Combining the Elements

Written by Luna Kitty

* * * A u t h o r ' s - n o t e * * *

Well, this is it! Combining The Elements (CTE), written by me, and only me, as my helper seems to have declined -.-;; Anyways, R I'm trying what a couple of people have done, and I'm saying only if I get 5 diffrent reveiws will I continue this, so if you like it, review!

* * * A u t h o r ' s - n o t e * * *

Part One - Pressure Rising

* * *
{ In the Beginning..}

I was shocked! Totally and completely shocked.

I had been checking my email, which was [email protected], and I had no messages, and I had been thinking about going offline, since I couldn't really think of much else to do online.

But then, some uncontrollable urge swept into me, something which made me click onto a web page finder and type the word, which couldn't be found in any dictonary but had the realst meaning,


When I clicked search, I stroked my purple tail worriedly. The screen then changed and there, just one link labelled 'Pokemorph' was written there. My heart did a flip-flop, and my stomach churned uneasly.

I had clicked onto that blue hypertext link, and suddenly realised that I was not as alone as I thought I was.

* * *

[ Cassandra ]

Please help!

I moved my curser over that link, and clicked. The computer moniter then turned a different color; a new page had come up. On that page was a message.

Please help! I am now half-Raichu! I don't know how it happened, or anything, all I know is that I woke up like this! Please help! My IM is MissThunder; please, anyone who is half-Pokemon reply and IM me!!

I sighed. This sounded exactly like my condition when I had discovered I was half Pokemon, which was about a month ago.

I had been attending a messageboard I had found whilst searching for 'Pokemorph' pages. It was a board designed by people who had somehow been conbined with a Pokemon, for people that had been combined with a Pokemon.

It was strange, really, I thought as I pressed the BACK on my browser to get to the main screen, that I had found it.

A month ago I had found the web page, and had checked out its content. Chat about Pokemorphs, What are Pokemorphs, etc. I had checked out them, it seemed I wasn't alone.

* * *
End of chapter. Yes, I know, its a disgrace -.-;; But I had a mental-blank, and I got only this done, so R&R, but this is pityful -.-;;