking about rescuing Shaundi and Viola, his focused sense of leading had split for parts unknown when Kia told him that she was going to frame the Saints again for Terrorism, with Shaundi and Viola being the Martyrs involved.

"Boss, what's up" Pierce asked.

"Penny for your Thoughts" Added Oleg both of them Looking at Darius, Looking like he saw a ghost.

Darius was able to snap back into reality when he heard his fellow saints asking him what's up.

"I'm fine, I'm Fine" Darius answered looking upset.

"You don't look fine boss, you look tense" Oleg said when he saw Darius in a Daze.

Darius Sighed as he looked at his Saints and told them what was going on with Killbane and the girls

"WHAT?" Pierce yelled out after listening to Darius telling him everything going down.

"I –I cannot believe this" Oleg exclaimed.

" Yea I know, I can't either, it's one or the other…but if we don't do something now, the saints are going down and this time for good" Darius responded to Pierce and Oleg.

"So you're gonna do the right thing aren't you?" Pierce Said to Darius.

"What do you mean Pierce?" Darius Said to Pierce asking what he meant by that.

"Look, you can't make it to both and you can't Shaundi die, FUCK KILLBANE, He ain't worth losing our girls" Pierce Said with such Fire in his voice.

"But Killbane is why you are here, don't let everything Shaundi and Viola have fought for be for Nothing" Oleg added maybe persuading Darius to go and stop Killbane.

It seemed like Darius' world was turning upside down, He was a faced with a Decision that will shape the very fate of the Saints…FOREVER…in his mind, he was thinking about Decision he'd have to make. "I can see Visions of Killbane and how he Fucked with the Saints and Framing them from corrupting the kids of the world to Framing them for Blowing up the Hugues Memorial Bridge." Then in another Vision , I can see Shaundi being down with him since the saints resurrection a few years ago, helping him taking down numerous rival gangs and seeing her mellow "I'm loving life hippie like calm, cool Deminer"…even though it got on my last nerves at times, I did enjoy her company even more with time despite her acting cold blooded after Johnny Died, she was still good people and Viola DeWynter, even though she was a part of the Morningstar who were the ones who killed Johnny Gat even though she wasn't the one who pulled the trigger, when she joined the saints, she was cool people and started to grow on the crew, on me and eventually Shaundi, which Absolutely NO easy feat let me tell ya "Just when things are looking up for me and the saints, reality has a way to rear its ugly head and Slap you with a cold, dark Reality that as dark as Seth cloth and more blood would have to flow to get back to the top. If as thought Time stopped all around me. If I go after Killbane…Shaundi and Viola are good as dead…but if I go to rescue them, Killbane will get away." Darius knew that one way or another, his decision would leave a sorry taste in his mouth and leave him with either a coward leaving town to rebuild his empire and go after the saints again the future or to bury two more Saints next to Johnny: Eliminate Killbane or save my Lady Saints….I had to make a decision and I had to make a decision NOW!" In a huff Darius made his decision. "I'm GOING TO SAVE MY SAINTS! Aimee you're with me" He thought and was now sure of what he had to do, he Called for one of his rides to be sent to him he called for his X-2 Phantom, Aimee got on and Irked out with the tires, scorching the pavement on the city streets making a beeline towards the dock looking across from Magarac Island. Darius had to Ride and fight through Numerous STAG and Luchadore Blockades. Eventually, he made it just a Few meters from the dock.

Darius Called up Kinzie on his Phone "Yo Kinzie, where the Fuck is you STAG has..."

"I KNOW...I heard on the Security Feed, I'm at the dock, come here fast" replied Kinzie talking to Kinzie who was at the docks with several members of the saints looking at the island.

"We're on our way" Darius responded to Kinzie, making his way to the docks.

As they was getting close to the Docks, Darius and Aimee saw in the Distance a STAG Blockade, he stopped and tried to figure out how to get past them, and then he saw a three Luchadore Vehicles Approaching, so he had an idea to get past them…a little game called "CHICKEN –Saints Style"

"Boss, what the hell out you doing?" Aimee Yelling at the boss for what he's about to do.

"What's it look like…I'm gonna Play "Chicken" with these turkeys!" Replied Darius

He then quickly Revved up his X-2 Phantom and rode straight in the Blockade while the Luchadore Vehicles were still coming at him. Aimee Coward in fear and Held her head down in fear that they might crash. It seemed that Darius was gonna crash into the Blockade, but instead, he then Veered to the right to the sidewalk and then back on the main street missing the blockade and the Luchadores ran Smack dab into the STAG Blockade, Exploding in the process.

"You can uncover your eyes and let go of me Aimee, I need those lungs to breathe alright?" Darius telling Aimee to let go, she let go and Said "sorry"

Darius then called Mayor Reynolds' Office "What's up Mayor, uh ya might wanna call Sanitation, There's Junk all over the Street" but no answer til Kia Picked up and said "guess again", Darius replied "that's One more reason to Fuck you Up" after all the blockades and soldiers to pluck outta the way, Darius finally makes it to the dock where Kinze and the saints are, got off his bike and ran to them.

"How we looking, Kinzie?" Darius Said to Kinzie.

"Not Good Boss, Saw on the Cameras what Happened. There's Bombs all over that Monument" Kinzie Told Darius handing him binoculars, Darius looked at the Number of Bombs and STAG Soldiers occupying the statue.

"Can you disarm them?" Darius Asked Kinzie

"I'm Not a walking Deus Ex Machina, Use the STAG Sonic Gun to Knock the bombs into the water" Kinzie Instructing Darius on what to do.

"And where are you gonna be while I'm doing all this?" Darius Asked Kinzie handing her the Binoculars back and Cocks his Shepard for battle.

"We'll be Watching on the Surveillance Monitors…so don't mess up or I'll see" Kinzie Told Darius.

"Yea Don't Worry, I'm Bringing our girls back in one Piece" replied Darius looking at Kinzie with Fire in his eyes saying, I'm going to FUCK somebody the Fuck Up.

Darius took three Saints, grabbed a Nearby Miami Boat and Rode all the way to Magarac Island, where there were numerous STAG/Luchadores fighting each other just like all around Steelport. The saints Stopped and Open Fire on STAG and the Luchadores with the Boss Darius Wielding his Dual .45 Shepherds with explosive shells in them while Aimee and the other Saints were holding K-8 Krulovs. The saints fought their way through the hordes of STAG soldiers trying to get the top of the statue, tossing the Bombs off One by one with the Sonic Boom Gun and Uncuffing the Captured Saints near the bombs.

"OK all bombs clear boss" Aimee Said to Darius

"Good. Saints…Stay here and Keep Below clear, we'll be back soon, Aimee you're with me up top, we've got a Bitch to fuck up and some lady saints to rescue." Darius told his Saints as they Progressed up the Stairs to the Top of the Statue.

Darius and Aimee Saw KIA Talking on her two way radio while she had Shaundi, Viola and Mayor Reynolds all tied up with cases of Fart Jar Flash Bangs in them next to them. Darius Then Turned to Pierce and told him the plan.

"OK Here's the Plan; I'm gonna Take KIA Head On, you Free the girls and the Mayor alright?" Darius telling Aimee the plan.

"Hey that's cool Boss, I'm a lover, not a fighter" Aimee Said to Darius agreeing to the plan.

"Remember you're here to work, Aimee, but stay right here till I get Kia's Attention, Make a Run for it when you get the chance"

"Chill boss, I got this, you just be careful with Kia bitch" Aimee told Darius.

"Alright, here we go 1…2…3 GO!" Darius counted down and Ran to the spot where Kia and the girls are, Kia Saw Darius coming and Picked up Shaundi and held her Hostage with a STAG issued Shepard.

"Boss!" Shaundi Yelled when she saw Darius walked up them.

"Shaundi, are you OK?" Darius asked Shaundi.

"I'm Surprised you Came King" Kia Said to Darius looking at him walking up to her.

"I Never Leave my Friends to die" Darius Responded to Kia

"Really? Lin, Carlos, Aisha, Johnny all you do is let your friends Die. You even left me for your family and these FUCKING SAINTS, you really think that these assholes will EVER Replace me in your life" Kia said to Darius to fill him with Guilt over the loss of his friends that made the ultimate sacrifice for him. "Bitch I'm Gonna Fuck your Up" Darius was enraged when Kia said that and tried to Punch her in the face, but Kia had Shaundi in her hands and Block the Punch with Shaundi as a Shield. Darius Pulled Back before hitting Shaundi, which was gonna make saving her a lot more difficult. Kia then Shot Darius in the Shoulder with her Shepherd, Darius went down to one knee in agony. Shaundi Screamed after seeing Darius down Shouting "BOSS"

"Boss there are Bombs in those cases over there" Shaundi Said to Darius While at Kia was still holding her a Gun Point.

"You say another word to him, and I will blow your head off you WHORE" Kia Threaten Shaundi as she held the gun to her head.

Darius Took One of the Fart Flash Bangs and looked up at Shaundi and she nodded her head as to say it's ok. He threw it and as the fat gas exploded, causing Kia to let go of Shaundi. The Smelly gas was so bad she even threw up on herself, which gave him time to equip his Upgraded Tek Z-10 and Empty the entire clip on Kia. Shot after Shot, Every Bullet Pierced through Kia's full body armor as blood and Puke splattered all over her armor as she kept falling back with each shot. As Darius was doing this, Aimee went over and uncuffed Viola and Shaundi as well as the Mayor. Darius Continued to Shoot at Kia until the clip was empty. When it was, Darius Took Out his Shepard and before he could fire, he started to think about his past together with Kia. As Kids they did have fun together, getting into mischief and causing trouble from stealing candy to Pulling Pranks on people and throwing explosives in peoples pants. When they were Teenagers, they would continue to have fun going parties and still pulling pranks on students and Teachers alike, but overtime they fell in love with each other and when they graduated collage, he still remembered how I got her to join him in the marines and she wanted to join him. But I also remembered that Kia also wanted…to marry him and that he left for Stilwater to stand with his mother and Brother before she could pop the question to him, Leaving her Upset and feeling Betrayed, Thus being in the situation as we are now. I loved you and I will ALWAYS Love you Kia…but, that was Another Lifetime ago…another me" as a Tear Rolled down his eye, Darius shot Kia in the Head while thinking "I'm the leader of the Saints now" He added "Goodbye…Kia" Kia's Lifeless Body fell off the ledge, falling hard all the way down on the Island but not before shedding a tear of her own as she plunged hard on the pavement below.

Gripping his Shepard Hard in Sadness, Darius Knew he had did the right thing, but at a great cost to his own heart. If as though he blew a hole in his own heart trying to stop Kia his first love…all while trying to save two of his Fellow Saints, his Decision was true, yet Bittersweet given everything that he accomplished in the past and where the saints are now. Darius was looking off the ledge where Kia fell and saw her on the ground below with blood circling around her body. Another Tear fell from Darius as he looks as Kia Lifeless Body below, he could also see Killbane's plane as it was flying away from Steelport. Darius knew he's going to get an earful from Angel and Viola as to why he let him escape, but he just enjoyed in that fact that he did the right thing and kept looking at the city that the saints took over – Steelport as Shaundi said is like Bangkok's abusive father is now "Saints Country" and No One can take that away, just as he was doing this Shaundi came up to him and hugged him from behind.

"Thank you…for saving us Boss" Shaundi told Darius as she hugged him.

"Are you kidding me, I would NEVER let y'all die" Darius Said back to Shaundi as he was quickly wiping the tears from his eyes as he turned around her and hugged her back.

"are you OK Boss it seemed like you were –" Before Shaundi could say another word, Darius said with somewhat aggressive tone "I wasn't OK, it's just Sweat was dripping from my face because I was doing so much Fighting today and I couldn't get a moments rest up until now, but I'm OK now Shaundi"

"Are you OK" Darius asked Shaundi. She Blushed and said" Ye- yea I'm…Fine" she calmed down and kissed him on the cheek and said "thanks for saving us Boss, I know it was hard for you to come for us" she said as she smiled at Darius. Viola Came up to them and said Kind of said the same thing but said "Well you sure took your time" Darius Responded "is that your way of saying thanks" Viola added "well I was going to say thanks" as She Kissed him on the Cheek as well.

"You did good Kid; I know I made a great choice when I put my lot with the saints, good going my boy" Mayor Reynolds Told Darius for a job well done.

More and more, he felt better more when Shaundi, Viola and the Mayor told him that he Make the right Decision in freeing them. Then he said:

"I need a Damn drink, it has been too crazy today, let's go home" Darius added as he looked at his lady saints and the mayor and told them "Let's go Home!"

As Darius and the others Came down the Stairs, the saints Shouted HOORAY because they saw Shaundi and Viola in one piece, Kinzie and the saints ashore saw on the Surveillance Monitors what happened and they rejoiced, Kinzie told Pierce, Oleg and the Saints at the Guard Amory what went down and they Cheered. In fact Jane Valderama also was reporting and reporting the event and one after another, Citizens of Steelport also cheered for our Soldiers in Purple. Someone from a lavished office also looked at Darius and was annoyed at seeing him. The saints were branded with every negative word in the book over the years, but they're now branded as the one thing that they NEVER expected to be called…HEROES!

As the Saints Came down the Statue, They were mobbed by reporters asking them everything from what happened up the statue, to the war between them on the syndicate. To what's next for Shaundi and her show, is she going to do another season of " I wanna Sleep with Shaundi", just then Cyrus Temple showed up with a few STAG Commandos and Surrounded Darius, The Saints and the mayor.

"Hold it right there" Cyrus said to the Saints.

"Nah you Hold it right there, Bitch, unless the next words that come outta your much is "Thank you" We have a Serious Fucking Problem" Darius cutting Cyrus off from saying another word.

"What did you say" Cyrus Said to Darius.

"They Have a Point Commander…Like it or not, the Saints are Heroes" U.S Senator Monica Hugues Said to Cyrus as she was getting out of a Chopper and walked up to them.

"Are you shitting me lady?" Whispered Cyrus to Senator Hughes.

"You declared martial law and knocked down half the city, The Saints just saved a treasured monument, who the fuck do you think the public will side with" Senator Hughes Whispered back angrily back at Cyrus as she turns around and goes back to answering questions from reporters. Cyrus was pissed about the idea of "thanking' the saints and eating humble pie. He grabbed Darius by the arm and told him:

"They can give you the key to the Goddamn city for all I care, but as soon as you screw up, we'll be back and next time, STAG is gonna put you down for good." Cyrus said, threatening Darius and Saints.

"Awe, I love you too Cyrus" Darius responded.

"Later, Clown" Shaundi added.

"So Boss, what's next, go back to Banging in Stilwater?" Pierce Said to Darius asking what's next for the saints.

"Heh, not yet, we'll save our Homecoming for later, I believed I promised we'll go party once the work's done" Darius Responded to Pierce's question.

"So?" one saint Said to Darius.

"So…we go Party. On me" Darius said to his Saints and added "If that's ok with you?" as he was looking at Shaundi when he said that. She looked up at everyone while they were looking at her and she Said" why's everyone looking at me…Let's go FUCKING PARTY!" when she said that, everyone shouted a BIG ASS HOORAY as they went to the Saint's Purgatory Nightclub and Casino for Drinks, dancing, Gambling and Women…because THAT"S HOW THE SAINTS RULE!

But the story doesn't end there…you'll see…in due time!

To Be Continued!

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