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Warnings: Mentions of child abuse



Jounouchi sat on the large chair surrounded by children. He shut the book he had been reading to them and watched them all giggle. "Well that's the end of story time today. Make sure you wait here until Mommy or Daddy come and get you," Jounouchi said loudly over the chorus of disappointed moans. The blond smiled and placed the book back on the shelf that he got it from while keeping a firm eye on all the children. It hadn't taken him very long to realize that this job was what he wanted. He was currently in his last year of college that he proudly paid for himself. After the first year, Jounouchi was able to convince Kaiba that he didn't need him to pay for the rest. He was hired right away at the bookstore and soon became the favorite employee not only among the other employees but the customers as well. He not only loved working with children but he was surrounded by books that he oddly found was his new hobby thanks to being left along for so long in the mansion. Slowly the group of children thinned and Jounouchi was back to his normal job of helping customers find a book they were looking for or choosing one they've never read. Jounouchi enjoyed working at the bookstore. Reading to the children once a day was something that he volunteered to do.

Once the last child left with their parents, Jounouchi walked behind the front counter to retrieve the express delivery of a new released book that they sold out of. He placed the box on an empty counter where there wasn't a cashier and opened the box. He had just finished placing all the books on their display in the center of the aisle when a teenager walked up to him. Jounouchi smiled friendly. "Is there something I can help you find?"

The tall black haired teenager bit his lower lip as if trying to find the correct words to say. "Are you Jounouchi Katsuya?"

Jounouchi instantly went on defense. No one called him by his first name at the work place and his name badge only said his last name. The man looked nervous, but not like someone who was out to hurt him. "I am. Is there something you need?"

The young man licked his lips. "I would like to talk to you about something important and private, but not here. Do you have a free moment?"

The blond looked down at his watch. "How about some lunch at the café across the street?"

"O-Okay. Thank you. I'll wait outside for you."

Jounouchi glanced over at his boss. The young woman was always watching him. He walk over to her. "I'm going on my lunch."

"Do you know him?" she instantly asked.


"I don't think you should be meeting with someone you don't know especially if they seem to know you."

Jounouchi chuckled. "Sakura, I used to be a famous duelist. Lots of people used to know me. Don't worry. I'll be fine. I'm sure he's not going to hurt me, and even if he does, I'm sure I can defend myself."

Sakura laughed. "Okay, but no longer than your lunch break. I have a delivery coming and could use those strong muscles of yours."

"Of course, thanks." Jounouchi took his name badge off and placed it in his pocket before walking out of the store. The teenager stood beside the door with his hands in his pockets and staring at the ground. Something about the boy made Jounouchi wonder if he was one of his early fans, but he seemed young.

The teenager followed Jounouchi wordlessly across the street and into the café. He didn't say anything until after they ordered their food. "My name is Sora. I'm sure you don't remember me. I didn't recognize you until I was watching some old tapes of the Battle City Tournament. At first, I couldn't believe it was you. Someone so famous in a place so horrible like that."

Jounouchi's eyes widen as he finally pieced everything together. "You're the boy I let got out."

Sora nodded and closed his eyes tightly, fighting back the memories that it took years to forget, but he had to say everything he came here to say. "I came to pick up a book I needed for my senior year protect and happened to see you reading to the children. It took me a while to gather the courage to talk to you. At first I was angry. I thought you were in on everything that happened and you just pretended to be a victim while you…they…" Sora stopped as the waitress set their drinks down. "I did a lot of research on you. I found a broadcast that must have aired right after you were rescued. It was a psychologist saying that you were a danger to society and that you don't know how to act like a human any longer. I was finally convinced that you had nothing to do with what they did, and you weren't part of their group. Seeing you reading to those children and letting them touch you without flinching was inspiring. It has been seven years, and it looks like you were never affected."

Sora pulled his hands away from Jounouchi who tried to touch them. He was having a hard time keeping track of the different subjects Sora was saying. He wanted to do something to try to calm him down, but clearly the young man did not want to be touched. "I came to tell you how sorry I am. I'm sorry that I thought you were part of their group and not a victim. I'm sorry I couldn't convince my parents and the police that there was another victim. They all thought it was rambling from an abused child because I could never clearly tell them where you were. They locked me away with other children that were mentally unstable. It was like they didn't want me anymore. I'm so tainted. I can't let anyone touch me. It takes me hours to walk to school because my bus is too full. The classes are so small and tight that I need a corner seat by the door or a window to feel less claustrophobic. I'm making my parents proud by graduating first in my class, but they never want to talk about what happened to me. It's like if they pretend that it never happened then they don't have to deal with anything I do because of it. How do I make them accept me?"

Jounouchi was in shock. The child he thought was okay was clearly shunned by his parents and not healing. The blond cleared his throat and kept his hands directly in front of him. "The first thing is you need to accept yourself. Another thing is, you are worrying about too much at once. You need to focus on one thing at a time. Once you make it pass one hurtle, you'll start to feel better about yourself. You'll be able to focus on the next one then. For example, maybe move your seat from the corner to the middle of the front row or the back row to see how you feel. However, I don't want to give you advice that might not work in your situation. You and I are completely different. What I'm going to do for you," Jounouchi began but waited until the woman finished setting down their food. "I'm going to take you to the man who helped me. Do you have time after this?"

Sora nodded. "I-I skipped school. I told my parents I wasn't feeling well and waited until they left for work to come here. Are you sure that man can help me? I was in a hospital for two years and they did nothing for me."

"You watched that broadcast with that woman psychologist, right? She wanted to lock me away in a hospital as well, but Kaiba refused to let her. He believed that my recovery would be halted if they did that. He said that the hospital would have controlled me just like that place, and it would have made me think that I was just in a new building and may have never recovered. To this day, I think Kaiba was correct. Those places are good for long term patients, but not someone like me or maybe you."

Jounouchi bit into his sandwich, watching the teenager in front of him staring at the food. "You need to eat. Even I can see that you barely eat as it is."

Sora reached down for his own sandwich and started eating it. "I'm sure your doctor was the best considering that Kaiba hired him. I don't think my parents will pay for someone as expensive as him, and I know I can't afford it."

"Kaiba and I will pay for it. Kaiba tried looking for you after he found out that I helped someone escape. He'll be more than happy to help you, and I want to help you."

The black haired teenager nodded and finished eating only half of the sandwich before giving up on it. Jounouchi frowned. With how tall the young man was, he should be eating much more than that. He couldn't believe that his parents did not notice something like that, but he couldn't judge. His father still won't talk to him because he thought he ran away. He probably would be in the same state as this young man if it weren't for Kaiba. "What did they do to you after you let me go?"

"Do you honestly want that answer?"

"I could probably guess, but I want to know what I cost you."

That simple sentence broke Jounouchi's heart. This young man must have had that thought in his mind for years. "You didn't cost me anything. I'm happy I saved you. I just wished I could have done it before I hurt you."

"They forced you to do that. Every night I think about what would have happened if I would have stayed. I don't think I would be alive today."

"No, you would be dead with the other children. I managed to get you out, but that was the last of my sanity. They broke my ankles and whipped me. They did terrible things to me those few days after you got away that I didn't bother holding on anymore. Truthfully, I didn't remember you until far down my road of recovery. Let's stop thinking of the past and go meet my doctor." Jounouchi got up and paid for all the food. He still wasn't comfortable talking about his days of captivity and he didn't want to hurt Sora but making him remember.

He stopped into the bookstore first to tell his boss that he was leaving for the day. She didn't object, but still had that worried look on her face. She knew something was wrong and it had to do with that man that was with him. As he was leaving, Jounouchi's ride pulled up beside them. The blond opened the door for Sora. "It's okay. This is my guard. Kaiba never lets me go anywhere without someone to protect me." After they were inside of the car, Jounouchi turned towards the man in the front seat. "Ryo, take me to Doctor Tsuzuki's."

During the entire ride to the doctor's office, Jounouchi made sure that he kept all his body parts firmly in his seat. He didn't want to accidentally touch the man who seemed uncomfortable in the backseat of the car. Jounouchi nodded to Ryo who rolled down the tinted window to allow the cold fall breeze to blow over Sora's face. The man instantly calmed, keeping one hand firmly on the window. They stopped outside of a large building. Jounouchi smiled gently at Sora who seemed to be shaking and looking much like a frightened cat that could run at any moment. They entered into the building and took the elevator up five floors. Sora started breathing heavier and stood close to the door. The second it opened, he darted out and into the large waiting room to Doctor Tsuzuki's office.

Toys and magazines lied spread across the empty waiting room. The receptionist smiled gently at Jounouchi. "He's just finishing a patient."

"Thank you, Aya." Jounouchi glanced back to see that Sora moved over towards the only window in the waiting area.

It didn't take long for the doctor to come out with the patient he was currently seeing. He wished them well and looked back at Jounouchi. "Katsuya, it's a pleasure to see you again. I hear you read story time at your bookstore now. That's great to hear. So, what brings you?"

Jounouchi glanced over at Sora. "Doctor Tsuzuki, this is Sora. He's the boy I helped escape."

The doctor smiled and approached him, but stopped when he saw Sora beginning to withdraw. "Hello, Sora. Would you like to come into the back and talk to me." The young man instantly glanced over at Jounouchi.

"He won't hurt you. I'll be right out here. I promise."

Sora nodded and walked several paces behind the doctor who was still talking randomly. Just as the door shut, Jounouchi's cellphone went off. He glanced down at the number and held it up. "Is something wrong?" Kaiba instantly asked before Jounouchi could say anything.

"Monitoring me again?"

"No, your boss called me concerned about you leaving with a teenage boy. Ryo says he dropped you off at Doctor Tsuzuki's."

Jounouchi smiled to Kaiba's obvious worrying moment even though he would rarely say he was worried. "He found me."

"How?" Kaiba asked, knowing exactly who Jounouchi was talking about.

"He was watching some old videos of Battle City and recognized me. Then he happened to see me at work. Seto, he is hurting," Jounouchi said more seriously. "His parents locked him away for a few years and now treat that time as if it never happened. He says that they shun him. You should see him when he talks about it. He must think he's so dirty that no one would want him." Jounouchi walked around the waiting area, picking up the toys and fixing the magazines while he was talking to Kaiba and waiting for Sora. "He's all skin and bones and only ate half a sandwich when I took him to lunch."

The elevator doors opened and Kaiba walked through them. Jounouchi instantly latched onto him, fighting back the tears. "I want to help him."

"We will, Katsuya. Anything that he needs, we'll give it to him. What's the matter, Puppy?" Kaiba finally asked, noticing that Jounouchi had yet to let go of him.

"I'm extremely grateful to you."

Kaiba smiled. "You've told me that before." He leaned down and kissed him gently. "We'll help the boy."

"Young man. He's graduating from high school."

"Has it been that long?"

Jounouchi nodded it. "Feels like yesterday." The blond slid slightly away from Kaiba, still holding his hand when he heard the doctor coming back.

The doctor nodded to Kaiba who returned the nod. "Sora and I are going to see each other every Sunday at Kaiba-sama's large mansion. After we have our talk, you can talk to Katsuya or even Kaiba-sama. They are a lot of fun to hang around. Well, Katsuya more than Kaiba-sama."

Jounouchi laughed. "He's lying. Seto is a lot of fun to hang around. You can to make fun of him, and he'll just laugh it off. If you rearrange his office, it's a lot of laughs watching him spit fire and put everything back in place." At that remark, Sora actually chuckled. "Come on, Kid, you get to ride in the back of a limousine while we drive you home."

The elevator opened while the three got inside. Sora waved to the doctor before smiling up at Jounouchi for the first time. "Can I play with all the buttons?"

Kaiba snickered. "You can try, but I'm sure we'll arrive at your house long before you hit all the buttons."

"Seriously!" Sora forgot that he was in an elevator, too excited that he can play with the buttons in a limousine. When the elevator stopped, He instantly started running towards the limousine. Jounouchi smiled up at Kaiba and walked slowly behind the teenager holding hand in hand. The two got in just in time for Sora to start playing with the radio button. It was like he was a child now that he has the opportunity and doesn't have to be mature. Sora only stopped playing with the buttons long enough to give the driver his address.

They pulled up beside the apartment complex Sora lived in. The teenager groaned in disappointment. He actually didn't have enough time to play with all the buttons. Kaiba remained inside of the car while Sora and Jounouchi got out. Jounouchi gave Sora his number. "Call me any time you need to talk. It doesn't matter what time it is. Then on Sundays around nine o'clock, I will be standing beside a black car here. We'll go back to the mansion, and you can stay there as long as you like. You are not alone. Never forget that."

Sora nodded. "Thank you, Jounouchi."


Sora smiled. "Thank you, Katsuya. I'll see you on Sunday."

The young man turned and started towards the entrance to his home. "Oh, and Sora, don't skip school every again. You need those grades," Jounouchi shouted. Sora nodded and waved before disappearing into the main lobby of the building.

Jounouchi slid back into the limousine. He felt horrible that Sora had so suffer all those years alone, but he also felt good that he came to him for help. Kaiba slid his arm around Jounouchi and pulled him close. The blond lied his head down on his shoulder, thinking about all of the things that could have happened to him if it weren't for Kaiba. Now it was his turn to help someone and he was determined to do it. He thanked the gods for giving him this opportunity and for giving him his Dragon. Jounouchi smiled and tilted his head up towards Kaiba. The two shared a gentle kiss in the backseat, only breaking apart when they finally reached home.


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