Rain dripped slowly from the dark curls of Blaine's hair as he leant over the young man, his brow furrowed in desperation searching for the smallest glimmer of light. His face dampened further over the few moments he was crouching there, whether it was from rain or tears, there was no way of knowing. He could hear the people start to rush around them but he couldn't move, couldn't acknowledge them. All he could do was stare at the pale face below him, a face so pale it created the starkest contrast between the young man's skin and the dark red running down his forehead. Blaine felt a strong hand rest on his shoulder.

"You have to move away, son. Let us help him."

"NO!" Blaine cried out, holding on to the young man's body tighter. He couldn't bear to leave him, especially not after what had happened. He knew though that, any second, he'd be forced to. Deep down he understood that he needed to but still he had to fight the urge to hold on there forever, never letting go. Just like he hoped and prayed the man below him was doing, holding on and not letting go. He took this opportunity to lean down to the man's ear, trying desperately to control his sobs so that he could say what he needed to.

"It's because I love you," he said, whispering, between sobs, "I love you Kurt."