"Do you see?"

"I see, papa! They're so bright!"

"Isn't it wonderful that we see them this bright, even though they're so far away?"

"…I don't get it…"

"Mathieu, even if we're away from each other, the stars are watching over us. The stars never change. And so will my feelings for you. Papa t'aime, Mathieu."

"Je t'aime aussi, papa. Just like the stars."

"Do the stars love me?"

"They're watching over us, right? So, whenever I feel lonely, I'll look at the stars and remember that they see papa. So, if the stars see you, and I see the stars, it'll be like I see you! Will you do the same when you're lonely, papa?"

"…I will Mathieu. But I'll never be lonely if I think of you."

Matthew threw his eyes open and sat up in bed. He breathed heavily like he had just dreamt a nightmare, but what he could remember, it was a pleasant dream. Of the old times when he still was a colony of France's. He could remember that day. Francis had brought him to a field and showed him the stars. He was sleepy at first, he barely managed to keep his eyes open, but when he saw the stars, the tiredness flew away. They had stayed out all night watching the stars, and he was happy. He was… always pretty happy around Francis.

He looked at the alarm clock on the bedside table. Four a.m. No point in going back to sleep now, he'd have to get up in two hours anyway. He sighed and carefully got out from the bed, careful not to wake Kuma...something up. The curtains had a gap between them, and he walked over and pulled them fully apart. It was a starry night, he could see them all sparkle in their places of the sky.

He glanced up at them, he was pretty surprised you could still see them, even in the city the shone so brightly down on the people probably sleeping.

The stars could never grow lonely. The sky was full of them, and they looked so happy. Shining together and sitting in groups all spread across the skies.

"Hey, Francis…" Matthew mumbled softly "Are you lonely right now? If you are… come see me…"

He blushed furiously, closing the curtains as if Francis was behind them and could actually hear him. He fisted the thin fabric that the almost see-through curtains was made of and placed his fists against his oh-so-very hot face. Damn it, now he started to think again. He didn't like were this was going. He felt the tears press up behind his squeezed shut eyelids. He felt it, he could feel it press inside him and he hated it.

"…'cause I am…"

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