Where the Streets Have No Name

Chapter 112

"I leave the room for five minutes and you explode a Cheerio bomb in the kitchen? Guess who's cleaning this up, young lady!" Renee said, fixing Bella with a mock glare.

"And you," she continued, addressing Edward this time, "you just joined in the party?" she said, pointing at his head, presumably at the cereal stuck on his own hair.

"And Ella gets the bad rep around here for being messy. Tsk, tsk, tsk."

Renee's admonition brought a much needed ripple of cheer into the room, causing everyone to giggle a little. Including Edward.

Bella decided she liked that. A lot. But it was gone in mere seconds and she was gripped with an inexplicable need to bring it back.

Damn it! What's wrong with me?

She shook away the troublesome thought and tried to be in the moment.

"I'm sorry, Mom. I'll clean it up. It looks lot worse than it is. See?" Bella said as she swept away the dry pieces of cereal.

"Yah, this time. But now you've shown her a game she likes, she'll want to throw porridge all over the place next. Who'll clean that up, ha?" Renee refuted, although she didn't seem too concerned since she laughed aloud as Ella collected a stray Cheerio from her father's hair and threw it at her.

Renee reached up to take Ella from Edward's arms.

"Don't be late for work now," she reminded.

Edward was jolted out of the temporary respite as he realized that he had squandered away the carefully allotted seven minutes he had set aside for breakfast.

Reading his face, Renee came to rescue. "Coffee is ready, I'll get you a travel mug to go," she said as she passed the little girl to Bella and proceeded on to gather the items Edward could take with him.

"Here," she said as she passed him a travel mug filled with freshly brewed coffee and a bagel to go with it.

"Thanks, Renee. You're a godsend!" he said as he leaned in to kiss Ella's forehead like he did every morning before he left for work. Only then did he realize just how close he was to Bella physically.

He could smell her; flowery and intoxicating.

He could see the golden flecks within her irises; full of mystery and promise.

This is... not appropriate.

He flinched away much like Bella did the day before.

Is there anything I can do this morning that isn't a colossal mistake?

He turned to leave without making matters any worse.

"Edward," Renee called out before he could leave the room. "What time do you want to leave tomorrow morning? That is if you're still up to giving Bella a ride to the airport."

The ride. Of course.

"Five thirty should do the trick," he suggested. "I'll be in the kitchen, just come and find me when you're ready," he said to Bella, making sure not to look her in the eye.

He made a hasty getaway after that, with strange and long forgotten feelings fluttering in his stomach.

It was a busy day at the hospital and he threw himself in his work, thankful for the pungent smell of disinfectant that drowned out the memory of the most mesmerizing fragrance he ever recalled smelling. Or the girl connected to it.

It wouldn't do for him to daydream about girls.

No, it wouldn't do at all.

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