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Lost Opportunity

Outside a certain apartment complex... someone was ringing a doorbell.

[ sfx: Buzz! ]

[ sfx: Buzz-Buzz-Buzz-Buzz-Buzz-Buzz-Buzz-Buzz-Buzz-Buzz-Buzz! ]

"God damn it! Stop ringing the doorbell...!"

Kamijou Touma angrily opened the door of his apartment to see a girl.

"I don't like it... I really don't like it...!"

Kihara Enshuu struck a pose.

"But I look surprising good as *hun Li...!"


The spiky-haired boy stared for a bit.

"You know... Halloween... was last week..."


And so it was.


Inside a dark room...

The glare of a television screen illuminated the figure of a boy. Wearing a dark maroon-colored suit with a red v-neck underneath, Kakine Teitoku leaned back...

And swayed with the loud music.

" [ GAGAGAGA CRAZY~! ZERO ] ni wa dekinee~"

Karaoke: a national Japanese pastime.

"Kyou wa~ Sukuitai~ Kusottare no~"

He pointed his finger towards a random wall.


The lights turned on, revealing the rest of the cast: Accelerator, Misaka Mikoto, Mugino Shizuri, Shokuhou Misaki, and Sogiita Gunha.

This was an experiment... to test the compatibility of these people.

People Who Don't Get Along

"Would you look at that! I got the high score!"

Kakine was undoubtedly happy. He faced Accelerator with a slightly broken expression.

"Hey, Number 1! Would you fucking look at that! Look at it! Look at it you bastard!"

"...I can see it."

After a moment of pointless self satisfaction, he went back to his seat silently.


The entire room felt heavy with a gloomy atmosphere.

" *cough* Alright! I'll be the next one up!"

Sogiita Gunha stood. He began playing with the remote.

"Let's see, uh... Okay!"

Cheap 90s music starting revving up as Sogiita prepared singing 'Flying in the *ky'.


The gloomy atmosphere thickened.

No Life Queen

After Sogiita Gunha finished, he quickly sat back down. There was no applause. No praise. Just dead silence.


Taking the perspective of a certain Queen of Tokiwadai...

Huh? What is this... How long are we supposed to keep this up...? I realize that the purpose of this situation is to test the compatibility among us Level 5s...

But it's pretty damn obvious from the offset that none of us are compatible...!

Shokuhou Misaki let out a breath.

I wonder... Should I do something here...?

Well, since we're all together, I might as well put in a little effort. This is a rare chance after all.

The Number 5 of Academy City hid a smile.

Prepare yourselves... I'll show all of you... The fearsome strength of someone with over 10,000** friends!

( **This is false.)


"Hey~! I have an idea~! Let's play the King Game~!"

Shokuhou Misaki stuck her tongue out and winked.


Her words seemed lost on the group.

"Ah~ That right...! None of you are popular enough to have actually gone out with a group of friends and played this type of game before, so of course all of you have no idea what I'm talking about..."

Putting it briefly...

"What we do is each draw lots, Numbered 1 through 7 plus a special 'King' lot. The one who gets the 'King' will have the power to order any Numbered lot to do his or her bidding. No questions asked."

"Or so I'm told."

In the end, she admitted to not being popular.

Round 1

It was a change of pace when the Number 5 of Academy City forced this game onto the others.

Shokuhou Misaki held up a straw with a printed star on it.

"I am the King~!"

Making a rather childish pose, she ordered:

"Okay~! Number 1 and Number 3!"

Making a dark smile...

"I wonder what I should have you two do-"


Mikoto grabbed onto Shokuhou's right shoulder and Accelerator grabbed onto her left.

Both radiated murderous intent.


The King was about to be overthrown.

Those With 20/20 Vision

"The fuck you think you're doing."

Accelerator's hostile words were not directed towards the Number 5 but the Number 3 instead.

"I've got a grudge against her. So back off."

"Big words... but you're still a shitty kid. As your senior, here's some advice: Don't get in my fucking way."

"Oi, are you trying to start something here? Because I'll take you head on, Tree Diagram be damned!"


The two participants of the Level 6 Shift Project narrowed their eyes at each other. Unpleasant memories surfaced as well as repressed anger.

"If I could just get a word in-"

"You shut up."


Shokuhou was starting to sweat.

"The King Game is meant to be an icebreaker... I won't force you to do anything too embarrassing."

"We know what the King Game is."

( "Hah?" )


After a short staring contest, the two broke contact. They begrudgingly went back to their seats and sat down.

"Whatever. I don't really care what happens in a shitty kid's game."

"Ah~an! It's embarrassing getting worked up over something stupid."

The girl felt a vein pop.

These two piss me off so much...!


Shokuhou briefly meditated:

In any case... I should... probably be careful handling the situation...

"Aha~ Hmm... Erm... Number 3! How about giving Number 1 a compliment!"

The King's orders were absolute.

"For a genocidal killer, you seem very clean. Just how did you wash all that blood off your hands?"

Mikoto's eyes had glazed over.

Accelerator answered in monotone.

"Wiped it off with your tears. Cry more. It helps."

That... kind of worked?

Round 2!

"I am the king~! (Again.)"

Shokuhou held up the lucky straw. Starting to regret suggesting such a dangerous game, she shut her eyes.

Okay, I'll try being subtle...

"Number 2 and Number 4! How about you two shake hands for 3 seconds~!"

Number 2: Kakine

Number 4: Mugino

The King's orders were absolute.

Kakine noted the pleasantness of their situation.

"Say, this isn't so ba-"


And blood spilled onto Mugino's emotionless face.

An ambulance would soon arrive afterwards.


Number 1: Left

Number 2: Hospitalized

Number 3: Left

Number 4: Taken into custody

Number 6: Never showed up.

Sitting by herself, Shokuhou Misaki was feeling a bit depressed. It seemed like that last stunt had caused the group to disband.


A set of straws had appeared in front of her. And looking up, Sogiita Gunha was giving her a warm smile.

"Well, it seems like everyone has their circumstances for leaving... but I'm still here. How about we continue?"


Not knowing whether this boy was an idiot or attempting to be kind, or maybe both... she returned the smile.

"Number 7, go drown yourself in a river."

"Sir, yes sir!"

Number 7: Attempted suicide