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Alice's P.O.V

Darkness... pure darkness. Floating in pitch black, unable to see. Am I sleeping? Oh I remember now, Blood made me get on a ride at the Amusment Park. That jerk. I wonder if I got knocked out. I remember screaming... and Blood smirking... and then darkness. Damn it. That is like the, what, the 16th time I got knocked out on one of Gowlands rides? I might have blackend out more because Boris puts me on a ride at lease twice a week. I wonder when I will wake up...

Boris's P.O.V

I wonder if Alice will be alright. It was all my fault because I didn't try to stop Blood. What kind of man am I? Even though I put Alice on rides like that at lease twice a week, I never would have done something so extreme like this. I mean, this ride was 30 percent finished, newly built. And Blood new that. Why does he hate Alice so much? Every one loves her, even I. He will pay for what he did to Alice. I woud kill him but I know it will make Alice sad, even if it is Blood. Well first I have to check on Alice, I wish she will wake up soon.

Elliot's P.O.V

Oh god, oh god, what did Blood just do! He tryed to kill Alice, AGAIN! Maybe that was some sort of test, or game... OH I DON'T KNOW! I'm freeking out! Please Alice, wake up soon!

Alice P.O.V

How long will I be asleep like this? It's getting boring. I'm surprised Nightmare didn't visit me. Oh god! Im going to regret saying that. He's probley going to show up in 3, 2, "One." said a deep voice.

No one's P.O.V

"Oh hi Nightmare." I said sounding bored.

"What's wrong? Not having fun in your own darkness?" Nightmare said.

He thinks the darkness is fun? Alice thought. Well he is weird like that...Well when I see him I hear the song Mr. Sand Man...

"W-When you look at me," Nightmare stuttered and sweat dropped " You hear the song, M-Mr. Sand Man?"

"Oh yeah, " I said " You can read my thoughts..." Then there was an aqward silence. I just stared at Nightmare and he stared at me.

He broke the silence first " Well... I'll leave you for now. Things just got aqward, so goodbye." Before I could say anything he quickly vanished.

"Dang it," I said aloud. " Now I'm bored and have no one to talk to, Plus when I wake up and see Nightmare things will be aqward. Aw man!"

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