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There was a dinner of pasta, steak, salads, chocolate strawberries on a platter decorated to perfection. Bottles of champagne and wine from only the highest connoisseurs and two glasses filled with rose petals were by the candles lit in the middle of the table, a beautiful centerpiece and James crossed his arms to look at the display with a big smile on his face. His husband really did outdid himself. . .but what was the occasion. James Diamond was a little bit known to be forgetful for some events but usually he was able to make it up to the blond by giving his usually horny husband his body for the night and the two of them making love long into the morning. Even if there really wasn't any day planned, he still plans on fucking Kendall tonight.

He could already feel himself straining against his slacks.

"Well, well, what's this?" he heard Kendall's voice and James turned, seeing Kendall walking in and James smiled. James walked over, pulling Kendall into his embrace and kissing the blond passionately on the lips. James sucked and bit on Kendall's lower lip, giving a little whimper asking for entrance and Kendall's lips happily obliged as they parted and allowed for James' tongue to slip in and take over control. It prodded and licked around in the wet warmth that was Kendall's mouth, Kendall giving soft moans for James to swallow down his throat. They only parted when they needed to take a needed breath of air, Kendall's lips red and wet and he smiled at James with lusty eyes. "Is today 'Make Kendall So Hot Day'?"

"If that's the occasion then it might be," James said, leaning in to kiss James again but Kendall placed a hand on the brunette's chest, looking at him with confused expression.

"Wait, what's the occasion?"

". . .What do you mean? Didn't you set this up?"

"I thought you did."

"No I-"

"Please be decent, we're coming in!"

Kendall and James both gave a loud groan, the lights beginning to brighten in the dining room as four individuals filled the space. If anyone could name one of the biggest families in Hollywood, for sure the Diamonds would be at the top or closest to it. Any family that possibly did beat them, most of their children were brought into the family from adoption agencies. And usually, the parents of the big families didn't have a successful marriage. Not James and Kendall. Not their kids. It was almost ridiculous to say the least but James liked having a big family, Kendall did too even though the blond always forgot he did when hearing some little fights going on between the kids or dealing with their antics.

And this was apparently one of them.

They were dressed in suits, hair done nice and professional and the third eldest son, Kendall Jr., carried in a stand with display cards on it and settled it right down in front of Kendall and James to see.

"Take a seat, Dads," Julian said with a big grin and James sighed, sitting down and pulling Kendall into his lap. Kendall gasped, giving James a small and flirty smile as he wrapped arms around him and James wrapped arms around Kendall's waist. Their children lined up, in order from eldest to youngest. There was Julian, the brunette teenager standing with pointer stick and ready to give his little presentation. Then there was Lorelei and KJ, the twins standing side by side and giving big and wide smiles that always reminded James of how they used to smile like when they were little kids. Next was their second daughter, Katie and the girl mirrored her aunt in so many ways that Kendall felt he had a clone of his sister even though she looked like him. She was the most calm out of her elder siblings, the girl standing there with stern and business expression on her face.

. . .But where was Angel? Why wasn't he-

"First off, let's begin with-" Julian started but Kendall gave a small 'aw'.

"Don't my babies look so cute?" Kendall cooed and the four groaned.

"Please not now! We have a very important thing to tell you!" Julian complained and Kendall sighed, looking over at his eldest son.

"And what do you have to tell us that requires you all to wear suits?" Kendall asked and Julian gestured over to KJ, the blond teen quickly taking off the blank cue card to show a photograph of the Palm Woods and Kendall frowned, "Kids, I already told you-"

"But this time we have a really good argument, Papa," Lorelei said, giving a pleading smile and Kendall bit his lip. James sighed, bouncing his knee and simultaneously bouncing Kendall up. James smiled a flirting grin at Kendall before glancing over at the others.

"Go on. . .but if we start to hear the same thing again, we're cutting you off," James replied and Julian beamed, snapping his fingers and Katie stepping over and gesturing to the picture.

"Palm Woods, home for the future famous. What about this place makes it so unique?" Katie started off and KJ pulled the card off to show a picture of the pool, "Is it because of it's serene and beautiful pool that has been used to shoot several scenes for movies and music videos?" she asked and KJ pulled the card off to show a general map of LA, "Is it its perfect and scenic location near famous sites including the magnificent Rocque Records where our father that we love very much-"

"Cut to the point," James said sternly and Katie bit her lip, KJ pulling off the card to show an old photo of James, smiling and not much younger than sixteen.

"Or is it because James Diamond, super mega pop sensation had his start there and-"

"This is where we begin to hear the same thing," Kendall replied, glancing over at the dinner and licking his lips.

"No, no! We have more, just listen!" Julian plead, pushing Lorelei forward and the blond girl glanced over her shoulder at her elder brother. She then turned toward her fathers, giving a gentle smile.

"Daddy, Papa? You are both really famous and we just want to follow in your footsteps. And if that means going to the Palm Woods where people are totally famous and rich, then that's the way it has to be," she said with a nod of the head and Kendall frowned.

"But sweetie, I didn't go to Palm Woods. I went to a nice school and got a good education. Becoming a model was something that happened after I married your father and had you two. And I don't want any of you thinking you have to become famous just because your parents are famous. Look at Darren and the twins, they like being at the school."

"Logan is a manager, not like it matters what school they go to since they don't get seen in the public like we do," Julian replied with a scoff and Kendall frowned but before the blond could reprimand his eldest son, Lorelei turned around first to give Julian a glare.

"Don't talk about my boyfriend like he doesn't mean anything!"

"He's not your boyfriend!"

"Well he is to me!"

"Quiet!" Kendall shouted and the two stopped. Julian stepped forward.

"Please, Dad? Why won't you let us at least spend one week at the Palm Woods? Just one?"

"First off, you need to be working either in music, movie, television or fashion in order to go to the Palm Woods," James replied and the brunette frowned, gesturing to KJ.

"He can play guitar! And I can act, I'm a great actor!"

"And I'm pretty," Lorelei said with a big smile and Katie jutted her thumb out.

"And I can be the next big movie producer and can make other people's dream come true. Daddy, this is why we need to go to the Palm Woods," she replied and Kendall sighed, getting off of James' lap. The blond placed hands on his hips, looking to KJ first.

"First off, KJ do you really want to go to Palm Woods?" Kendall asked and the blond boy nodded his head.

"Think of all the girls there!" he chirped and Julian whacked KJ in the arm, "I mean, think of all the opportunities for me to have a great education."

". . .And Lorelei, you're on cheer. Palm Woods doesn't have a cheerleading squad. . .you won't be there with Darren," Kendall replied and the girl nodded her head, blond curls shaking.

"I know Papa, but I am sure me and Darren can come to a compromise in our relationship."

"You need a relationship in order to come to a compromise in one," Julian replied and Lorelei growled, turning and stomping over to her eldest brother.

"You don't know anything about us!"

"I know he doesn't like you!"


"Quiet!" Kendall shouted for the second time and the two teens stopped. Kendall sighed, placing a hand on his forehead and rubbing it, already feeling a migrane beginning to come on and he sighed. "Kids, you don't need the Palm Woods, you can become successful without having to be famous. You could be a doctor or a lawyer or-"

"President," James suggested and Kendall nodded his head, though giving a small eye roll. "And you all don't need to compare yourselves to us. We do want you to do well but we want you to have other options. And you'll get that at Westoria, not at Palm Woods."

". . .I say we vote on it," Julian replied and Kendall sighed, turning to James for help. James stood up, placing a hand on Kendall's shoulder and looking at his children, giving a small shrug.

"Alright, we'll vote and it has to be unanimous. . .all those that want to go to Palm Woods, raise their hands," James said and the four kids raised their hands, smiles on their faces and James glanced over his shoulder and around, "Angel!"

"Aw, Dad don't call him!" Julian complained and Kendall frowned.

"He's a part of this family and this decision will affect him too. Angel!" Kendall also called out and a few minutes later, the second oldest of the family walked in with notebook in his hand and pencil in the other.

"Yeah?" Angel asked, looking warily at Julian before looking back at Kendall.

"Do you want to go to Palm Woods?" Kendall asked and Angel glanced around, shy brown eyes going between his fathers and his siblings.

". . .Why?"

"Yes or no, Angel."

". . .No, I like it at Westoria," Angel replied and all four of the kids groaned as Kendall turned back with a smile on his face.

"There, not unanimous anymore."

"Can't we go off a majority?" Julian plead and James walked over, giving his son a slap on the back.

"You head him, the answer is no. Now all of you go and let me and Kendall have our nice dinner," James replied and the twins glanced at each other before sighing and giving Katie a pat on the shoulder, the three of them exiting. Kendall glanced over to Julian, the eldest teen frowning and giving a glare towards Angel.

"Julian, you can go and pursue your acting when you graduate and not living under our roof," Kendall replied.

"But it isn't fair. You know how bad I want to do this, how bad me, KJ, Lorelei and Katie want this. Why won't you let us go?"

"Because I'm looking out for you all. And like I said, once you graduate, you're free to do what you want," Kendall replied and Julian glanced back at Angel, glare on his face as he bumped past the brunette and stormed off to his bedroom. Kendall frowned, Julian already out of the room before he glanced at Angel and sighed, "Just give them some space, they'll be over it when the morning comes."

". . .Okay," Angel said quietly and Kendall sighed again, walking over and gently cupping the boy's face. He gave a small kiss on the forehead, pulling back to see Angel with a small smile on his face.

"Don't let Julian get to you about this, I'm proud of what you're doing with your schoolwork," Kendall replied and Angel nodded, the hand that held his notebook tightening a bit.

"Right. . .I'll let you and Dad have dinner. Night," Angel replied and James walked over, giving Angel a kiss on the forehead as well.

"Goodnight," James replied and Angel turned to walk out of the dining room. Kendall watched as the brunette took his leave, crossing his arms and giving a sigh as James moved to wrap arms around his waist and lean his chin on his shoulder. "Something on your mind?"

"Just. . .they're growing up. . ." Kendall said softly and James sighed, kissing the blond's throat and collarbone.

"We can't keep them from the bad of Hollywood," James replied and Kendall sighed.

"I'm not concerned with that, I'm concerned about keeping them away from Jett," Kendall murmured and James paused in kissing Kendall's neck. It's been a long time since they ever talked about the movie star, though they always managed to see him at the award shows and had to pretend they tolerated the brunette man. It's been a long time since Kendall talked about Jett, talked about that small fear that somehow, someway, Jett was going to hurt his children. Psychologically though, Kendall wouldn't be able to sleep at night at the fear of Jett physically hurting them but how the movie start tried to hurt him when he was pregnant with Julian. . .he wouldn't be surprised if Jett resorted to those measures.

"Well. . .we can't do that either, honey. Not for the rest of their lives."

"I can try," Kendall said softly and James chuckled. He gave a kiss to Kendall's cheek, relishing in the way how soft Kendall's skin felt against his lips before holding Kendall tight to his body.

"Julian and Angel are seniors though, and the twins are juniors so we'll be going through the same thing next year."

"If you want to get technical, Julian and Angel aren't seniors until next Monday when they go to school."

"Kendall. . ."

"I know, I know. . .just don't want Angel to. . .find out," Kendall said and James sighed.

"We'll tell him one day. . .together. And he isn't going to love you any less, I promise. You were there for him, you read to him, held him, gave him kisses and hugs, you loved him when Jett didn't. That's all that matters, Kendall," James said and kissed Kendall's cheek again. Kendall hummed, turning his head so that way James' lips connected with his own. The kiss was slow, loving and comforting though Kendall knew James was slowly turning it into a sensual and longing one. Kendall slowly pulled away, glancing over at the dinner that was slowly growing cold.

"Are you hungry?"

"Starving," James said with a smile but then bent down and scooped Kendall up into his arms bridal style. Kendall squeaked, arms wrapping around James instinctively and laughed as James nuzzled and kissed his cheek, "I'll take you to go."

"We're getting too old for this," Kendall said and James scoffed.

"Until my dick falls off and turns to dust, I'm never too old to have wild, rough, sweaty-"

"Bed-breaking," Kendall breathed, giving James a light peck on the lips that just wasn't enough for the brunette.

"Only one time. . .but it was amazing," James murmured, kissing Kendall again and gave the blond a bounce. He pulled away, smiling and getting a better hold on his husband, "Let's get to it, Mr. Diamond."

"Papi, Papi! I can't find the-"

"It should be in the box marked 'Computers', sweetie," Carlos said, already knowing what the girl was looking for and currently trying to focus on unpacking needed items for the kitchen. He heard his daughter move back into the hallway, a couple sounds of a box ripping open and the items inside being shuffled around before hearing walking coming his way.

"No, this is Yasmine's. Where's my laptop?" the girl asked and Carlos sighed, standing up straight and running a hand through his hair.

"I'm not sure. . .is it in your room? Did you pack it yourself?"

"No, I let Darren pack it and he isn't answering his phone. Can I just use your phone and call him, he'll answer it if he knows it's you."

"Bridget, I'm sure it's in your room. And we can't call Darren, he's working, remember?"

"He can take five seconds away from putting up books to answer my calls at least. . .and did you see my camera? I can't find-"

"It's right here," another voice called out, Carlos' second daughter walking in with camera in her hands. Yasmine and Bridget Mitchell, Carlos' sweethearts. Then again, all three of his children were and he was always the first one to start to fawn over anything that they did, completely embarrassing or not. Yasmine handed the camera to her sister, Bridget taking it and turning it on to shuffle through the photos and she scoffed.

"It's almost dead."


"So now I need to find the charger," the girl groaned, turning on her heel and groaning, "I hate moving!"

Carlos sighed, taking out the plates and setting them on the counter, not much space on the surface to begin with and he groaned. Yasmine walked over, taking the plates from her father and moving them off to where the cabinets were. She sighed, turning around and crossing her arms, "Papi?"

"Yes, honey?"

"You promise this will be the last time we move, right?"

Carlos sighed, "Well you know it all depends on your father and where his work takes him," he replied and she nodded, albeit not happy about that.

"But it feels like we move every single year. We had to beg you guys to not transfer us out of Westoria and I liked our last house."

"I know, I know. . .but look at the bright side. We're closer to James and Kendall's place now so we can visit them more often. And we're right by Rodeo Dr. too so you can go shopping with your sister and Lorelei all you want. And it is a nice suite, we just have to make things work for us, honey. And I promise, this will be the last time we'll have to move, you and Bridget will stay at Westoria, okay?"

"Okay, Papi. Do you need any more help in here?"

"No, I'm fine. Go help your sister find her laptop though. And her charger."

"Has anyone seen my stereo? I can't find it!" Bridget shouted down the hall and Carlos smiled, giving a small shake of his head.

"And that too," Carlos replied, leaning over and giving his daughter a kiss on the forehead. She smiled, giving a hug and turning on her heel, stepping through the little maze of packed items as Logan Mitchell was exiting from the hall and making his way to his husband with something behind his back. He gave a kiss to Yasmine's forehead as she passed by him, smiling and continuing to make his way over to Carlos and the brunette gave an exaggerated sigh.

"Everything for our bedroom is unpacked and just needs to be placed in the right spots, though I don't know where to put these," Logan replied, pulling out from behind his back a bouquet of roses and Carlos smiled. He took the flowers in his hand, giving them a smell and letting out a contented sigh. He glanced at Logan, leaning forward and giving his husband a soft kiss on the lips that Logan hummed at in pleasure. Carlos pulled away, holding the roses close to his chest.

"Any reason why you're surprising me with this?"

"Just celebrating another day that I'm married to someone like you," Logan said and Carlos beamed, capturing Logan's lips again but this time more passionately and lovingly. Logan wrapped arms around Carlos' waist, pulling the Latino closer and tongue poking out to give a gentle lick along Carlos' lips. Carlos giggled against Logan's lips, his own parting and allowing for the brunette's tongue to slip through and gently roll around Carlos' sweet tasting mouth. Logan pulled away after a few seconds, their lips making a gentle 'pop' and leaned his forehead against Carlos'. "Can you believe it?"


"That we're a family like this? Soon, the kids will be out of the house and I'll retire and we'll move to Hawaii. You, me, drinking out of a coconut and doing nothing but lying out on the sand."

". . .Yeah. . ." Carlos said with a small sigh and Logan leaned back a little, confusion on his face.

"Something wrong?"

"No, nothing's wrong. . ." Carlos said softly and gave Logan a tiny peck on the lips. Logan glanced around at the boxes on the kitchen floor, pulling Carlos closer to him and kissing the top of the black locks.

"Do you think we'll be able to cook tonight? Or should we just wait for Darren to get home and I'll treat you all to dinner?" Logan asked and Carlos smiled.

"Sure the girls will love that," Carlos replied and Logan smiled.

"Then I'll go and tell them," he replied, giving one last kiss to Carlos' cheek before turning and beginning to make his way to his daughters' bedrooms. Carlos leaned against the counter, tapping his foot as he began to think. Logan was ecstatic that the future of them having the house all to themselves was coming soon, their own little second honeymoon (since the first one didn't really go over so hot). But. . .Carlos wasn't as excited as his husband was. The twins had two more years in high school left, Darren had only one and the idea that the nest will soon be empty slightly frightened Carlos. No doubt that his children were growing up into young adults, they weren't all going to remain small forever. Not remain his little babies forever. . .

That yearning he felt in his chest was coming back, that yearning he had when he and Logan were newly wed, that yearning even before that when he and Kendall used to live together.

That yearning for a baby.