Your Turn to Host

Chapter 1

In the dark palace of the mighty Heylin warrior Chase Young, we see him pacing back and forth around his throne. Intently thinking to himself, he calls forth his loyal black raven to land on his shoulders.

With a sharp yell he screams, "WUYA!"

The Heylin Witch came quickly, not out of pleasure or duty but without a choice. "What is it Chase Young?"

He chillingly replies, "It's that time of year again"

Wuya chuckles, "Ha ha ha, the tribute, has it already been a thousand years"

Chase quickly stops Wuya and continues, "Yes you heathen, about time too"

With a frown and folding her arms she says, "Hmph, Well, who's the poor girl this time?"

A softer expression and tone reaches Chase, "Kimiko Tohomiko"

In a hysterical laugh Wuya shouts, "HA! You mean that spoiled brat from the temple"

Chase glares at Wuya and pulls out a red ribbon envelope out of his breast plate and places it into his raven's beak.

While looking at the witch he says, "The monks will be receiving this message by noon" he snaps his fingers and allows the crow to land on his hand, "Go and deliver this to the monks" then the crow quickly flies away.

Wuya looks at Chase curiously and says, "Eager to see that little female brat are we?" but she was quickly silenced in seeing the evil lord's death stare.

He strokes his chin and licks his teeth in front of her, "Let's just saw I've been longing for an opportunity to meet her" then he turns away, "plus this will all happen tomorrow night" he walks back to his chair and sits. Thinking how he should prepare for tomorrow night.

Wuya looks at Chase questionably, "So soon?"

With a smirk he replies, "Of course, the quicker the better, now go and invite everyone you know to this tribute" then he gives her a side look, "we haven't got all day"

The witch gives him a frown and disappears from sight to leave him alone to himself.

Alone now he places his hand under his chin and lowly says, "I've been longing to meet her"

It's been years since Raimundo became the team leader and all of them going over there eighteenth birthday. There mourning's were still covered with chores that needed to be filled and finished. Even as the savers of the world they still had chores to do.

Riamundo is always the one to complain first, "Yo, Fung dude, you do know we've saved the world from the hands of freaks right, and that we keep the world from going into eternal darkness or some utter destructive fate, right?" while holding a toilet bush and plunger.

An older Master Fung calmly replies, "Of course I do Riamundo"

With irritation and frustration he throws down his cleaning tools, "Then why in tar nation are we still cleaning this place, when we should be out there training or keeping the world out of harm's way"

Clay comes into the room and places a hand on Ria's shoulder, "Hey there partner, no need to question the Master, I'm sure he has his reasons"

With another voice of ignorance and a slightly taller person, Omi says, "But of course team leader, it is as they say, what can't be scrubbed right is already a worthy foe to fight with in the ring"

Everyone was quiet for a sec 0_0

With a bright thought Clay explains, "Uh I think he means what can't be cleaned is already a worthy opponent"

Omi smiles and points, "that too"

Master Fung nods his head at Omi for thanks and turns back to Raimundo to conclude, "Its true Riamundo, even the most heroic and evilest of people must keep a clean life style to do there biding in this world"

Riamundo sighs in defeat, "Yeah I guess so"

They all headed back to their chores when Dojo came in yelling, "Mail call"

Dojo came up to them individually with their own personal mail orders. Raimundo had soccer and sports magazines, Omi got his new books about modern life, Clay got his Texas Rodeo magazines, and Master Fung got his Master's weekly and a tea guide booklet.

Dojo still had a bundle of magazines in his arms and was ready to slither away when Omi asks who the rest of the mail was for.

Dojo looks up at Omi and says, "Kimiko's, do you know where she is?"

All the boys got quiet and darted their eyes at each other and look back at Master Fung for answers

He smiles and gives in, "She cleaning the fountain today"

They all looked back at each other and were quiet for a quick second.

Suddenly they all busted out, "I'LL GET HER" and quickly ran out for the door which they soon were shoving and yelling to get though.

Soon after they left Master Fung and Dojo alone with the magazines that they forgot. Both master and dragon smiled at the love struck monks who were looking for their young and beautiful team mate Kimiko.

She was assigned to cleaning the scummy and gross garden fountain. She was getting frustrated with scrubbing the stone now. It was like the crudity scum was in the stone itself. She hated it so much that she began to heat up, to the put where she was literally on fire.

However her anger got the best of her again and she paid the price by falling into the water.

She created a steamy atmosphere that was clouded with very warm foggy air. To get out she had to flip her hair back and put out her chest more to see clearly on how she needs to get out of the water safely. Breathing a loud gasp she opens her eyes slightly and she looked exhausted with the labor she's done. Then she looks to her side to see her friend's wide eyed and jaws dropped to the ground.


They all stooped staring and came to her side with embarrassment blushing across their faces to quickly help her out of the fountain. However Kimiko's wet rode was squeezing tighter around her waist and cleavage to show more of her beautiful figure.

Riamondo shyly speaks, "Uh, mail came for you"

Raising a brow she asks, "Well, Where is it?"

Omi replies, "Dojo still has it"

She shook the guys off and started to walk away, "Well let's go"

Omi quickly spoke, "Kimiko! Your soaking wet you sh-" he was stopped in mid sentence by seeing her whole body being a blaze.

As soon as the flames died out she gave them a smile and replied, "Let's go"

Like lost puppies they were they followed her to Dojo and waited for her to receive her mail.

Her girly scream gave all three men pleasure in hearing her say, "AHHHH my Japanese fashion catalogs are finally here" She flips though them and was excited to see all the new fashions.

Looking at her magazines she turns to Dojo, "Is that all of the mail Dojo?"

He nods and she goes to the nearest bench she could find in the garden to sit and read more.

Master Fung looks up to the sun and sees that it was at its highest point in the sky, "Looks about noon, lunch should be ready" he turns and heads for the tea room.

The boys got up and started walking to the tea room as well, but Raimundo turns around to see if Kimiko was coming, "Yo Kim girl you coming for lunch"

She looks up and replies, "Yeah, just give me a few minutes Ria" He smiles and turns to head for the tea room with the rest of the guys.

She was left alone now with her new fashion magazines. After another and quick skim though the last issue she gets up and starts heading for lunch, but was stopped when she sees a quick shadow move across her path. Looking up she sees a raven with something in its beak.

Moving a little farther she stops to observe the strange bird above. She followed the bird to the sun and she got blinded that she lifted her hand to block the sun. But that's what the raven had wanted her to do, for he landed on her hand.

Startled at the clever bird she sees the thing that was in the bird's beak, an envelope, in pretty red ribbons, clearly having her name written across it.

As soon as she takes the envelope out of raven's beak it flies away quickly. She watched it disappear into the sky and looks back at the fancy envelope.

Satisfy at the craftsmanship she untwines the ribbons and begins to unfold this mystery mail.

When everything was unfolded and clear enough to see, she reads.

Dear, Miss Kimiko Tohomiko

The Xiaolin Dragon of Fire

On behalf of the Heylin Side we invite you to the

Once in a life time tribute, the Millennium Midnight Maiden,

That will be held in your honor, this event will be held Tomorrow night

At the evil palace and over Lord Chase Young

'0_0' OK, Kimiko was speechless. She just wanted to drop this strange invitation to something she never ever heard of and forget that it even exists, but something was urging her to show Master Fung. So she walks into the tea room looking concern. Everyone sees Kimiko's sudden strange mood and ask what's wrong.

"I don't really know" she walks over to Master Fung and hands him the letter.

Reading what was there he reads ever word carefully; the boys were all curious and wonder what's going on. When Master Fung was done he looks at Kimiko, "Do you have any idea what the Millennium Midnight Maiden is?"

Kimiko thought about it and doesn't recall ever hearing about anything about it and says no.

She was worried, but finds a smile on Master Fung's face, that gave her a little comfort but not enough.

Smiling at her he says, "Well young lady, I guess I'm just going to have to explain it to you."