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Do-It-Yourself Hamazura~!

A dropout was lecturing a clone and a cyborg.

"Hey, hey~!"

He said cheerfully.

"For this project, we're going to use a lot of stuff, so listen carefully~!

To get started~! We need four fire extinguishers~! Now let's take the four hoses attached to the extinguishers and connect them all to one end of a steel pipe~!

Now to the side~!

Let's take bits of cork and push nails into them~! It gets a little tricky here since the nail needs to go all the way through the cork~! Be careful not to cut yourself~!

After that~! Put some of the cork pieces inside the steel pipe, and then we get-!

Tada~! It's a Gund*m-!"


All She Knows

( "La la~" )

While Cendrillon was singing, Kamijou Touma made a comment to Misaka Mikoto.

"Is she really singing about Cinderella? I honestly can't tell..."


Overhearing this, Cendrillon suddenly became flustered.


With her face reddening...

"B-Bippity... B-Boppity..."

The *isney version...?

"...A whole new world~"

That's completely wrong...!

Birds And Crickets


Falling from above...

A giant tanker truck filled with fifty tons of airplane fuel had smashed through to where Kamijou and co. were...!

Birdway stood on top of the vehicle unscathed.

"Hey there..."

She said.

"I just thought I'd... drop in."


( =_=)

The group turned away from her.




Near the ceiling of the building, Accelerator was trying to take a nap on some metal framework. Various noises could be heard from below.

( "Err, um, let me do that again!" )

( "Okay! Here it is! Get ready for my poser phrase!" )

( "Tanks for the memories!" )


( "Huh? No good? Okay, okay, okay! I'll be serious this time!" )

The white haired boy shifted in his spot.

"So noisy."

( "Uh... C-Cinderella! T-That's a drink! I'll drink you up like a... Goddamnit!" )

Kamijou And Worst I

Kamijou Touma was eyeing a certain Misaka clone.

That's the Misaka Sister that likes to follow Accelerator around...

The unfortunate boy recalled...

When I talk to her, she's always looking away. Whenever the two of us are in the same room, she actively tries to distance herself from me. And... this one time, I lent her a pen... and she sprayed disinfectant on it before using it...

Is it my imagination, or does she not like me?

Raising his hand, he called out to her.

"Yo, Worst...!"


Turning around...


Making a dash!

She's escaping...!

Kamijou And Worst II

After catching up to her...

"Oh... hey. What a coincidence... Misaka didn't know you were here..."

Worst was looking to the side as she spoke aloud.

"Hey, this has been bothering me for awhile, but..."

The boy went straight to the point.

"Could it be that you dislike me for some reason...?"


Worst brought her gaze forward...

"It's nothing of that sort..."

At this, the boy let out a breath.

"That's a relief..."

"Misaka just finds your existence to be physiologically repulsive."

Wait...! That's even worse...!

Kamijou And Worst III

The boy seemed to be panicking.

"Why...! Why do you hate me...! We haven't even had that much screen-time together...!"

"Misaka can't help it. It's embedded in Misaka at a neural level."

What does that even mean...!

Worst looked up into the air and started thinking.

"If Misaka had to describe it... It would be... The way you look... Your personality..."

And then she concluded.

"Basically... everything about you... Misaka finds disgusting."


The boy took a heavy blow.

Accelerator And Worst I

Worst was walking along side a certain white-haired boy.

"Ah~! Such a waste! Misaka was hoping to show off a bathing suit to Tou-chan!"


"Hmm? Did Misaka peak your interests? Just so you know, Misaka was going to cater to Tou-chan's fetishes and put on a school swims-"

He flicked her across the forehead.


"Don't be absurd."

The boy said.

"In reality, school swimsuits are actually disappointing to look at."


Accelerator And Worst II

"Misaka wonders what type of swimsuit Tou-chan would wear..."

Worst continued the conversation.

"Probably... something full body... striped in black and white... Rather, does Tou-chan even know how to swim...?"


[ Flashback... ]

A young white-haired boy was walking across a public swimming pool.

"Whoa...! Look at that...!"

"He's splitting the water...! Is he Moses...!"

[ End of flashback. ]

"I suppose you can say I do."


Kamijou And Mikoto I

After recovering from a psychological blow...

Kamijou Touma spotted a certain electrifying level 5.

Huh? What's she doing out here...?

Raising his hand, he called out to her.

"Yo, Mikoto...!"


Turning around...


Making a dash!

Wha-! Why...!

Kamijou And Mikoto II

After catching up to her...

"Oh... hey. What a coincidence... I didn't know you were here..."

She said. She looked to the side as she spoke aloud.


Kamijou grabbed onto her shoulders. The boy had a delirious look in his eyes.

"You hate me too, right...! You think I should just lay down and die, right...!"


Kamijou And Mikoto III

"I-It's nothing like that...!"

Misaka Mikoto was in a bit of a panic.

I-I can't say that I was window shopping for wedding rings...! It'd be too embarrassing...!

And then she realized.

Wait, now that it's come to this...!

She clenched the ring in her pocket.

This might be a good opportunity...!

She gritted her teeth.

Alright! I'll give it my all...!

"H-Hey...! This might be a bit sudden, but I wanted to give you this-!"

Mikoto shot her clenched fist forward... smashing it into Touma's face.

Mikoto And Worst I

Worst spotted Misaka Mikoto sitting on the beach. She was looking into the horizon with a distant look in her eyes.

Ah... I really messed that up...

She was staring blankly.

"I don't remember ever being this klutzy..."

"Could it be that there's something wrong with me...?"

"No... it might be more than that..."

"We spent seven hours on a plane together... and I wasn't able to learn anything about him..."


"I've got to get a hold of myself..."

"Perhaps rubbing my breasts would make them bigger."

Mikoto whipped her head back to Worst.

"Stop trying to narrate my thoughts...!"

Mikoto And Worst II

"Oi. Just what is it that you want... did you come here just to make fun of me again...?"

Mikoto crossed her arms as she addressed Worst.

"What's with the hostility Onee-tama~? Misaka just wanted to cheer you up~"

Worst said with a slick smile. The level 5 made a slight groan.

"Somehow, I really doubt that."

"Misaka likes that attitude~ So strong and manly~ Just like Onee-tama's physical appearance~ Misaka just might fall in love~"

Annoying...! This girl is annoying...!

Mikoto And Worst III

"So you really did just come here to start a fight...!"

Mikoto was starting to get charged up, though Worst was ignoring her enthusiasm.

"Hmm... maybe 'Onee-tama' isn't right... perhaps..."

"Oi! Pay attention to m-"



Mikoto paused.


"W-Wait, wait, wait! It's not like my heart skipped a beat when you said that...!"


Kamijou And Accelerator I

After recovering from a physical blow...

Kamijou Touma spotted a certain white-haired boy.

Raising his hand, he called out to him.

"Yo, Acc-"


Flipping his switch!


Making a dash!

Am I being bullied here...!

Kamijou And Accelerator II

After catching up to him...

"Oh... Hero. What a coincidence... I didn't know you were here..."

He said. He looked to the side as he spoke aloud.

"Oi...! I'm getting kind of sick of this template...! Why are all of you running away...!"

Accelerator stared blankly.

"Eh? Did you need me for something?"



Kamijou Touma yelled into his face.

"That's not the point!"

Accelerator And Worst III

As the tides rolled in and out, Worst stood alone on the beach. Staring out into the horizon, she began to wonder...

"Is this... what it's like to be normal...?

Misaka was under the impression that normal people were ignorant and powerless...


Having people care about you...

It's not a bad feeling..."


Accelerator called out to her from afar.

"Hey, it's getting dark."

He said.

"Are you coming?"

Worst paused before turning around. She gave him a smile.

"When Tou-chan says it like that... it sounds pervy..."

"You've ruined the mood."