Room keys are on the front desk. Rooms are empty and beds are sort of made. There's an empty spot in the shop now. Tools have been put away, leaving the empty space neat and tidy once more. It will have looked like no one even had a sub there. The sub that was there is long gone. The people who own it left early in the morning to avoid questions.

Shade looks out the front of the Specter from the bridge, looking down at the scanners that are supposed to pick up the whereabouts of nearby ships. One particularly large, green, flashing dot catches his attention. Beside him the young teen Trilo nods. It's what they've been waiting for. A government supply ship, their first target.

Shade steps away from the bridge and goes off to order the others to start preparing. The other outlaws in the sub are quick to respond, quickly finding their dive gear and slipping into it. Their darkened helmets hold the liquigen they will need to storm the ship. Eel tugs on his dive gloves, excited to use his Dark Gift for once against the people who used him for years. Hatchet and Kale pull on their darkened helmets, stretching and shaking out their limbs. The adrenaline is already pumping. They can feel it. Trilo yells their position and the time they have to get ready before the Specter reaches its target. That is Shade's signal to pull on his own dive gear and get into character. Unlike the other gang members, Shade's dive helmet is clear. It's all part of the act to make sure these people know who they're dealing with and who to watch out for.

He waits until Trilo shouts for the signal to dive. Only Trilo and Pretty will remain behind to watch the Specter. Before tugging on his dive gloves, Shade watches his skin turn white. He makes himself to appear as an albino so the Seaguard will hunt for an albino, not a man who has black tattoos swirling all over his body, which is the way Shade will appear when in public.

He looks to Pretty, who nods. The transformation is complete. With a final shout from Trilo, Shade pulls on his helmet and inhales a lung full of liquigen. He drops through the hatch of the Specter and heads out into open water. He looks over to the sub that is floating just a short distance away from the Specter. The sub is drifting, meaning that Eel already went to work with his Gift, cutting power to the sub so they can sneak aboard and ransack it.

It's funny how Shade's life progressed to where it is now. He was an inmate of the Seablite Prison. Now he's the outlaw leader of the Seablite Gang. Such an interesting turn of events. Now it's time to make his name known. It's time for his debut as an outlaw. It's time to let Shade have some fun.