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Chapter Four
The Saints Homecoming: Act 1:
Stilwater's Conquering Heroes Return

That night in Sinners HQ Cyrus was shocked to see the former lieutenant of the third street saints being the boss of his own criminal organization. Cyrus saw the eyes of a man who himself has been humiliated & embarrassed by the saints, looking to end the very gang he was once associated with, now wants to bury it. Cyrus didn't want to believe it at first, but, when he saw in Dex's frustrated & aggravated eyes, a man who has seen his fair share of grief, distain & loss at the hands of Darius King & the Third street saints, Cyrus kinda understood Dex's Plight.

"So what do you want from me, am I your prisoner?" Cyrus said.

"Oh how very little you know about this operation Mr. Temple, on the contrary, you're an honored guest & ally" Dex answered to Cyrus " you've been chosen to be a part of a very special once in a lifetime opportunity to kill the legacy of the third street saints." he added.

"Why do you want them gone, weren't you a lieutenant in the saints at one point Mr. Jackson" Cyrus pointed out. As he did the two girls jumped him from behind & held him down with Tek-Z 10's pointed at his head.

"What is the meaning of this Jackson?" Cyrus Said

"Why Mr. Temple, they hate for anyone to badmouth me, I wouldn't give them a reason to shoot you in the head." Dex answered. "They're names are Mona & Lisa Blaze, The chaos twins, they're really good at what they do, which is of business & waste management as you can see from them holding guns to your head. They also have a grunge with the ladies of the 3rd Street Saints" he added.

"What do you want from me?" Cyrus asked.

"I simply want to know one thing, Mr. Temple; do you want to see the saints…DEAD?" Dex Responded.

With a stern tone while laying with his chin into the floor he said "Without ANY…Doubt"

"Then I found a suitable third for my new International Black market/Anti-Saints Gang." Dex answered. As the twins let Cyrus up from the floor & gave his gun back.

"A third?" Cyrus said with a questionable look on his face.

"Oh did I mention that you're are the only one in the organization that wants the saints dead & buried, there are others who want the same thing… cuz ya know, they're those kinds of people who want that…ladies show them in." Dex commanded the chaos twins to show in the other guest.

When the ladies came back, the first person to come out, was a Big 8' feet tall guy wearing the same black with green timed suit he had on when escaped from Steelport. It was Killbane, with a few Luchadores at his hip.

"You" Cyrus said when he looked at Killbane reveling to be one of dex's silent partners. "You're the reason steelport went up in the first place, your luchadores.

"Yes, I did, but I was doing the exact same thing you were doing to the city, except I wanted to DESTROY THOSE ACURSED SAINTS…THEY COST ME EVERYTHING "Killbane said aggressively slamming his fist into Dex's office desk and breaking it into pieces.

"If I wasn't too keen on the killing the saints, I would make you pay for that, it also comes to my attention that you two also have some disgust with one another, I advise you both to settle it…or I will" Dex told both Cyrus and Killbane while he was fiddling with his gun and the girls picked up his paperwork and sat it down on another table.

Both men looked at Dex, then looked up at each other and realized that they hated each other… but they hated the saints even more, so they put their differences aside, shook hands and that was that….Dex nodded in delight "Good, now we can move onto…other matters, here your new tech expert gentleman"

All of sudden, A light neon blue blur came speeding in around Dex & Cyrus and then stopped across from them. It was a woman dressed in a goth cyber punk outfit with bright neon blue & black stitching & black goth make-up like a member of the Deckers.

"The women in the funky cyber punk getup is Kirsten, the Deckers chief of communications and new leader, you see, like you, she was targeted for death by the Saints for listening in on their inside deals outside of The Saints-Ultor media group and now, with their leader Matt Miller chased away by Darius King and saints"

"Why are you here toots" Killbane asked Kirsten as he looked at her. She looked up at him with Disgust in her eyes, thinking he was nothing more than another Neanderthal, but in a mask. She answered his question saying "The Saints took away my beloved Matt, now I'm going to take off their heads…permanently" she said as she gave a very sick grin and laugh cynically before Dex said "Quiet, Woman, enough of you inane prattling crazy girl" he said as he slapped her in the face.

Kirsten, just smiled at Dex and said "it's a good thing I like that and that you pay me like a queen…or I would've killed you afterward like a goon" she replied as she took out a combat knife and started to play with it with her other fingers.

Dex was disgusted by her and just said "Ok, Moving on, "Mr. Temple, I welcome you to the Sinners" Dex stated to Cyrus while he was in shock at who he was looking at who were also apart of all this. "I'm sure you have a lot of questions for our "partners" Mr. Temple, but I assure you, all will be revealed in due time" he added. "Kirsten, where are our little saints now" Dex asked.

With Kirsten on her notebook she answered "They've just left Steelport's Wesley Cutter International Airport, en route to Stilwater's Wardill Airport earlier this morning, all of the saint's lieutenants and their leader King are on their private jet and heading there for a BIG homecoming party, even channel six's Jane Valderama is doing an story on their leader, Darius King."

"Then we'll catch 'em and Kill those bastards …and see them burn like sinners in hades" Killbane said as he griped his right fist and grinning at the very chance of killing all of the saints.

"Patience, Killbane, we will get even with the saints…but in due time" Dex replied to Killbane as he patted his right shoulder of his black with green trim coat to calm down. "First I want Darius' creditability, I want people to know he's lying before he opens his mouth. I want his business, I want his reputation….I want the saints…DEAD!" he added.

"So what are ya gonna do ol' fearless leader?" Kirsten asked Dex as she was still typing on her notebook sitting Indian style in a rolling chair.

"I have a plan…already in place, the saints won't know what hit them. "*evil laughs* Dex replied as he laughs.


Meanwhile, the saints were flying back to their hometown of Stilwater, with new Saints lieutenants and flying in style in their new $50 Million Dollar private jet. Complete with flat screens, stripper poles, sub-woffer speakers to make the music and the people JUMP, fully stocked kitchen, stylish restrooms for pimps and pimpettes (thanks to Zimos) and play area for the saints, complete with arcade games, console games w/dual flat screens, stylist purple and gold trim pool table, pinball machine etc. In the main setting room, lieutenants; Pierce, Shaundi, Zimos, Viola, Oleg and Kinzie all there talking and having a conversation, excited about going back the town they were famous in except for one saint, Angel still angry with Darius about letting Killbane go free back in Steelport. He overhears a conversation with Darius with Jane Valderama in his private living area, interviewing him about his rise to power in the saints, how they took over Steelport and how exciting it was to go back to Stilwater.

"So it has certainly been one bumpy ride for you and the third street saints, nine gangs, a muti-billion dollar anti gang military force, all with the task to kill all of you. And as always you came through it, stronger than ever, with a muti billon dollar company and firm in your pocket, what is next for the Leader of "the most feared and loved gang in the world?" Jane asked Darius in the interview.

"Well Jane, we've been called "The most feared and loved gang in the world" simply because of our style, class, killer instinct and our obsession to always be through, they keep knocking at our door and we keep KNOCKIN'EM down." Darius replied sippin on some coffee with a little bit of saints flow in it out of his own personal mug.

Well, ahem, Mr Leader that sentiment doesn't hold well for your enemies, considering you let the last remnants of the Syndicate, Eddie "Killbane" Pryor go to save two of your fellow Saints and Mayor Reynolds…why? Jane asked, but, before he could answer on camara, Angel, comes in and confronts Darius about the incident.

"Because, he is a coward, who I thought wanted Killbane's ass on a silver platter, but just let him go, like a cowardly fool. He said, Jane was taken back the sudden interruption that she asked him 'why would you say this about your own Leader?" she asked. "He's no leader on mine lady" Angel replied. "He's just another cream puff, fly by night coward, who only let killers of dreams go" he added.

Darius couldn't take being dissed like this so he took out his Shepard from underneath the desk and fired a shot in five meters from angel's dome and said angel, calm yourself down man, this aint no wrestling match nor is it an shoot" the shot also startled Jane that she got up and ran out of the room scared. Listen Angel, I don't know what's gotten into you lately and I really don't care, but you should know two things about me already." Darius addressing Angel. "One; I don't forget to finish the job on haters to take aim at the Saints EVER and Two; I don't EVER let shit go" he added with such intensity in his voice and in his eyes.

"Then, why did you let Killbane go…he was at the airport, all ya had to do is come along and kill him, but you threw it away to save Shaundi and Viola?" Angel asked Darius. "I did what I had to, in order to save my fellow saints, we're a crime family and that's how it's gonna stay, whether you like it or not. Honestly, If I really didn't care about you or the others, I would've left you all to die while saving my own ass and just chased those basterds down to the ends of the earth a Long time ago" Darius responded to angel while putting his gun away.

"Trust me Angel, we'll get Killbane, but right now, take a load off, take one day off from training like a crazy manic and live it up, look at me and the saints, we're taking one month off just to sit back relax, reminisce on the good ol days by coming back to our roots, the place where we started from, home saint home, good ol Stilwater." Darius said while calming down angel "alright "Leader" I'll play along, for now, but if we don't Killbane soon, and all bets are off", Angel responded as he was walking out of the boss' board room, he pounded the wall and left a big, gaping hole in the side of the wall next to the door before leaving out.

Darius sighed in relief while slumping down in the seat behind his desk, Shaundi comes in to talk with Darius. "Boss, are you ok?" Shaundi asked. "Yea Shaundi, I'm great,…except for the fact I have to deal with a shark-infested reporter and a crazy tiger car wielding, training wrestler with a fixation to put Killbane in the ground, and threating to kill me if I don't deliver, everything's coming up roses I guess" Darius responds. "I See" Shaundi responds.

"So how are you doing, everything alright?" Darius asked.
"I'm fine and I'm sorry about the other day, I was –"Shaundi said before Darius responded.
"Still morning over Johnny right?" he asked. "yea, it's…so much has happened while we were in Steelport that going back home just doesn't seem the right thing to do for us boss" Shaundi said while she started to burst into tears. Darius huddled over her and put his arms around her to comfort her. "hey, its gonna be alright, besides, we need to remember where we came from, and that we keep our home tight too ya heard, it's ok" Darius said to Shaundi

"Listen Shaundi, not a day goes by where I don't miss Johnboy, he was my running dog since the day I joined the saints and when I became the leader, he was right there by my side when I needed a friend and took over Stilwater, so it's only symbolic, not to mention exciting to come back to the one place that made the saints a household name. Johnny would have wanted us to come home, he would be stoked of the idea…ya know?" Darius replied while calming Shaundi down and letting her that going back was alright for the saints to do. While he was doing that the feeling that he got from his time with Viola he was also getting from Shaundi. Was he feeling love from his second in command…after all that they been through and all that she's done for him and the saints, it would seem as though fate's bringing them even closer. As they both leaned in to kiss each other, the pilot came on the intercom and said ((Pilot on intercom)) "uh attention…we are now entering Stilwater airspace and are on final approach to Wardill international airport…welcome home saints."

Darius and Shaundi backed off each other after hearing that and fix themselves up.

"You ok Shaundi" Darius asked.

"I'm Good, I should be getting m – my stuff from storage" Shaundi replied.

"ye –yea, I should too, see ya out there shaundi" Darius said to Shaundi before she walks out of the office . "And Boss…thanks" She added.

"Don't Mention it Shaundi" Darius responded, as Shaundi left to get ready yo unboard.

The plane landed in Wardill international airport with Saints fans and Fellow Saints and entourage looking on waiting for them to come out and welcome them too….unfortunately some spectators were not as they seem and had some "Hardware" ready…what could this mean for the saints?