Astrid stared out her window, gazing longingly at the sunset. She wished more than anything that she could be in the sky with all of the colors, her fingers grazing the fading clouds as she soared past them, with Hiccup right in front of her.

Sadly, that couldn't happen. Not today, anyway, not since Hiccup vanished.

Astrid knew what happened. She was there when he had said goodbye, his eyes showing the emotion he had tried his hardest to hide. Sadness.

"That's for kidnapping me." she punched his shoulder, causing him to stumble back. She noticed Hiccup glancing at Toothless, obviously wanting him to help him out. The dragon simply ignored him.

Astrid glanced around nervously, deciding whether or not she should—

She did it. She kissed him quickly on his cheek, a blush forming across her face. "That's for...everything else." she started to take off running for the village, when Hiccup's hand grabbed hers before she could escape.

"Astrid..." he whispered. "I...I still have to leave. No one will believe me about dragons. This is the only way Toothless..." he was cut off, as Astrid decided to become a little bolder, this time placing her lips against his.

"Then, this is good-bye." she said solemnly as she pulled away.

Hiccup slowly nodded. "I'll come back, maybe." he tried.

"I'll be here, probably." Astrid attempted to lighten the mood. Hiccup gave a soft smile, as he pulled himself onto Toothless.

"All right, buddy. Let's go."

Toothless ignored him and trotted up to Astrid, licking her face with his giant tongue, causing her hair to stick together in slimy clumps.

"Ew!" she exclaimed in disgust, before gently smiling at Toothless and petting his head. "I'm going to miss you too." she said as she started to walk back, hearing the unnatural wind caused by Toothless' ascent. A low crooning sound echoed throughout the night as the figure of boy and dragon passed the glowing moon.

Astrid sighed again at the memory. Seeing as Hiccup had 'vanished', Astrid was the one left to kill the Nightmare. However, she couldn't bring herself to do it. She had fought the dragon as it attacked her, and as she finally weakened her to the point where she couldn't attack anymore, the village screamed with excitement as Astrid would surely bring an end to the horrible monster.

What she did next shocked them all into silence.

She gently placed down her shield and weapon, and walked slowly to the injured dragon. Astrid knelt down next to the giant head, and started gently stroking the Nightmare's head, apologizing in a tone that brought some children to silently cry.

Stoick, still upset about his son's disappearance, watched in awe as this took place. The words Astrid said to the dragon were the same words he'd been wanting to say to his son for a long time.

Astrid helped the dragon back to her cage, and closed the door softly, not even bothering to lock it.

Needless to say, that evening at supper was filled with explanations and stories. Everyone believed Astrid, after all, she was someone everyone respected as one of Berk's youth with extreme Viking Potential.

Astrid closed the shutters, as well as any memories flooding to her head. She wondered if it would have gone so smoothly if Hiccup had been the one to show everyone the truth.

Of course, Astrid had told the village that Hiccup had been the one who had found out, and it was he he showed her the truth, and coming from Astrid's mouth, everyone accepted it. Hiccup was the peacebringer of humans and dragons. Astrid also told of the Dragon Queen, and also of Hiccup's disappearance. Everyone felt an extreme sense of shame in the thought that Hiccup couldn't trust them with his discovery, and even more shame when the Vikings realized that they would have reacted the same way Hiccup had imagined them to. The Dragon Queen would have to wait, seeing as everyone was concerned for Hiccup.

Astrid took it upon herself to teach several Vikings how to fly dragons, and Gobber made it his number one priority to make saddles for those riders. The entire village spent a month in preparation of Hiccup's search party.

And the day came, where the dragons with their riders would take off on this voyage. Astrid pried herself away from the closed window and made her way to the docks.

"So, what exactly are we gunna do when we find him?" Snotlout asked Astrid, who had seated herself upon a Nadder.

"We welcome him back as we would a hero." Astrid replied.

"Sweet." Tuffnut replied, with Ruffnut nodding her agreement.

"Sounds like a plan." Fishlegs said, clutching to his Gronckle, in fear and excitement for the upcoming journey.

"The sooner, the better." Gobber said as he limped up to them. "I don' know if the chief can handle much more o' this, yeh know?" he gestured towards the Haddock's house.

"He's been taking it kind of hard..." Ruffnut stated.

"Softie." Tuffnut taunted her.



"Enough already!" Gobber demanded. "Now lead off th' fleet!" he shouted sarcastically, as the dragons took off into the air.

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