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"But what exactly happened?" Carlos asked Kendall with worry, his voice low so his children didn't hear from inside the car. Kendall sighed, glancing over his shoulder to look back up at the house, where his own children were watching from the front door.

"I caught them all watching a Jett Stetson movie and. . .well Angel just started asking questions I didn't want to answer. At least. . .at least not yet."

". . .Logan doesn't mind if they watch Jett's stuff," Carlos admitted, glancing back at his kids. "I'm sorry, I'll talk to them about-"

"No, no. Don't. Don't punish them for this, it'll only cause more confusion and questions. We decided to abolish that rule anyways, everything is going to be alright."

"Is it really?"

Kendall swallowed. He didn't even know the answer to that. It was only a matter of time til Jett gets brought up again and he runs out of excuses to dodge the underlying truth. That Angel wasn't really his son, that he was just a half-brother to his siblings, and that Jett was the missing figure in Angel's life that always somehow managed to worm his way back in no matter how hard Kendall tried to keep him out. He placed a hand to his forehead and gave a groan, feeling Carlos resting a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"We'll talk later, Carlos. I'll be fine, I promise," Kendall said with a weak smile and Carlos paused before giving a nod and pulling his hand away.

"Alright then," he replied and opened the car door, sliding into the front seat and starting up the engine. He gave a wave, the Mitchell children doing the same and waving through the glass, before he turned down the driveway and towards the gate while Kendall waved back. He turned back to his home once the car was out the gate and slowly made his way up the walkway, entering past Lorelei and KJ.

"Where are your older brothers?"

"Angel went back inside his room. And I think Julian went to the media room to watch a movie," KJ answered.

"Ah," Kendall said and closed the door. Julian had been catching up on the Jett Stetson trilogy ever since Kendall told them all it was okay to watch Jett Stetson movies in the first place. It did slightly bother him that his own child was obsessed with Stetson and slightly hostile with him, while Stetson's child went to Kendall first for comfort over James. He could only hope it was a phase of growing up, that Julian wasn't going to be like this forever and Angel will still think of Kendall as his father even after the truth comes out.

What kind of father would try to hide someone's son away?

What kind of father would keep something this big a secret?

What kind of father would be so selfish over a child that wasn't even his?

Kendall shook his head and moved to the kitchen, looking over his shoulder at the twins. "Do you two want a snack? I'm going to make something."

"Are you alright, Papa?" Lorelei asked worriedly and Kendall smiled.

"I'm alright sweetie. Don't worry about me. Come on, you two. Let's have something to eat."

The drive was very quiet and Carlos knew his children were nervous. They each had a little nervous tic about them; Darren would chew his lip to the point of bleeding, Bridget would bite her nails and Yasmine would knock her knees together. It always made it seem like he was looking at three Logans that got into hot water with a client, only making him smile to himself and give a pleasant sigh.

"It's okay, you three aren't in trouble."

"I told him it was okay though," Yasmine murmured and Carlos shrugged.

"And you aren't going to be punished, honey. They'll work everything out, it's just a movie."

"But. . .but there's a reason why they don't talk about Jett, isn't there? Do you know why?" Yasmine asked and Carlos' hands gripped tightly on the steering wheel.

"It's none of our business."

"Did something bad happen, Papi?" Darren asked and Carlos sighed.

"I. . .I guess you could say something like that. But something good came out of it, and everything is resolved now. So don't you three worry at all about them, everything is going to be okay," Carlos said, though he sounded unsure himself when he said that. Will everything be okay? He knew how hard this was for Kendall and he knew if he was in the same position, he would be utterly distraught. Carlos loved his children so much, the thought of them leaving him or forgetting about him utterly terrified him. And he knew that Kendall wasn't the same man he knew before this all happened, when they were still living in the beaten down flat together with Carlos desperate for a child and Kendall just trying to make it by. Kendall loved his children with such a fierceness and protective hold, the fact that the mental wall he put up to keep Jett out of his children's lives was cracked must be bothering him more than he let on.

But the time had to come eventually for them to know the truth. All he could do was just be support when they need him.

He pulled into the garage at the complex and parked in the designated spot, all four of them getting out of the car, grabbing their things, and made their way to the lobby and the elevators. "Where's Dad? Is he at work today?" Darren asked and Carlos shook his head.

"He's home. He had some work to do though, so that's why I went and picked you guys up. Don't be loud when you're coming inside," Carlos said and Bridget turned to look over her shoulder at her father.

"Does that mean we'll talk about 'you know what'?" she asked and Carlos bit the inside of his cheek. Well, since his plans at seducing Logan into starting on a baby and getting him on his side failed, there really was no need to have a family discussion. Logan was dead-set on retiring in Hawaii once the kids are out of the house and living with stable conditions. A baby just to tie them down would be out of the way and out of Logan's wishes. He gave a shrug as they entered the lobby and moved to push a button for the elevator.

"I don't know. . .if he isn't working, maybe," Carlos murmured. The elevator dinged and they all got inside, the gold doors sliding closed and Carlos pushed for their floor.

"Talk about what?"

"What are we discussing?"

"Papi wants another baby," Bridget informed her two siblings, Carlos keeping his eyes forward. "He promised that we were going to have a discussion about this though-"

"We might not have anything to talk about, Bridget," Carlos said, the elevator dinging and the doors opened to their suite. To his slight surprise, Logan was sitting in the living room, as if he was waiting for them to come home. Logan rose to his feet and opened his arms wide, Carlos' children moving from behind Carlos to each give Logan a hug hello. Carlos crossed his arms, cocking his head to the side in confusion. "Are you already done with work?"

"I wanted to take a break so we all could talk. Everyone sit down," Logan said, gesturing to the couch and the loveseat on the opposite side of the coffee table. The Mitchell children moved to take the seats on the couch while Logan walked Carlos over to the loveseat and sat down next to him. Logan moved an arm around, his thumb rubbing his shoulder as he looked between his children. "Now, your father and I discussed some things while you three were gone and. . .after much thought about it. . .we decided we're going to have another baby."

The loud 'WHAT?!' that came from Bridget and Carlos was simultaneous. Carlos turned in Logan's grasp and held Logan's face. "Really, Logie? You mean it? Oh, Logan-"

"This isn't fair! You said we all were going to have a say in this! What happened to a family discussion and decision?" Bridget asked and Logan pulled his head out of Carlos' hands to look at his distraught daughter.

"Bridget, I swear to you that this will be our final child. You won't have to worry about a thing. You'll still be able to go to the same school and we're not going to move again, okay?"

"But what about space for the baby?"

"We'll make space. I'm sure that I could make a small corner in here for some of my office supplies and maybe use the office as a partial nursery. I'm sure that our income will support one more child, so we don't have to worry about cutting spending either. Everything is going to work out," Logan said and Carlos took his face in his hands again, kissing Logan on his mouth and his cheeks with eager fervor. Bridget looked down at the ground, her argument quashed as Logan glanced at the other two children. "Well, are you both all right with it?"

". . .Well. . .why don't we get a dog instead or something?" Darren said and Carlos looked over at him.

"We agreed, no more pets after Bandit passed away. You three were completely distraught about it. You don't want a baby either?"

"Well, I mean. . .Papi, why do you want another kid?"

Carlos turned to face the eldest child, looking over his baby face features and confused brown eyes. "I just want to take care of a baby again. I missed that feeling of having those big eyes looking up at me and little hands being held out wanting to be hugged. When you have a child of your own when you're older, you'll understand."

". . .It's going to be a no for me too," Darren murmured. ". . .Sorry, Papi."

Carlos swallowed hard, looking now at Bridget and Darren in surprise. Did they really not want a baby that bad? Logan squeezed Carlos' shoulder and moved away from him slightly, leaning forward and steeping his fingers as he looked at Yasmine.

"Well, it looks like you're the tie-breaker on this thing, Yas."

"What? No, no I don't want to make that kind of decision. I don't know."

"It's not like we're planning on having the child right now. It's going to be a couple of months, maybe look into adoption agencies or something since I really don't want to risk complications having the baby naturally at your father's age."

"I'm not that old," Carlos said defensively while Logan rolled his eyes. Yasmine bit her lower lip and Logan sighed.

"The fact is, I'm very happy with you three and I wouldn't want any other child but you three. I don't even think I can even tell you how much I love you all and how happy you make me. And I do admit, I miss seeing you as little children and wanting to sit on my lap when I come home from work. But you're growing up into two beautiful young ladies and one charming gentleman, and I couldn't be prouder."

"Thanks Dad. . .I. . .I don't think having another baby is such a good idea right now. Maybe sometime in the future, but not right now," she said, giving a sorry look to Carlos. Carlos bit his lower lip and nodded, getting up to his feet and his children jumped up as well. They gave him a pleading look and Carlos raised his hands with a little smile on his face.

"Don't worry, don't worry. We discussed it and decided against it. It's okay-"

"Papi, we're still going to be your kids. We're not going anywhere anytime soon," Darren said and Carlos nodded his head. He rubbed the back of his neck and swallowed, gesturing to the bags on the floor. "Why don't you put your things away? Then maybe I could make some lunch for all of us," Carlos said and the Mitchell children glanced at each other, before they slowly grabbed their things off the floor and walked down the hall to their bedrooms. They gave occasional glances over their shoulders at their two dads, like they were debating in their heads if they said the right thing.

Carlos felt Logan reach out a hand, looking back to see his husband standing up and pulling Carlos against him. He rested a chin on Carlos' shoulder, his arms moving around Carlos' waist. "He's right. They're going to be our children regardless if we can hold them or not. . .we raised good children, Carlos."

"I know we have. . .I guess I just got scared of having an empty nest too soon. I mean, James and Kendall still have Katie at least before they don't have anymore kids in the house. . .and I should know better than to compare us with them but still. . ."

"How did the slumber party go?"

"Apparently, the kids persuaded Angel to rent Jett Stetson movies," Carlos said and Logan tensed.

"Kendall's not mad, is he?"

"No. Matter of fact, they are allowing them to watch Jett's movies without punishment. But Angel is curious now and the kids were asking me questions about what happened too. . .do you think maybe we should talk with them about it?"

"No. It's none of our business and it's not our place to talk about it before Kendall and James are ready. Maybe afterwards. You know, when everything is talked through and we could just offer our support like we always have been."

Carlos hummed and gave a little laugh. "Always the voice of reason. You're far too good for me," Carlos said softly and Logan chuckled, kissing Carlos on the cheek and squeezed him tight.

"I love you too. Now come on, let's have some fish sticks for lunch," Logan said and squeezed Carlos again while Carlos giggled. Down the hall, Yasmine was only listening from her bedroom door and chewing on her lower lip. So her parents did know what happened between the Diamonds and Jett Stetson. But the matter was what? What was it that they wanted to keep secret so badly? And what kind of secret could it be that would leave them distraught enough to seek comfort?

She needed to do some research.

Angel was flipping through a tabloid magazine, ears being filled with music blasting from his headphones as he read. Nothing new in the world of Hollywood really; the only thing he looks for is maybe some information about his own parents or Jett Stetson. Lately, Jett's been the only celebrity on his mind, with the many questions surrounding the man clouding Angel's head. There were a couple of snapshots of his Papa and Carlos out together having brunch, the caption reading 'Stars: They Eat Lunch with Friends!'. On the same page, there was a picture of Jett and Wayne Wayne, out at the grocery store with Wayne Wayne carrying the bulk of the bags. 'Stars: They Go Grocery Shopping with Family!'. He rolled his eyes at the sheer ridiculousness of the captions, as if it was so unnatural for celebrities to even do those things. Then again, Lucy did mostly all of the shopping for them so Papa and Dad wouldn't be hounded by the paparazzi.

He bit his lip, looking at Wayne Wayne and Jett and slightly felt a little ting of jealousy. He never remembered doing something like going out shopping with his fathers, they were always so busy with making music and modeling that they mostly just spent time with Angel and the other children at home instead of out. And the older they grew, the more the little daily tasks outside was left for Lucy to do because she could. Papa said before he didn't want them to be swept up in Hollywood so young, being raised in Hollywood's eye and ready to be pounced on in the case of a scandal. But there was nothing to worry about, what scandal could possibly even happen to them?

His phone buzzed and Angel put the tabloid down as well as pulled off his headphones. He reached over onto the nightstand and plucked his phone off the surface, unlocking the screen before he placed it to his ear. "Hello?"

"Your dad dated Jett."

Angel paused, eyebrow raising in confusion. "Yas?"

"I Googled Jett to see what I could find out about him and in past partners, James Diamond was one of them. Your dad dated Jett, that's why they're so jumpy about him!"

Angel furrowed his eyebrows. "But it doesn't make any sense. Like, why would they be so jumpy about him if he was just an ex or a bad break-up? Wouldn't they have gotten over it?"

"Hmm. . .yeah, you're right. But it didn't say there was anything weird like a scandal or court battles or anything. Jett broke up with your Dad, and then soon after that, he was dating Kendall. . .actually, he got engaged to Kendall really quick after he and Jett broke up-"

"They loved each other and knew they were the one, what's wrong with that?"

"Nothing," Yasmine said, smiling tone in her voice. "But at least that's one question answered, how they know each other."

"I didn't know we were supposed to be looking for answers to these questions. I mean, it's obvious they won't want to talk about it. And since Jett is an ex. . .I guess it makes sense why Papa doesn't want to talk about him or doesn't really like him. Does it say how long my Dad dated Jett?"

"I think like seven months. They were out everywhere for movies and premieres, there's barely any pictures of Kendall and James together after Jett and James broke up. It's just so strange. . ."

Angel flipped open the tabloid again and looked at the picture of Jett next to the picture of his Papa. Jett was smiling at the paparazzi, adjusting his sunglasses on his nose as he waved with car keys in hand. Jett always smiled for the cameras, while Papa always did his best to avoid them at all costs. That could be the reason why there's no pictures of him and James together, Papa just doesn't like getting his picture taken while he's out. . .but then again, he wouldn't have went into modeling if he didn't like having a picture taken-

"Angel, are you listening?"

"Hmm? Oh, no. What did you say?"

Yasmine sighed. "I said, I think there's more to this than them just dating each other. Like something must have happened to make them want to break off ties with each other, or at least make James want to break off ties with Jett. But the breakup was apparently mutual. . .I think. These articles aren't really giving a lot of info."

"Maybe I should just ask my Dad-"

"But will he get mad?"

"No, it's usually just Papa that gets his feathers all ruffled about Jett. . .I'm going to go ask him right now."

"Good luck. Tell me what you find out!"

Angel smiled and hung up the phone, before he swung his legs out of the bed and left his bedroom. He walked down the hallway, giving a knock on the closed door to his parent's bedroom. He waited a moment, listening to the sounds of dinner being prepared downstairs, before he heard his father call out for him to come in. Angel opened the door, seeing James on the bed slipping off his shoes. James smiled at Angel and Angel swallowed hard, already feeling nervous from those friendly hazel eyes. He often wondered just why it was that he didn't have eyes that matched his fathers'. Not a pretty emerald green or a breathtaking creamy hazel.

"What is it, Angel?"

"Um. . .I. . .I just. . .uh. . ." Angel averted his eyes nervously and James leaned forward.

"Is something wrong? Do you want me to get Papa?"

"N-No! I. . .Jett Stetson. . .you dated him, right?" Angel asked and saw the color instantly fly from James' face. The two were silent and the tension made Angel squirm uncomfortably. "I-I'm sorry to pry, I'll just go in my room-"

"Wait, wait. Come here," James said and Angel swallowed. He walked over to the bed and sat down next to his father, James throwing an arm around Angel's shoulder to hug him close. "Yeah, I dated Jett for a while, but we broke up and I married your Papa instead."

"Why? What happened?"

"He just wasn't the right guy for me. He's egotistical and obnoxious and only cares about himself. And I was turning into someone like that, but your Papa set me straight. So, we got married and had you all," James said with a smile and pinched the tip of Angel's nose. Angel gave a weak smile back, not really understanding what was going on. If it was that simple, then why such the fuss over everything with Jett? "How did you find out I dated Jett?"

"I looked it up on the Internet. . .how come there isn't that many pictures of you and Papa together after you broke up with Jett?" Angel asked and James rubbed the back of his neck.

"Well. . .you see. . .Papa was. . .Papa didn't like pictures being taken of him."

"Then why would he become a model?"

"He hated it more then than he does now," James said quickly. Course, the real reason was that James didn't want to be seen with Kendall, back then trying to just find a way to worm out of having to take care of unborn Julian and Kendall. James rubbed Angel's shoulder again, an eyebrow raised. "You're really interested in Jett Stetson all of a sudden."

"W-Well. . .I don't know. I feel like. . .like there's something about him that I need to know. . .It's all really confusing."

James nodded his head and then rubbed his mouth. "Angel, I promise you we all are going to sit down and talk about our relation to Jett one day. But I just want you to not worry about it for the time being, okay?"

". . .There's, um, there's a party that I want to go to," Angel said, heart beating fast and James raised an eyebrow.

"A party? Well, I don't see anything wrong with that?"

"S-So I can go?"

"Sure, of course you can," James said and Angel sucked in a breath of relief. He jumped to his feet and jutted a thumb towards the door.

"I'm going, thanks for talking to me," Angel said and James gave a small smile and wave. Angel turned and opened the door, only to meet Kendall's gaze. The nervous fear quickly zipped back into his chest and made it hard to breathe, seeing his Papa give a kind and loving smile.

"Dinner's ready. Go wash up and eat, okay?" Kendall said and Angel nodded his head, averting his eyes again and quickly moved past Kendall. Kendall watched the boy leave, before he walked inside the bedroom and closed the door shut. He began to bite his lower lip, drumming his fingertips on the door. ". . .What did he want to talk to you about?"

". . .Uh. . .Jett."

Kendall's eyes widened and James raised a hand for Kendall to wait. "He just wanted to know if he and I dated cause he saw it on the Internet. There's nothing to worry about, Kendall. As far as everyone in Hollywood except the five of us knows, Angel is your son."

"Yeah, the five of us. Too bad I don't trust the fifth person," Kendall said, thinking about Jett's cocky little smile and those devilish eyes. Kendall rubbed his face, his heart beating frantic. "I don't know why I'm getting so nerve-wracked about this. Angel's old enough to know about this and he's old enough to make his own decisions."

"So does that mean if you tell Angel Jett's really his father. . .and Jett wants to see Angel, you'll let him go?"

Kendall bit his lower lip hard. No, no he didn't want that to happen. Jett wasn't going to be a part of Angel's life. If he really wanted to be there for Angel, he wouldn't have just used the child as a way to break the two of them up and manipulate James. And Jett only bothered to bring Angel up just to screw with Kendall's head, sending presents out of the blue or coming to the same social gatherings just to mention sly digs offhandedly. He shuddered at the memory of Jett holding Angel's hand at the Halloween party when Angel was only a baby, Kendall always wondering if in that instant, in that moment they touched for the first time, that Angel knew just who the man really was.

He didn't realize James had got up until he felt his hands on his shoulders. He didn't realize he was trembling either until James held him steady. "It's going to be okay. . .we can't hide Angel from Jett if Angel wants to see him."

". . .But he doesn't know what kind of person Jett is and I fucking swear if he hurts him-"

"Shh," James murmured and kissed Kendall on the corner of his mouth, pulling Kendall into his arms to hug and hold him. Kendall buried his face into James' shoulder, trying to calm himself down. He didn't want to lose Angel. He didn't want Angel to hate him for hiding this secret for so long. He didn't want Jett to sweep Angel off of his feet and make Angel forget about Kendall. Angel was Kendall's son and he didn't want him stolen away, not by Jett.

He stopped shaking and sucked in a deep breath before he felt James kiss his hair. "Okay?" James softly asked and Kendall hummed, gently pulling away from his husband.

"Okay. . .I'm okay. . ." Kendall said and James smiled. He kissed the blond's cheek and wrapped an arm around his shoulders.

"Let's go have dinner, okay?" James said and Kendall nodded, the two walking out of the bedroom and down the hall. He wasn't going to think about it. He wasn't going to think about losing Angel to Jett. Angel will always love him, he shouldn't be so scared. Kendall swallowed hard. He wasn't scared.

He was absolutely terrified.