In Too Deep

A Dive story

I sat alone. Kaz wasn't up yet, so I was discompanionized. Ok , that's not a real word, but it described it. I had no company. Why did my body ache when he wasn't around? It was strange. I was shaky when he was around. I slid into the water slowly. It was warm. I didn't notice the triangular fin coming towards me at 60 miles an hour. Kaz appeared at the end of the dock. He smiled. For a second. His smile disappeared and he looked panicked.

"Get out of the water now! Get outta the damn water now!"

"Why? Is Jaws behind me?"

"Pretty much!" He was running down the dock at cheetah speed. I turned. I saw the triangular fin speeding through the water half a mile away from me. I swam back to the dock, but couldn't get up. Kaz reached down and pulled me out of the water just in time. Clarence's jaw snapped at my feet, narrowly missing me. My heart was going 90 miles an hour. My knee's were weak. Kaz bent down and swung me up bridal style.

"It's ok, Max. He's gone." His voice was soothing and soft. Barely a whisper. I could hear his heart beating faster than mine.