Saturday morning and Gary woke up lazily next to his still sleeping wife. She is so beautiful, he thought to himself admiringly. Her eyes fluttered open as Gary bent down, tracing her neck with a long line of kisses.

"Morning." Dawn whispered, and when Gary smiled and kissed her, she got up to make breakfast.

"I'll do that, stay in bed, my love." And with that he got up and wrapped himself in a dressing gown and slugged down the stairs.

The phone rang a moment later and as Gary answered it, an excited voice at the other end told him about some big news.

"Okay, just, just, calm down. CALM DOWN MARK!" he roared down the phone. "Just come round in an hour and tell me all about it." Gary reasoned. Can't wait, he thought miserably to himself.

59 minutes later and an elated Mark burst through the door of his best friend's house, dragging along a zombified Howard and Jason with him.

"So what's the big news Mark?" Jason slurred, obviously annoyed at the fact he'd been woken so early on a Saturday morning and dragged to Gary's house. Whilst Gary noticed that Howard was still wearing his pyjama bottoms and slippers.

"Okay, okay. Prepare yourselves for the best!" he said.

"Yes, yes get on with it!" A rather angry Howard complained.

"Right well earlier in the week I asked you guys if you wanted to tour again, and you agreed. When I asked our mate the same question, he was over the moan!" He hinted, and after a few seconds of silence, he realised the boys were oblivious as to what the babe of the band was on about. "Guys, he's back! Robbie Williams is going to tour with us again!" There was a shocked silence as the band took in the fact that Robbie would be back, their best friend.

After a series of hugs and a mix of shocked and excited comments, the others left Gary's mansion, leaving behind a certain buzz in the air. Gary thought he was dreaming so much so, he bit himself, drawing blood. Nothing happened, it was real. Robbie was back!

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