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"Did you send the invitations?" Matthew asks as Francis comes in, yelling "I'm home, cher!".

"Oui, all fifty-one" he shudders and stomps off the snow from his boots, hanging away his jacket. He walks into the kitchen and hugs Matthew from behind, sneaking his hands onto the skin of Matthey's stomach under his shirt. The Canadian shrieks and pulls away laughing.

"You're freezing!" he giggles and takes Francis' hands in his, bringing them to his warm cheeks.

"It's snowing you know" Francis smiles and kisses the back of Matthew's hands. "How do you think they'll take it?"

"Who will take what?" Matthew asks, pulling away from Francis to turn back to his pancakes.

"Arthur and Gilbert, the invitations" Francis says, sitting down, fingering the leftover material on the table. "It's only been a few months since we dumped them, you know?"

Matthew moved the last pancake from the frying pan to a plate before he turned around to look at Francis. "We're grown kids now, aren't we? We can do whatever we want."

"No need to be so cold" Francis huffed and reached out a little, motioning Matthew to come closer. Matthew slid graciously over the floor and down in Francis arms.

"Sorry. It's just that this is finally happening, I'll finally marry you, forever attached to you, and I don't want anything to ruin it… Not Arthur, Gilbert or Alfred. It'll be you and me, our moment. Our wedding. The rest of our lives, ours." Matthew says and quickly pecks Francis lips. The French seems shocked by the answer but smiles.

"And that's what I love about you…"

"Only that?" Matthew pouts.

"That, and everything else."


Gilbert snorts, throwing the invitation across the room. He can hear Feliciano talk happily about it with Ludwig, squealing "I knew it! I knew it! They're so perfect together and I knew it, ve~! This is great!" He sighs and sinks deeper into the cushions, wanting to melt into them and disappear. He can hear the door to his basement room open, but he just didn't want to care. He looks up and sees Lovino coming down the stair. The elder Italian looks at the albino in the couch, the skeptical look on his face, then the invitation in the other side of the room, and back to Gilbert.

"You didn't have to fucking throw it away, damned potato-bastard" he says and walks over to Gilbert, putting his hands on his hips and glares at him.

"What if I did" Gilbert mutters and slides down further.

"I thought you where over him."

"So did I."

"Can't you just fucking be happy? You're damn best friend is getting married!" Lovino sighed dramatically and frowned.

"You don't know how I feel! How fucking unawesome it is to see your best friend marry your ex from only a few months away!" Gilbert spat and stood up, looking down at the shorter man. "How would you feel if Antonio broke up and married Feli?"

"For your fucking information, I've already broke up with Antonio!" Lovino hissed to Gilbert's surprise.

"Really? Why, you where perfect or something."

He got only more surprised when Lovino blushed, dropped his hands and looked away. "I-I… I like someone else." The blush got deeper and he refused to look at the shocked albino. Gilbert swallowed and stepped closer, hoping…

"Who?" He was over Matthew, really. He'd fallen in love with someone else already. Now he just hoped…

Lovino's head jerked up and he glared at Gilbert with tears shining in his eyes. "You! You hopeless, idiotic, damned, sick, stupid fuck head! But I'm sure don't even-"

He got interrupted by Gilbert's lips on his own, silencing him. He was so shocked he couldn't close his eyes, wanting to check if it was real or another of his stupid, way too realistic dreams of his that he had had for the last weeks.

"Me too" Gilbert grins as the pull away. Lovino blushes and wraps his arms around Gilbert's neck.



Arthur stared at the invitation so intense, Alfred thought he'd burn a hole right through it.

"Dude! It's not an UFO, stop staring as if you've never seen one before!"

Arthur jerked back to reality, blinking at Alfred as if he forgot he was there. "Right" he said after another minute in silence. "I'm sorry, can you start over?"

Alfred sighed and got of the chair, walking over to Arthur and took the invitation away from Arthur. "No point. You can't concentrate anymore. How about going to McDonalds? McDonalds always makes me feel better!" He grins that usual cheerful grin of his and grabs Arthur's wrist. Arthur frowns but let's himself be dragged by the American.

"That fat-filled, please-give-me-a-heart-attack-already-greased-food of yours? Yeah, why not?" Arthur shrugs after a minute of thought. Alfred stares at him. The gentleman agreed on McDonalds. This must be bad.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Alfred stops and turns to Arthur, making the older skip to a halt and frown.

"Yes, why?"

"You're acting really strange… you have been since you got the invitation," Alfred steps closer and stares into the deep, green eyes of Arthur, making the green-eyed man blush. "You told me you were over him."

"I-I am!" Arthur tries to look away, but Alfred's hand flew up to grab his jaw to hold him in place.

"'Cause I can't start dating you otherwise."

Arthur's eyebrows relaxed and he even let out a small smile. "You already are, git."

"But I could stop whenever I want to." Alfred smirked for a second, then sighing and nuzzling into Arthur's shoulder. "Please forget about him, I'm a way better boyfriend than he ever was."

Arthur reached up to play with the American's hair, smiling and holding him close. "I know you are. It's just hard sometimes. You know I love you though."

Alfred smiled and jumped up, startling the Brit. "Great! Then let's go to McDonalds! I want to try that new burger!"

Arthur rolled his eyes and carefully slipped his hand into Alfred's, intertwining their fingers. "Sure, just get going already."

Before going though, Alfred pressed his lips quickly to Arthur's. "Love you."

"Love you too."


"Francis, I'm out shopping!" Matthew slips into his shoes, tying them and making sure he's got everything.

"Oui, ah, Mathieu?"


"Je t'aime."

Matthew smiled and walked into the kitchen where Francis where, grabbing his golden locks and pulling him into a deep kiss.

"Je t'aime aussi, Francis…"

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