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Author Notes: Yes this is a re-write but unlike the first version, the ending will be completely different. The beginning starts off in a different location. The timeframe is different along with the ages. So, basically, it has the same concept and plot but there is a lot added and different conflicts. I'm going to try to make the word count longer than the originally but the chapters will be shorter.

Warnings: Abuse and mentions of torture


Chapter One

Yugi stood outside of the tall tower that could be seen from almost any point in Domino. He shifted from foot to foot, debating on actually walking through the tall glass doors. His fingers glided over the golden handle. He didn't care what the people said as they stared at him through the glass. He was terrified at having to wrestle his way through the people, but he had to face his fears. His best friend's life may be in danger, and there was only one person he knew that had enough power and money to help save him. Gathering his courage, Yugi closed his eyes and walked through the heavy doors. His ears were instantly bombarded with people talking, ringing phones, and the dings of the elevators. All he had to do was somehow make it to the top floor. He was going to try asking, but he knew that wouldn't get him far. He tried for weeks to set an appointment to see the infamous CEO, but his secretary would never give him a date. He was always "in meetings."

Yugi placed his hand on the front desk that he was barely tall enough to see over and looked at the black haired woman behind it. She had just finished transferring a call to somewhere else in the building. "May I help you," she hissed, obviously not liking to be bothered while the phone continued to ring.

"I need to see Seto Kaiba."

Her eyebrows arched. "Do you have an appointment?"

Yugi growled. He remembered her voice over the phone. "I tried numerous times, but you never gave me a date. This is an emergency."

"Then go to the police."

Yugi slammed his hands down on the desk and glared at her. Even though he could never get the same ferocity as Atemu through his eyes, he still tried to show how angry he was. "The police don't care enough. We went to school together. I'm Yugi Motou. I'm sure if you tell him that I'm here, he'll meet with me. He knows I don't bother him unless it's an emergency."

Yugi glanced over, noticing that the guards positioned by the doors and elevators began to move towards him. He wished that Atemu was still with him and that he still had the powers of the Millennium Puzzle, but that was all a thing of the past. "No one gets to see Kaiba-sama without an appointment. If someone never contacted you back with a date, it means he wishes not to see you. I'm going to ask you kindly to leave."

Yugi bit the inside of his lower lip before coming to a decision. He had to see Kaiba. There was nothing else he could do. He had to save his best friend. Someone had to help Jounouchi. Yugi released the breath he unknowingly held. The guards had moved completely away from the elevators and doors to stand around the desk. They were waiting for him to make the decision on whether to leave quietly or by force. Yugi took a step back before taking off towards the elevator that just opened its doors. The men were screaming at him to stop as if he would do something foolish like that.

The doors slid shut seconds before the guards managed to catch up to him. He pressed the top button, hoping that he could make it that far before they shut the elevator off. The doors opened on a different floor. Choosing to keep changing elevators, Yugi pushed his way passed the people getting on the elevator. He hid directly below the camera that faced down the hallway. The next elevator going up stopped a few minutes later. Some people got off, giving Yugi strange looks. He got on and hit the top floor again, ignoring the other passengers who got out when it was their floor.

The elevator finally stopped at the top floor, but he was unable to move further than that. Several men pulled him out of the elevator and held him close. "Let me go. I have to see Kaiba. Kaiba!" Yugi shouted at the top of his lungs.

The brunet CEO paused at his typing and stared at the door. He had never heard someone scream his name like that. He knew right away that it wasn't Mokuba. Curious on who could be desperate enough to push their way through his security and managed to get up to his office, Kaiba moved towards the door and opened it. He saw his secretary standing directly beside his door and a group of his security men roughly pinning a small boy to the ground. Kaiba growled, not liking them hurting someone he thought to be just a child. "What is the meaning of this?" he barked.

The guards parted to look over at their boss, revealing a clearly shaken Yugi. The tricolor haired youth sighed in relief. "Kaiba, I need to talk to you. It's an emergency."

Knowing that Yugi wouldn't willingly break into his office without it being an emergency, Kaiba moved towards the group. "Release him. He's not a threat." The group of tall, muscular men dropped Yugi who had been lifted off his feet.

Yugi ran over to the taller man. "You need to help me."

"Not here. Get in the office," he hissed. Yugi followed close behind Kaiba who shut the door behind him. "Now what could be so important that you couldn't make an appointment prior?"

"I tried. They told me that you were always booked and had no openings until years from now." Yugi shook slightly, still suffering from the adrenaline it had. "I need your help finding Jounouchi."

"And why would I help you locate that mutt? What's wrong with going to the police?"

Yugi's eyes drifted towards the floor. He should have known that Kaiba wouldn't willingly help him find his best friend. "The police won't take his disappearance seriously. He used to get in trouble a lot when he was in school. They think that he's involved with something illegal and will surface again when he's done causing chaos."

"What makes you think differently?" Kaiba sat back down at his desk and looked at his rival. He did find it strange that Yugi couldn't convince the police to at least file a missing person report.

"Jounouchi is known for disappearing for a couple weeks to a month on hand, but you could always find him at home or he'd show up at the Game Shop after a month. It's been six months since I lost saw him. I went by his house, but his father slammed the door in my face. He said that if I ever saw his ungrateful son again to tell him never to go home. I know that Jounouchi never had a good home life, but his father would never kick him out. He relied on the money Jounouchi made to supply his drinking habit. Kaiba, please help me. I'm afraid something terrible happened to him."

"Maybe he finally had enough and ran away. Have you thought of that?"

"I did, but he tried to run away once before, and he sent me a letter telling me where he was."

Kaiba glanced at his screen seeing several new emails. He sighed. Even if he believed Yugi's theory of Jounouchi's disappearance, he was extremely busy. "There isn't much I could do that the police can't. Why don't you try the police again? I'm very busy right now."

Kaiba turned back to his computer and clicked on the first email, completely ignoring Yugi. The smaller man didn't know what to call Kaiba's ignorance tactic. He sighed and decided to not say anything else. He moved from the seat and towards the door. He knew it was a long shot to get Kaiba to help, but it was worth it. When Yugi reached the door, Kaiba glanced up at the defeated look on Yugi's face. "And, Motou, the next time you need an appointment, say your name first and they'll squeeze you in."

Yugi looked back at him and smiled slightly. He didn't think Kaiba would ever do that for him. Maybe that was a sign telling him that Kaiba may help. Yugi moved pass the secretary and guards still positioned outside of his office. He was glad that he pushed his way into seeing the usually cold-hearted CEO. Stepping out into the now rainy weather, Yugi pulled his jacket closer to him and disappeared among the crowd of people running for shelter. He didn't care for the rain or how cold it made his body. The only thing he thought about was how to convince the police to open an investigation into Jounouchi's disappearance.

Kaiba walked over to the large windows the second Yugi left. He ignored the paging of his secretary and staff while he contemplated he next action. He didn't want to tell Yugi out of all people that he would help find the mysterious blond. He watched someone leave the front door to his building before walking back over to his desk. He knew he didn't have anymore appointments for the day, but there were piles of products to approve and numerous emails to answer. He sighed and stared at his computer. He remembered that Jounouchi didn't seem like himself the last time he saw him which was graduation nearly a year ago. Kaiba clicked on an internet window and started searching through plane records going back the last six months. Even with all the hacking, he didn't spot Jounouchi's name on any of the roasters or a description of someone that fit his appearance. There were no signs that Jounouchi left the country or even the area by plane or boat.

Kaiba growled in frustration. Everything was pointing to two options. Either Jounouchi was kidnapped or he disappeared on his own with no intention of letting anyone find him. He didn't think Jounouchi was popular enough to warrant his kidnapping; however, he did live in a high crime neighborhood. He slammed his laptop shut, knowing that he wasn't getting anywhere in his search for the blond. He glanced out the window at the setting sun. Six months was a long time to hide someone. Kaiba shook his head. He shouldn't think negatively. Jounouchi had to be fine. There was no way the blond would let himself be kidnapped nor do anything drastic like suicide. He had to have run away and was using a different name to hide below the radar. Kaiba placed his laptop into his carrying case and left for the day, still ignoring his secretary and staff. He needed privacy and peace. He needed to think.

Jounouchi wrapped his arms around himself and cuddled more in the dark corner. The cement below him was freezing his nude body. The light that seeped in through the steel bars was not enough to allow the blond to see further than directly in front of him or provide any sort of heat given off by the bulb. His body ached from the constant beatings, but he refused to become the obedient dog they wanted him. His teeth chattered against his will. His mind drifted in and out of reality. It had been a long time since he was given anything to wear other than the collar that was locked to his neck. He wished he was standing in the sun letting the rays wash over his cold body.

He smiled, watching his imaginary self running through fields of flowers, twirling in the sunlight as if he was seeing it for the first time. His mind drifted further towards his smiling friends all calling for him to come with them. Darkness clouded his world and the new man he knew only as "Master" stood before him. "Dogs don't walk on two feet," he hissed. Arms came out of nowhere and pulled him down to the ground. They tore the clothes off his body and held his struggling body still. Jounouchi looked into the cold black eyes of his captor. He roughly grabbed one of the blond's feet. "You are not to walk on two feet ever. You are a dog." The man pressed the red hot metal rod to the soles of Jounouchi's feet several times. The blond whimpered and opened his eyes. He hated when his fantasies were interrupted by his memories. He rolled over, struggling to find a warm spot and stared down at his feet. The burns were still there, making it difficult to stand on his feet even if he wanted to.

Jounouchi shut his eyes again, willing his mind to take him to happier times. "Someone will come for me," he mumbled as if trying to convince himself, but he knew it was hopeless. Who could possible find him? Yugi no longer had the pharaoh to help him. Kaiba wouldn't care if he disappeared off the face of the planet. His father would only notice once the money ran out which it probably happened already. He'd never expect help from his father. The police wouldn't care. They never helped him before when he tried to convince them that his father was abusing him. They just told him he shouldn't lie and offered him a place in one of their cells should he like to confess something truthful. Jounouchi felt the tears that threatened to fall down his cheeks. He would not cry even if everything seemed hopeless.

The sound of footsteps echoed into the empty cell. Jounouchi curled more, ignoring the pain from his blistered feet and back. He knew what it meant when he heard footsteps. He backed himself as far as possible into the corner. He didn't want to degrade himself more than he already was, but the pain was becoming too much for him to handle. How much more pain were they planning on unleashing on his already beaten body. "I'm sorry," Jounouchi whispered to the image of his friends. He was willing to step on his pride if it meant no more pain. The tall brunet that stood at the cell door whistled. At first, Jounouchi didn't move. He wanted to remain where he was in the corner, but his better judgment won.

Slowly, he crawled on his hands and knees over to where the man stood. He sat on his legs and bared his neck to the man, keeping his hands firmly on the floor. The brunet smirked and patted Jounouchi's head. "Good boy." The man's expression changed quickly to one of pure anger. He attached the leash to the collar and pulled on it, harshly cutting off the blond's air supply. Jounouchi gasped for breath. Through watery eyes and clenched fists, he made sure he kept his hands firmly on the ground. "Next time you come the second I whistle." The man loosened his grip, causing Jounouchi to take a large gulp of air. His body shivered from the cold, and he suppressed the coughs that threatened to unleash. He knew better than to make any noise other than the whimpers or barks that his master allowed him to make. "Come," the tall man ordered. Jounouchi obediently followed the man, attempting to ignore the stares as they moved into the crowded living room. His master sat down on the couch and loosely placed the leash on the arm. Jounouchi moved beside him and sat next to his legs, keeping his gaze on the floor. He didn't like being nude in front of all the people his master associated with, but if he was good, the pain wouldn't be too horrendous that night.


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