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"Inuzuka! Where are those contracts that I assigned you to? I gave you three weeks' notice to type them up and it's been four! Where are they?" Uchiha Sasuke yelled throughout the office.

All occupants quivered silently as Sasuke walked through the office, his eyes darting around for a familiar shag of brown hair. "Inuzuka!"

Setting his dark eyes on his assistant, he ground out through his teeth, "Where the hell is Inuzuka?"

Sakura, the assistant, tried to remain unfazed from Sasuke's anger. But even her knees began to shake and she was quite the strong willed woman. She found her voice and spoke up, "I have n-no idea sir. Perhaps he is um… on break?"

Sasuke sighed through his nose, trying to calm his anger. He pulled out his left hand from his pocket and stared down at his fingers for a few brief seconds. He looked back up, looking less angry but still angry nonetheless. "Tell Inuzuka that those contracts will be due before the work day is over, no exceptions whatsoever." Sasuke said calmly to Sakura. Then he walked backed quietly to his office, gently shutting the door.

The whole office sighed quietly and relaxed. They all whispered amongst each other, careful in case Sasuke's hawk ears were listening.

"Thank goodness he didn't explode."

"It's because of that weird thing he does with his left hand. I wonder who taught him that."

"Who cares? We should worship the person whoever taught him that!"

Ignoring the talk around her, Sakura stood from her seat and began to walk around. She rounded corners while ignoring glances and finally reached a cubicle. "Hey you, you heard what he said right?" she said, staring down at the man leaning towards the computer.

"Yeah I know! I heard him! Why do you think I'm on this stupid thing in the first place?" Kiba hissed, his eyes firmly set on the computer screen. He heard the sigh from the pink haired woman, knowing her exasperation but choosing to not acknowledge it.

"Were you slacking off the entire time?" she asked, with hands on her hips.

Kiba clicked his tongue and snorted. "I'm not stupid enough to do that! I've been working on these damn things since I was assigned to them! Dammit, sometimes I wished I worked at a dog kennel instead of in an office."

"Well, wishing isn't going to get you out of this and leaning towards that computer screen will not make you type any faster. Plus it's going to ruin your eyes."

With a quick wave of one hand, Kiba waved Sakura away. "Leave woman! I'm trying to get these finished that way I won't get fired and have to work as a prostitute as a living just to get through life!"

Sakura rolled her eyes but left anyway. She knew for sure Kiba had slacked off somehow; he just wasn't admitting it. But she knew he was on track to getting those contracts finished up so she didn't really need to bug him that much.

She walked back to her desk and began to shuffle through papers. Her eyes glanced up briefly at Sasuke's office door before looking back at her computer screen. She was curious herself to how her superior learned how to calm down using that strange method.

The phone rang and she picked up the call. In a professional voice and with perfect practice she recited politely, "Thank you for calling Uchiha Corporations, you are speaking to Haruno Sakura. How may I help you?"

"Hi Sakura-chan! Is Sasuke in?" the voice chirped into the phone.

"He most certainly is. I'll forward your call to him." She said with a smile. She informed Sasuke of the call and he took it with a quiet 'thank you'.

Every once in a while she got that call from that person with that same greeting. Sakura had no idea who that person was but knew for sure that this person was on a first name basis with her superior and that Sasuke never seemed to be bothered at these calls.

It was three years ago when she started working at Uchiha corporations that she started to answer these calls and regularly forward them to Sasuke. After the first few calls when she began to work there, she got up the courage to ask him who was the person on the other end of the line.

Sasuke just told her that it wasn't really her business and to not ask who it was.

She did just that.

Like he had said, it wasn't her business. But she couldn't help but feel curious anyway.

Kiba handed the stack of papers over quietly, finally relieved that he had gotten them finished. When they were taken out of his hands, he suddenly felt like a huge weight was taken off him. It made him want to dance but that would have to wait until he was out the office.

Dark eyes scanned the printed ink and seemed to approve. He nodded and waved Kiba out. "A job well done, Inuzuka. I'll look over them again tonight but I'm sure that you did an adequate job. You may leave now."

Kiba bowed slightly. "Thank you Uchiha-san. Have a good day." He said. He walked quietly out the door and when he walked twenty feet away from the office he jumped and ran towards the elevator.

He pressed the down button and waited patiently for the mirror doors to open.

"You're awful cheery. I guess you got those papers in." a voice said as the body came up beside him. Then the person yawned.

Kiba gave a thumbs up and grinned wildly. "Fuck yeah I did! We should celebrate Shikamaru!"

"Maybe not today, I just want to go home and-" the sleepy man started but was cut off when he was pulled into the elevator, having no say in what his plans were for the night.

"Come on! I saw this awesome sushi place and I wanted to try it out with someone."

So the two men had ended up in a small little restaurant, waiting for their order. Kiba's eyes wandered around, looking at the décor and the other customers around. From beyond where he was sitting, he could see sushi chefs actually working. He could feel some relief in that; he didn't always trust his food when he couldn't see the food being made.

Two plates of sushi were placed on the table before each of the men. "Here you go guys! I hope you enjoy!"

Kiba grinned up and said, "Thanks blondie!"

The blonde male that was serving them just smiled and bowed slightly before leaving.

Kiba split apart his chop sticks and began to dig into his meal. Shikamaru ate calmly while taking sips of green tea in between. He watched that same blonde go up to another table and cheerily asked for their order. Even though he knew it wasn't really important he watched the blonde interact with the other people.

"Man, I swear Uchiha is such a pain in the ass!" Kiba said, taking a break from eating.

Shikamaru rolled his eyes and continued to eat at his slow pace. "You're just saying that because you almost got in trouble today."

"No way! He is such a dick, like, 99.9% of the time! I would kill to pay to see him ever being nice." Kiba grumbled as he dug back into his food.

"I wonder what he's like at home." Shikamaru asked.

Kiba looked up at his friend. "You noticed that he wears a wedding ring? Man, I wonder what poor broad got stuck with him. You think maybe he got an arranged marriage or something?" he asked.

The other man just shrugged his shoulders and finally settled his chopsticks down, finished with his food. "I don't know. I mean, for all we know, maybe his spouse was chosen by himself and he could have kids or something."

"Ugh, Uchiha spawn. I hope whoever he's married has a nice gene in them. That way when he has kids they won't turn out to be little turds in the future. Otherwise they'll push my future kids around!"

Shikamaru clicked his tongue but gave a small smile. He had to silently admit to himself that he hoped that was true. Uchiha men were so… stone-faced. All he knew was that from his experience they expressed two things: anger and indifference.

Were they born with sticks up their asses or something?

Well, at least the men.

He had never met an Uchiha woman.

"Hey guys! Are you all done? Would you like anything else?" the blonde said, having returned to their table. He smiled and looked back between the two males.

Kiba nodded. "Yup, we're all done. The food was awesome by the way!"

"Thank you, I'm glad to hear!"

"That guy across from me is going to pay for the meal." Kiba pointed.

Shikamaru snorted and shook his head. "Nope. You're going to pay for this. You were the one who dragged me here against my will. So you will pay for this dinner."

"But-But we're friends." Kiba said, trying to convince his friend with big eyes.

"We are. But that doesn't mean I'm obligated to pay for this meal. Now pull your wallet out and pay for this meal right now." He said firmly.

Kiba sighed and did as he was told. The blonde smiled at the two and accepted Kiba's card, saying that he will be back shortly. "Don't forget to tip also."

He did that too.

The blonde returned and smiled at the two. "Thank you for eating here tonight! I hope to see you more often!"

Both men stood up and thanked the blonde. "Next time you come, I recommend the ramen! Have a nice night!" the blonde shouted as they left.

Shikamaru sighed to himself. He really hated being in meetings. He listened as Sasuke continue on about the advertisement of some product of their company and other things he didn't really care about. He had other things to do other than be in a meeting.

Like use his break to nap a little.

He glanced up to see Kiba attempting to stay awake. The dog lover's eyes were dropping a little but then they would be wide awake the next second.

Looking back behind him, the entrance of the conference room was just a big glass wall with doors. He watched for a few seconds the people that passed by before putting his eyes back on Sasuke.

He wondered how long they had all been sitting there, just dying from this meeting and ready to wither away. Sasuke looked like he wanted to shoot himself but despite being the boss, he had to suffer through work too. He especially having to suffer through this boring lecture that he wasn't really enthusiastic to give.

He watched Sasuke's mouth move but his words just seemed to fly over his head.

Then he caught something weird.

Sasuke continued to talk but his eyes looked up for a moment and he seemed to give a nod. It was almost inconspicuous but Shikamaru caught it.

He looked back to see who he had nodded too but the person seemed to have walked off already. But he did catch a glimpse of blonde hair. And his mind flashed back briefly that the blonde hair looked a bit familiar.

"Nara! Eyes forward!"

The man jerked his head forward and shrunk back a little at Sasuke's glare.


"I saw something during the meeting." Shikamaru said to Kiba.

The brunette looked up away from his computer screen. "What? What did you see?"

"I think I saw Sasuke look at someone."

Kiba rolled his eyes and looked back at his monitor. "That's not exciting. I thought you had something interesting to tell me." Kiba pouted.

"Come on, you were sitting at the opposite side of me, your face is towards the glass wall. You're telling me you didn't see the person Sasuke was looking at through the glass?" Shikamaru asked.

Kiba remained quiet, pursing his lips together and looking away.

"Wow, you really didn't see."

"Well now that you mention it, I sorta remember some kid waving through the glass then just walking away." Kiba said, looking up in thought. "I sorta remember. Of course I wasn't really paying attention that well."

Shikamaru grabbed Kiba by the arm and tugged him out of his seat. Kiba yelped and started cursing at the other man. "Hey man! Where are you taking me?"

They stopped right in front of Sasuke's office, staring at the wooden door. "Do you think that he's meeting with that person right now?" Shikamaru asked.

Kiba eyed the door and looked up briefly. "I don't know, maybe. I wonder who it is."

"Maybe it's his spouse."

Both men looked behind them to see Sakura. She walked in between them and looked at the door as well with them. "Or perhaps a relative. I'm not sure."

"Do you think… we should walk in?" Kiba asked.

They all looked at one another, sparing glances at each other. They all wondered if they should risk it, just to see if their curiosities were true. Or probably get fired for just barging into their superior's office, which they didn't want to happen.

Sakura walked forward a little and then faced the two. "How about we flip a coin? We'll do two out of three to determine whether or not we should. Heads will be to go in and tails will be to not go in."

Kiba and Shikamaru nodded in agreement.

Pulling out a coin from his pocket, Shikamaru flipped the coin. The first time it landed on tails. He flipped a second time, this time landing on heads, and then they flipped the last time.

It had landed on tails.

They all sighed in disappointment. "Oh well, I guess that's how it is. Sasuke's probably meeting with someone really important in there. We don't want to interrupt whatever is going on in there." Sakura sighed. She really was curious.

Instead of walking away, they all still stood in their circle, just staring at the door.

Then Kiba took two large strides and swung the door open.

Sakura gasped in shock and Shikamaru's eyes went wide at the bold move his friend made.

"Excuse me Uchiha-san but I-" Kiba started but stopped at the sight of what he saw.

Two bodies that were previously attached in a kiss broke away and looked at him. Dark eyes glared at Kiba while a pair of blue eyes looked curiously at him. He took in the scene of his superior, his hair mussed up, arms wrapped around a short blonde, and a hand that appeared to be squeezing the ass of the blonde.

Time seemed to stand still and everything was quiet.

"Ah! You're that guy I served yesterday at the restaurant! And I can see your friend back there too!" the blonde said with a stupid grin on his face, pulling away from Sasuke. He waved at the boys and then smoothed down his clothes a little.

Kiba walked in and stared at the blonde with large eyes. "You… what are you doing here?" Kiba shouted.

Unfazed by the shouting, the blonde simply answered, "I was just delivering a bento box."

"A bento box? That's it? Then why are you… you..!" Kiba's words died out in his throat.

"Inuzuka! Why did you just suddenly barge in here? Was there some sort of emergency that you needed to inform me about?" Sasuke growled. Obviously he was not pleased about being interrupted.

Kiba shrunk back and wished that he hadn't done what he did.

"I'll take your silence as no. So give me a good reason why you decided to just come into office with no permission and barge in while I was meeting with my wife." Sasuke voiced in a firm tone. Kiba, suddenly afraid, shut his mouth.

"Bastard! Quit telling people that!"

Shikamaru, who had stepped in the office, looked at the blonde and looked down at his hands. There he saw a ring on the ring finger of the blonde's left hand. He couldn't believe that this blonde was Uchiha Sasuke's spouse.

Uchiha Sasuke's 'wife'.

"Aw quit scaring him Sasuke! Hi, I'm Uchiha Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke's husband!" Naruto greeted, emphasizing the word husband.

Uchiha Sasuke's wife/husband: Uchiha Naruto.

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