Chapter 11

They entered the room and saw a group of wildly dressed people laughing and in the middle was Anna mildly uncomfortable standing in the mass of people.

"Can I help you gentlemen?" A deep burely man asked coming to stand directly in front of the two.

"We're here for Anna." Fortis growled before moving toward Anna. Before he could move any further than a step the burely man clapped down on his shoulder.

"I don't think so." The mans faced turned from friendly to deathly serious in a matter of seconds.

"Who the hell are you to stop us?" Lowe eyed the aggressive man.

"Well seeing as I own this hotel. I think I have a say in who comes in and out this place." he sneered.

"Oh! Fortis! Jeremy!" Anna exclaimed pushing through the group slightly to get to the new arrivals. She walked with a smile but it faltered as she took in the situation. She glanced from Monty's hand on Fortis and Jeremy's slightly aggitated stance.

"Whats going on?" She asked puzzled.

"Oh nothing I was just greeting your friends." Monty's face went from being serious to a mask of friendly smiles. He eyed Fortis once more before smiling brightly at Anna and walking back to the group.

"We need to leave." Fortis demanded in a whisper as soon as Monty was out of ear shot. He grabbed Anna's arm gently tugging. She looked back one last time at the group but something was off they all seemed to be tense, not as happy as they were a second ago.

"Yeah...sure lets go home." She mumbled as they left, creeped out by the sudden atmosphere change. She didn't bother telling them goodbye, she knew they were watching. She didn't know them, they may hold answers, but she knew there was something off about the whole thing and she wasn't sure she wanted to be in a place with out Fortis who she knew they didn't like. She felt cheezy thinking that but he always came back for her and that was all she needed. As the doors closed she could of sworn that they were all glaring. The farther they got from the hotel the more relaxed the small group became.

"What were you thinking?" Fortis asked stopping her when he stepped in her path grabbing her arms.

"You don't know what that guy was going to do with you in the allyways." Jeremy put in. She didn't say anything just glared slightly focusing on a groove in the pavement. Fortis let out a breath and ran his hands through his hair. He didn't say anything and they continued on there way back to their flat.

It was dark by the time they got to the building, Anna hadn't realized how long she had been in the hotel. She started to ponder why so many people were just hanging out in a hotel in the middle of the day. She was blinded by confusion and awe but now she was starting to come to and realize they may not be all they seemed to be.

As they entered the apartment and flipped on the lights Anna nearly tripped over herself when she saw Will and Sylvia making out on the couch. The day was starting to take its toll and Anna snapped.

"WHAT the FUCK!" She screamed aggitated. Fortis bolted in the room clearly expecting something else because his gun was drawn glancing around the room before he finally rested on why Anna was so angry. His face twisted into a smirk before scowling. Jeremy following slowly behind.

"We were waiting for you." Slyvia answered.

"So you decided to shag on my couch." Anna growled. For now the couple seemed oblivious to Jeremy's presence.

"We went to the center market but it was a mad house so we decided to come back here, its a nice place." Will answered glancing around the flat.

"You were the reason for the mob, your the reason for the most of the problems around here why can't you see it." Anna practically screamed losing any patients she had left.

"We're trying to fix all the problems." Slyvia shot holding her head up.

"But by doing so you, you've inadvertantly caused more. No amount of time is going to bring back all the people you helped kill." Anna answered with venom in her voice.

"We didn't kill anyone, we made it possible for people to be free." Will stated angrily.

"You didn't, you helped time out thousands of people. Theres a reason most people are kept down their not responsible enough to be given the time you gave them." Jeremy finally shot to the couple.

"You underestimate them."

"And your fool for thinking they can be responsible." Jeremy answered back heatedly.

"Im sorry but who are you?" Slyvia finally asked.

"Im timekeeper Lowe and Im here to take you back so you can be charged with your crimes." Jeremy smirked darkly. Will went to stand up and grab Slyvia but Fortis had his gun to her head and Will stopped short.

"Ah, ah, ah" Fortis sneered darkly.

"Don't want to do anything drastic now do we." He added there was a dangerous glint in his eyes.

"Fortis, shit you didn't have to do that." Jeremy exclaimed stepping forward to try to defuse the situation. One look from Fortis and he stopped moving. Sylvia's eyes started to get watery and she started to blubber. Anna rolled her eyes.

"Honestly its like its your first time with a gun to your head." Anna huffed darkly. Fortis smirked at her before turning back to the situation at hand.

"Now where were we?" Fortis grinned.

"Fortis seriously just let me take them back." Jeremy tried again.

"Oh, you know I can't do that." Fortis sneered. He looked away for a split second that was when Will stood up to disarm him, but he executed it poorly and ended up being pistol whipped by Fortis. Slyvia screamed sharply before struggling with Fortis. There was a loud popping noise before everything went quiet. Fortis stepped back looking down at his clothes now covered in Sylvia's blood.

"Shit. Her bloods all over me." He gripped pissed at the stains in his shirt. Sylvia was groaning in pain Will and Jeremy rushed to her side.

"Get her out of here." Fortis growled.

"She's making a mess."

Jeremy and Will looked at him in disbelief.

"Are you serious, you just shot her." Jeremy barked.

"I said get her out of here." Fortis yelled half crazed.

It had been a week since Fortis had shot Sylvia she didn't make it. Will went back peacefully he knew there was no use fighting he was now serving his sentence. Anna had finally gotten the blood out of the couch and was trying to return everything to normal and pretend she didn't witness the man she loved murder a women. He eased away from her for the first couple days to let her get use to the idea. He knew it had been awhile since she had witnessed him at his worst. After those days though he sought comfort in her at night. She knew he would never admit to his soft side but it was a comfort to know that even he had his limits.

Oh and for those kids with the hoodies running around town spraying up the place turned out they were being used by the people from hotel eternity. They payed us a visit yesterday ready to take me by any means nessissary. That ended quickly and we found out that they had only told us half of what I was. Yes I was genetically engineered to be the true immortal as well as the rest of the kids they've kidnapped as well as many others out there that have managed to stay hidden. But the thing was that we were experiments we were never suppose to exist outside the lab they said we would time out like everyone else. They had no idea that we could give unlimited amount of time as well as survive with out it. The project was shut down before they could get that far into the testing. My parents use to live in hotel eternity but when they found out what the other were doing they took me and ran across the pond.

Now we didn't get too into what they were doing with the kidnapped kids but we knew it wasn't good.

Anna sat watching the news as Hotel Eternity was raided by timekeepers. She chuckled darkly before she flipped the channel and caught the end of a broadcast about Will being sentenced and she was about to flip past but stopped when she saw Will's mother Rachel crying as she was interviewed. Anna hovered over the remote before changing it.

"Im sorry Adrian." She whispered before turning the tv off all together. She got up heading into the kitchen. She was grabbed from behind around the waist and hoisted up. She let out a squeal of suprise before she was set back on the ground where she turned around and smacked at Fortis who was laughing at her flustered face before he grabbed the base of her neck and brought her face up to his for deep kiss, her hands paused on his chest before she responded to him. She sighed into the kiss. He pulled back slightly.

"Your more trouble than your worth." He jabbed lightly. She gently poked his chest before responding.

"Yeah, but you love me." she teased. He gave her a genuine smile before placing a softer kiss on her lips.

Just another day in the life of Annabell Rowe.


Sorry it took so long. I decided to end it here hope things weren't too rushed and some of the questions were answered if you had any. I was starting to lose motivation for the story and wanted to end it properly. If you have questions or comments message me or review. Thank you for your continous interest in the story and hope my grammer wasn't too bad :)