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"I took my clothes off," He whispered so quietly it was barely audible, though the shame in his voice was easily distinguishable. Those words really hit Gibbs hard, as if it was only now real and not just some nightmare.

'Ah Tony,' He thought, 'Why'd it have to be you? Why couldn't you just catch a break.'

Chapter 6

"It wasn't your fault, Tony," Gibbs felt the need to once again reassure his agent as the look of shame and guilt on his face was nearly unbearable to look at.

Fornell cleared his throat and looked slightly apologetic as he posed his next question, "Was that the first time he raped you?" Tony froze momentarily, but shook it off quickly as he shook his head.

"He just touched me… everywhere… I think he enjoyed drawing the process out, see me squirm. Harper is a sadistic bastard." Tony was fidgeting in his seat, unable to sit still, but his voice was steady and emotionless, chilling to the bone.

"It continued like that for nearly a year – I was almost nearly 7 when things changed again. That's when he used the baseball bat on me," Tony offered, but didn't elaborate. God, he wished he could just make this all stop, make it all disappear and go back to pretending it was never more than a bad dream.

Gibbs and Fornell shared a look, trying to decide if they should take another break, give Tony some breathing space, but eventually decided that would only prolong his suffering – it was best to get this over with as soon as possible. The sooner they caught this guy, the sooner it would be over for all of them.

"Tell me about it, DiNuzzo," Fornell said in his gruff tone of voice. Tony sighed but relented.

"I thought it was gonna be like any other day; he'd command me to take my clothes off and he'd spend my 'piano lesson' touching every part of me. I'd gotten so used to it at that point that I'd just let him do his thing while I pretended I was somewhere else, somewhere nice. I've always been good at pretending.

"But he didn't say it, instead he took his pants and underwear off and told me to perform oral sex on him; he used different wording off course. I'd closed my eyes and felt sick to my stomach. I actually screamed at him that I'd bite if he came near me, I was such an idiot."

Gibbs could understand how Tony had felt sick, he actually felt sick from just hearing it. He honestly didn't know how Tony did it, how he still held such high morals and trust in people. Gibbs wasn't sure he'd have been able to be so strong.

"Was that when he used the bat?" Fornell asked, taking notes of every important detail as well as the timeline. Every little bit of information could help bring them one step closer to catching this bastard.

Tony nodded, "He redressed himself and left the room for a couple of minutes. I should have run and hide while I had the chance, but I was scared that would only make matters worse for me so I stayed. And then he came back.

"I started begging him to leave me alone as soon as I saw the bat in his hands. I even told him I'd do as he said as long as he didn't hurt me. He told me I needed to be punished for my transgressions. He hit me three times in the stomach, broke 5 of my ribs, bruised the others.

"That's when I told my dad everything that had happened and he did nothing. He just walked away and called our personal physician to come and take care of my ribs. I think that's the first time I realized I was all alone in the world and no one would save me. I pretty much let go of all my childish ideals right then and there."

Fornell swallowed; this was harder than he'd imagined it would be. Hearing every single detail of a case like this was sickening and he couldn't help but think of Emily and what he would do if this ever happened to her. He knew he'd hunt the son of a bitch down and kill him deader than dead and then to hear that Tony's father didn't do a single damn thing made him furious. He knew he wouldn't want to be the man if Gibbs ever met him, because Gibbs was sure to tear him apart for everything he did to Tony, even if it was simply ignoring what was in front of him. But it was more than that, wasn't it? He helped Harper, threatened anyone who found out to keep quiet, even going as far as to buy their silence in some cases.

Tony could see Gibbs and Fornell were fuming and while this would be the perfect time to try and distract them, he knew he had to do this, get it all out once and for all. So he continued to speak, wanting to get this over with, "My ribs were only halfway healed when he once again commanded me to perform oral sex on him. This time I obliged; I didn't want to be hurt again. I had no idea what I was doing – I could barely see because I was crying so much and I had to force myself not to throw up, 'cause that was all I wanted to do."

Tony took a deep breath, exhaled, then continued, forcing all his emotions to the side for he couldn't deal with them at that moment, "My mom slit her wrists on my 8th birthday; I found her body on my bed. There was no note, no explanation why she chose my room, my bed, just her lifeless dead body."

Tony's hands shook as he remember that day and tried not to feel anything; he relaxed slightly when Gibbs placed his hand over his, offering the comfort he could.

"It was the day of her funeral and my father left me at home with Harper. He told me that since I was the reason mom killed herself I didn't deserve to say goodbye to her. Harper was to watch over me the entire day. He… that was the first time he r-raped me."

"On the day of your mother's funeral?" Fornell asked, and just when he thought he couldn't be more appalled – Tony nodded.

"Lets take a break," Fornell said, not for Tony's sake but for his own, because he was sure to throw up if he listened to one more word right then. Fornell walked out of the room and the red light of the camera turned off, but Tony and Gibbs stayed where they were.

"I need a cup of coffee. Can I get you something?" Gibbs asked; off course he normally wasn't this nice (at least not on the job) but right now he didn't give a damn about his reputation; right now he just needed to be there for his friend, help him through this.

"Whisky?" Tony joked, even though he wasn't so sure if he was joking or not.

"Coffee it is," Gibbs retorted. "It's almost over Tony. We'll get you through this," He threw over his shoulder before he went in search of coffee. As he walked through the building a lot of whispered conversations suddenly halted as he passed by and he shuddered to think of what they were saying, or what it would do to Tony when the whispered reached him, because they would, they always did.