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Nella's POV

I zoomed in and out of the cabins, searching for the one marked with the symbol of Hermes. I had been at Camp for two weeks and still hadn't been claimed- and hadn't found my way around. Tonight we were having a large group gathering- today we got ELEVEN new demigods. I slightly chuckled at the thought of how awkward it would be once they realized I had no parent, yet.

I slowly turned a corner and into contact with a tall boy. Zac.

I maneuvered around him and finally entered the small lawn of the cabin. I walked inside only to have Alex drag me out by the arm, telling me it was time for dinner. I suddenly realized it was getting dark

We began the slow walk and conversed over who would be claimed by who someday soon. I didn't know I was in for such a surprise.

Mikayla's POV

I made my way shyly through the crowd, coming across Lauren and sitting by her. I sat silently and waited for the fire to begin it's raging crackle and flaming leaps. I slowly turned around and waved over Zac and Cara.

They walked over and we soon turned to see the fire jump. I smiled and made my way to the buffet. I saw the eleven other new demigods, all laughing, talking, smiling, well except for one. All hoping to be claimed in one night.

I was surprised at what came next.

Alyssa's POV

I slowly made my way to the buffet. Seeing the other newbies laughing, I slightly smiled deviously and sat down at the empty table, checking out the servings. I stood back up and slid into the middle of the line slinkily and kept my mouth shut.

Don't make eye contact. Don't draw attention. Ignore the remarks.

Voices shouted in my head, a little raspy- as if a smoking man whispered into my ear.

I shook the thought away and grabbed a chicken leg and some potatoes. I even got a tiny square of Ambrosia at the end of the line.

I made my way back to the empty table and heard the horse man shout over the over powerful noise.

"Excuse me, excuse… excuse… Wait, hey, stop that- No! EXCUSE ME!"

Everyone stopped and stared at him and waited.

"Can I please have, ummmm, um, I need, um, oh here we go. The following demigods need to come up, and make a line here."

He chuckled and pulled out a crumpled paper from his knap-sack.













I slowly made my way to the front, dodging tables and quietly side stepping the Ares' children's feet.

I grabbed the chicken leg off my plate and lazily tossed it into the fire- being the first up.

It raged continuously, and I sighed and made my way back to the table. Knowing that my hoped were shot down. I wasn't going to be claimed tonight. Then, the amazing happened. Fire swirled into a column, and as I stood twenty feet from the base fire- it shot at me and swirled into my locks. I coughed and gagged, but wasn't burnt. Something was put into my hand the flames enveloped me completely. Almost as if they were trying to strangle and eat me. But I didn't scream or cry, I stood there, feeling completely washed out as the column gradually stepped back to the fire.

In my hands was a pomegranate.

My father was Hades.

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