Saiko woke up on this peculiar bright night when he noticed something, he was late on inking in Riversi. He gasped and grabbed his pen to begin inking.

"Damn it, I fell asleep!" Saiko thought to himself in a extremely loud voice. He worked as fast as he can while making sure the quality would not drop. The inking continued for another hour or two, but as he finished the final page, Takagi burst through the door sprinting at full speed then followed by Miyoshi.

"SAIKO!" this was odd considering Shujin normally avoids running. Takagi was panting. "Shujin just calm down and start breathing normally" Saiko said to his best friend as he gave him a cup of water. Shujin chugged all the water in practically no time.

"Saiko… I must… tell… you something!" Shujin was basically whispering it. Shujin stood up and put his hands on a advanced copy of monthly Hissho jump. "read the cover" Shujin threw the thing at Saiko. After Saiko read it, he read it again, and again, and again, and then a fifth time. Every time he read the cover his eyes widened and his jaw dropped some more. He couldn't believe what he was reading. Even though the proof was in his hands, he just could not believe it. He looked up and both Shujin and Miyoshi were smiling really wide smiles.

"PCP IS GETTING AN ANIME!" Saiko exclaimed. "YES! I must admit I couldn't believe it at first either" Shujin told to his best buddy.

Miyoshi couldn't hold it in any longer so she blurted out. "OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD! IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU TWO! WHEN IS IT AIRING! WHAT CHANNEL? ARE YOU AND AZUKI GONNA MARRY EACHOTHER NOW!" Saiko was shocked, PCP was getting an anime… he and Azuki could see each other now. "I'm going to Azuki's house right now!" Saiko yelled as he was running out the door.

"But trains don't run this late!" Miyoshi screamed at the now gone Saiko. Miyoshi looked at Shujin, and then he said "don't worry he's probably gonna ride his bike all the way there. Wait up Saiko!" Shujin began to run to his friend then followed by Miyoshi.

Shujin and Miyoshi finally caught up to Saiko on their own bikes. "Don't try to stop me guys!" Mashiro yelled to the people following him. "Saiko were not gonna try to stop you! I want to be there when you see her!"

It took them a while to reach Azuki's house, and it didn't help that both Takagi and Miyoshi needed a few breathers. When they got to her house, Saiko practically leaped from his bike to her front door. He banged on her door for what seemed like ages. When Azuki's mom finally answered the door she said "what is with you- oh. Mashiro what are you doing here!" Mashiro didn't have time too explain. He blasted up the stairs and into Azuki's room.