Denial: A Trauma Center Fan Fiction

hello everyone! this is my very first fan fiction! woohoo! right? yeah. i think so. this pretty much revolves around AngiexDerek ((swoons)) and their denial about their love for one another. psht. we all knew you guys like eachother. so just shut up and make out already. wow. you guys must think i'm a freak. haha. um... so yeah. please comment, rate, and subscribe! lol this isn't youtube... silly person. i'll attempt to elaborate this story as much as i can :) and in case you didn't notice, i'm just a *little* bit obsessed with trauma center. it's not like i'm actually in LOVE with derek... heh. heh. heh...

"Scalpel," Derek Stiles demanded, holding out his hand, his focus unwavering, eyes never leaving the patient.

Angie handed him the scalpel, her eyes watching the monitor. Their hands brushed for a moment, sending a short burst of energy, sending the silent message of trust, and making Angie and Derek blush slightly, but it went unnoticed. After a few seconds, the patient's vitals were recovered.

They both sighed with relief as Derek began to stuture the patient.

"Nice work, Dr. Stiles," Angie complimented, as they began to make their way to the break room.

"Thank you. But I wouldn't be able to do this with my amazing assistant." Derek smirked. Blood rushed to Angie's face, as she smiled secretly to herself.

They reached the break room and Derek brewed a pot of coffee and added creamer and sugar, to make the bitter liquids taste better. He poured them into two ceramic mugs then handed one to Angie.

Angie smiled and took of sip of the steaming caramel colored liquid.

"Thank you Dr. Stiles."

"I told you, call me Derek," Derek reminded gently.

"Yo, Derek!" a voice called from the hall. A blonde surgeon wearing teal scrubs bounded towards him and began to fluff Derek's already disastrous hair-do.

"Hey, Tyler," Derek said brightly, giving his best friend a small fist-bump, "Where's Leslie?"

"She's coming right now," Tyler said as his girlfriend stepped into the room.

"Derek! Angie!" Leslie smiled in her Leslie-like manner.

"Hey, Leslie," Derek and Angie said in unison.

"Ooh! Coffee!" Leslie squealed pouring her own mug of the drink. "Mmm," she sighed happily, while taking a sip, "Who made it?"

"Dr. Sti- I mean, Derek," Angie explained, blushing, as she caught herself.

Leslie nodded and continued to sip her drink as an awkward silence settled in the room.

"So are you guys like...official now? It's been a year now, and..." Tyler asked, breaking the silence that had settled awkwardly in the room.

"Tyler!" Leslie scolded, slightly aghast at her boyfriend's bluntness.

"Excuse me?" Angie scoffed, placing her finished coffee in the stainless steel sink, "You're so delusional Dr. Chase. That would never happen." She walked out of the room quickly and tore down the hallway before anyone could stop her.

Leslie shot Tyler a glare and sighed before running after Angie.

"Women..." Tyler muttered, shaking his head. Derek sighed and stared into his coffee.

"Dude, what's wrong?" asked Tyler, punching Derek lightly on the shoulder, hoping he wouldn't be offended by his foolish actions.

"Nothing," Derek attempted to assure, forcing a smirk.

"Dude," Tyler prodded, punching Derek in the shoulder once again.

"Seriously, it's nothing," Derek placed his empty mug in the sink next to Angie's and walked out of the room.

"Women..." Tyler mumbled, shaking his head once more.


Derek walked down the quiet halls of Caduceus, trying to decipher Angie's confusing messages.

"But it's so perfe-"


Small snippets of a conversation were being heard from the door next to Derek's office.

Angie... He thought, placing his ear on the door to listen to the conversation.

"Are you sure you don't like him?"

"Yes! He's just my colleague! Besides if I liked him, which I do not, I wouldn't tell him anyways because he probably likes someone else, and I would rather keep my work and private life seperate."

"But Angie-"

"I need to go start my rounds."

The door opened suddenly before Derek could even process what had occurred, and nearly smashed him on the wall. Angie spotted him and turned slightly crimson in the cheeks.

"Dr. Stiles," she said curtly before turning away, with files in her arms.

Leslie walked out of Angie's office, spotting Derek, shot him a look of pity and went to go find Dr. Chase.

Derek went into his office and laid on the couch, feeling a sudden wash of fatigue; the Healing Touch that he had used during the operation was clearly quite a taxation on his energy. An odd feeling began to spread through out his body; heart feeling heavier by the moment. It almost felt like... disappointment. He closed his eyes and sighed.

I don't like Angie... right? He asked himself, trying to ease the confusion in his mind, I mean if I did like her, why am I so afraid to ask her out? More thoughts conflicting one another began to swirl in his muddled subconscious until he fell asleep, thinking about the mysterious nurse with a small, sweet smile upon his lips.

phew! chapter 1 done! success! I don't really do much in my life, (i'm only in middle school so i have plenty of time in my hands), so i'll be updating this quite frequently! i wonder if you think i'm a freak... if you do, you're so right. :P