I want to make sure everyone understands this: I AM USING OC'S!

The entries were OC's based on the enterer's lives and their personality. Some were made completely up- others were made up based off their creator.

Chapter two- this is it!

Alyssa's POV

I stared at the pomegranate in my hands and quirkily smiled…

No way…

It started to glow, and began gaining weight like it was growing. But when the light flashed- making me flinch- it was solid gold.

Cheers erupted from all across the lawn- hoots and screams, jeers and laughs, smiles and scowls- and I suddenly was proud that I was a demigod.

But, the spotlight didn't last long as the next kid was pulled up. But- it was actually two going at the same time. Ebba and Nella were walking to the fire together- and perfectly threw the food into the flames. They didn't even have to wait before the fire raged to a complete stop and sat as a pile of ash for about one second- then, screamed and shot back up, two objects landing into the girls' hands.

Medallions with a cloud etched on.


Too many gawking faces were seen than for people to understand how two children of the Big Three were under the same parentage.


Zac stepped up to the fire, an unemotional mask on his face. He lazily threw in a potato and above the flames a giant dagger appeared- falling fast and landing squirt in his hands.


It felt like it was going so fast- we didn't stop for any more congratulating- just went on like that for the rest of the night.

Next up: Lauren and Katie.

They got along really well and were probably hoping for the same parents.

Into the fire went their Ambrosia and out came the symbol of a lyre and a symbol of an arrow.

Lauren- Artemis.

Katie- Apollo.

Mikayla soon was next and she smiled deviously as she threw her food in.

A symbol of a staff appeared- two snakes squirming life like on it. Hermes.

Cara and Lilli stood up straight and walked together to the fire. Cara went first- throwing her offering. A small book appeared overhead and slowly disappeared into mist as she walked over to the quiet and smiling Athena cabin table.

Zippy walked up- nervous and gave her offering- getting the same symbol.

The Athena cabin was still smiling their heads off as they got their second new.

Lilli finally actually came forward and waited as her desert sailed into the bounding flames.

A poppy appeared and she gently let her self walk to the Hypnos cabin.

Finally- Andromedia and Alex walked together to the fire- fingers crossed and giggling. Alex went first and soon she began squealing. A heart shaped symbol had appeared and she was already skipping to the welcoming Aphrodite table…

Andromedia looked a little bored as she finally, lastly, gave her offering. Same symbol as Mikayla. Hermes.

And then I was stuck- staring at all the welcoming tables of people and crowds, surrounding their new cabin mates as I sat silently at the Hades table. I felt a pang of loneliness but didn't care due to the feeling of being used to it, and continued sitting- soon very interested in my nails. A tall lean boy walked over and tapped me on the shoulder.



"Are you a daughter of Hades?"

"Yes, I think I am the only child here…"

"Well, that is not true- I'm Nico,"

Nella's POV

I sat with Ebba and we talked- feeling as though it was just going to be us for a LONG time.

Then a girl with black hair walked up.

"Hello daughter of Zeus- I'm Thalia."

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