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Title : Chapter one: What can she do?

Rating: Teen + For Language/violence General Neuro stuff

Summary: Neuro is not getting better and Yako has no ideal of what to do to help him, or does she?

Genera: Romance/surprise

Relationship: Neuro/Yako

Warnings: Spoilers maybe, slight violence, possible type o's and reversed words(I am dyslexic)

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The office was quiet and all one would see if they looked in was a man sleeping on a couch and a young girl at his side. Nothing to the casual observer that anything was wrong. But it could not be any farther from the truth than that...

She sat there holding his hand and watching him grow weaker. After his last fight with Sicks the demon has not healed like usual.

Neuro did not look so good, his skin was chalky and cracked, the black of his hair was gray and the blond was so dull. The demon was barely breathing and instead of his body radiating the usual heat he was cool to the touch. Neuro had said that he was going to sleep and that it would be a while before he moved again.

It has been seven days with no improvement.

Much longer than last time.

What could she do?

Is it that Neuro has been in the human world to long?

The young girl did not know what to do to help him. There were no other demons she could consult.

Then Yako remembered the Demon Encyclopedia that was in the demons blood red desk,Troy. He would be angry at her if he knew what she was thinking. But the young detective could not think of any other way to find a way to help him. It does not matter what has to be done, she WILL do whatever it takes to save him.

Though reluctant to leave his side even for a moment, she got up from the floor where she sat next to the couch and went to Troy carefully, hoping that there would not be too many traps set up by her boss. When the girl got to the desk, Akane wrote "bottom right" on the white board. Even though Yako had not said out loud what she was going to get the braid knew what she was after. That is one thing that makes her a good secretary, even if she was just a braid of hair sticking out of the wall.

As Yako pulled open the drawer slowly she was surprised that a note was on top of the large book.


It said "Louse, DO NOT even think about it! Neuro. "


The girl was not surprised that Neuro had anticipated that she would want to read this book again, but that he would leave a warning for her not to. Yako had had the book in her possession for close to a month before he had found her reading it. The encyclopedia had just fallen out of a demonic portal that appeared on the office ceiling and on to her head one day when her "Assistant" had went out with Officer Ishigaki.

Reading the book had given the high school girl a lot of information that the demon never would. She had learned how the 777 demon tools of Hell worked and how it depends on the mind power of the wielder and how strong they were, apparently puzzle eating demons mastered the tools easily. Yako also learned the basic rules, laws and behaviors of the demon world from etiquette to courting and mating/marriage rituals. The latter had held her interest because it described exactly how the demon had treated her. There was so much to learn and it seemed that all one had to do was to ask a question or think of a subject while holding the encyclopedia and a listing would show up in the index at the front of the book.

That was how the High School Detective had realized that Neuro in his own demonic way loved her(even if he does not admit it) and after thinking about it alot that she loved him (which she has only admitted to herself and her friend from school Kanae).

As Yako picked up the book the note came to life and turned into a rope that started to tie her up. The girl had anticipated that something like this would happen, she was thankful that it was not chains this time, they take a while to get out of. From the sheath on her leg she pulled the dagger that Godai had given her and cut the rope. Once it was cut the rope turned into shredded paper. Once she made sure there was no more pieces of rope on her she picked up the book ready for another trap and was pleased that there were no more. The young girl turned to go back to her place next to the couch so she could place the book on the coffee table when she got a good look at the demon turned man on the couch and it really hit her how bad the situation was.

Neuro is dying! He is that weak. How could this happen? The monster was always so strong and now he was as defenseless as an infant.

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