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Chapter 6: This night is flawless, don't you let it go…

"Logan hurry up we're going to be late!" Kendall yelled from the bottom of the stairs.

He ran around the house stuffing things into their suitcases at the last minute. They were on their way to New York for their best friends' wedding. Same sex marriage had finally been legalized, and James and Carlos were ecstatic. They had been engaged since they graduated high school and were just waiting for it to be legal before they could have a ceremony. It had taken longer than they thought but it was worth it.

Their flight left in two hours and they had an hour drive to the airport, and Logan still hadn't come downstairs. Ten minutes later, he came running down the stairs, pulling on his jacket.

"Sorry babe had to take care of something really quick. Let's go!"

Two hours later, they were comfortably on the plane, Kendall's head against Logan's shoulder as they watched a movie.

Logan had given up teaching at the high school to take a job at UCLA, while Kendall had pursued his dream of singing and writing music. He was now one of the most popular singing sensations, and had just gotten off a world tour. They had bought a house together in Los Angeles, while their friends moved to New York a few years back to be closer to James' job, which was a fashion model. Carlos happily stayed at home with their two adopted children. Kendall and Logan had been talking about adoption, but hadn't thought seriously about it yet. They were ready to take that step but didn't want to rush anything and wanted to be married before they did.

After a six hour flight, and napping most of the way, Kendall bounced off the plane, with Logan in tow. He was so excited to see his best friends. He hadn't seen them in awhile, and was even more excited to meet their children. Once they got to their hotel they both collapsed onto the bed, leaving their bags strewn across the floor.

"Logan?" Kendall asked timidly.

"Yeah baby?"

"Do you think we'll ever get married?"

Logan looked at him lovingly.

"Of course. I love you, and I want to be with you forever."

"Me too."

"Kendall?" Logan said, mimicking Kendall's shyness.


"We don't have to meet Carlos and James for another 3 hours."

Kendall looked at him with a smirk, knowing what he was implying.

He leaned over and kissed the smaller brunette slowly, moving to straddle him. As the kiss grew deeper, Logan reached down and cupped Kendall's ass through his jeans, making him moan loudly into his mouth. He reached beneath his boxers and ran a finger over the blonde boy's hole, making him gasp loudly and bury his face into his lover's neck.

"Logie, please. Stop teasing."

Logan smirked at him and flipped them over, sucking and biting on the taller boys neck, leaving a distinct bruise. He reached down and groped the blonde through his jeans, making him throw his head back and cry out. Unable to control himself any longer, Logan ripped Kendall's jeans and boxers down his legs and threw them across the room, running his tongue along the taller boy's hardened member. The blonde's moans went straight to his dick as he reached down to palm his aching erection through his jeans.

"Tell me how you want it Kendall."

The tall blonde moaned and looked down to see Logan staring up at him through hooded eyes.

"Fuck Logie. I want it hard and rough. Make it hurt baby."

"Your wish is my command," Logan said with a smirk.

He ripped his own jeans off, along with his shirt and flipped his blonde lover over, lifting his hips towards him. Kendall rested his weight on his forearms and looked back to see what Logan was up to. As soon as he met Logan's eyes, he felt a harsh slap to his ass, and whimpered, enjoying the mild pain.

"Keep your face forward," Logan growled. "And don't touch. At all."

Kendall whined in protest but stopped suddenly when he felt a wetness at his entrance. Logan slid his tongue over the small pink pucker harshly, poking in and out of the moistened hole. Kendall pushed his hips back as the smaller brunette abused his hole with his tongue, shoving two lubed fingers past the tight ring of muscle, still licking around them. He roughly and quickly stretched the boy's hole, feeling his cock throb with need when he saw Kendall panting and writhing beneath him.

"Are you ready for me baby? You want me to fuck you?" Logan leaned down and whispered in his ear.

"Yes Logie, please!"

"Say it," he growled.


He pressed the head of his cock against the taller boy's entrance.

"Say it Kendall."

"Fuck Logan! Fuck me damn it!"

As soon as the words left his mouth, Logan slammed into his lover, stilling his movements to let him adjust. As soon as he felt Kendall moving back against him, he pulled out and slammed forward again, jabbing the blonde's prostate full force as Kendall arched his back against him.

"You like that baby? When I fuck you hard like this? Ripping you open?"

"Fuck yes! Harder Logan!"

The shorter brunette let go of all of his restraints and pounded wildly into his lover, spreading his cheeks to shovel deeper into the blonde, slapping his ass every so often. When he felt himself getting close, he reached down and grasped the taller boy's member, stroking him rapidly.

"Ungh, Kendall you're…so…fucking…tight!"

"Fuck Logie, I'm gonna cum!" Kendall cried out beneath him.

He pounded harder into the blonde, and a few moments later he felt Kendall spill onto his hand, shooting his load onto the bed beneath them. As soon as he felt the hot liquid hit his hand, he slammed his hips one last time into the blonde's ass, cumming hard inside him. He slowly grinded his hips as they came down from their orgasm before he slowly pulled out of his lover, making him whimper in pain and loss.

"Baby, we should get cleaned up," Logan whispered in his lover's ear.

Kendall stuck out his bottom lip and lifted his arms.

"Carry me."

Logan laughed at his cuteness and picked him up, wrapping his long legs around him and took him into the bathroom. He watched him in the mirror as he cleaned them up with a wet rag, and then wrapped a towel around both their waists before pulling the blonde into his arms.

"I love you so much baby," Logan whispered, nuzzling his nose against the blonde's neck.

"I love too Logie bear. Always and forever."

Three days later

James and Carlos' wedding had been beautiful. It made Kendall want the same thing with Logan one day. But he was starting to think maybe Logan didn't want to get married. He shook the thoughts away though as he finished getting dressed. Logan had made reservations for them at an upscale restaurant for their last night in New York City. Once he was ready he made his way down to the car Logan had sent for him.

Once he was at the restaurant he noticed that it was completely empty aside from one table, where he saw Logan sitting. His face brightened when he saw Kendall and he got up to kiss him. As they ate, Kendall smiled at how much Logan had put into the night. He loved that even though they'd been together for over 5 years, they still did sweet things like this. But the thoughts just made the marriage idea stick in his head even more. He pushed them to the back of his mind, and continued enjoying the meal.

After they were done, Logan took his hand and led him out a back door, where there were twinkly lights set up and soft music playing.

"Will you dance with me?" Logan asked, holding out his other hand.

Kendall nodded shyly and let the shorter brunette pull him close. As they swayed he felt Logan place a small kiss on his neck. When the song ended, Logan stepped away from him.

"Kendall you know I love you right? And I'd never do anything to hurt you?"

"Of-of course. What's wrong?" Kendall said, suddenly afraid of what the brunette might say.

Logan reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box and got down to one knee. He opened the box to reveal two silver wedding bands, and Kendall's breath caught in his throat.

"Kendall, I've loved you since the first time I saw you. I've never wanted anyone else as much as I want you. Will you marry me?"

The tall blonde tried to speak, but no words came out so he just nodded his head rapidly.

Logan slipped the ring on his finger, and scooped him up in his arms, kissing him sweetly.

"Now it really will be always and forever," he whispered against the blonde's lips.

Kendall sighed happily and held his fiancé closer. This really was his dream come true.

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