Chapter 12

Returning to Chase's palace Kimiko was kissing her evil lover all the way back, she was hugging every part of him that she could reach until they landed safely on the ground.

However Chase had to stop her from continuing. She became irritated in seeing him walking away to Riamundo who was in the corner pouting.

Reaching the angry boy Chase softly says, "May you please give me the box now"

Riamundo was shocked; he wanted to see Chase empty handed when was going to present the small red box to her.

Riamundo dreaded this moment when he figured out the purpose of the box, but he wanted to take this moment, "Can we talk for a minute"

Chase nods and walks with him to the garden leaving Kimiko and the gang behind.

As she was left behind she hugs the rest of her friends, "I missed you guys" she wraps her arms around Omi's little body like a little baby, "Oh Omi thank you so much for helping Chase, but to be honest I had everything under control"

With a side smirk Omi replies, "Oh yes, my female friend has the out most talent within herself and I am happy to be your friend" As Kimiko released Omi she kissed his forehead in gratitude.

Continuing to Clay she was ready to hug him but was sized first by Clay's massive arms surrounding her tightly that she almost lost her breath.

Finally being released by the bear Kimiko went to Dojo.

Who was still mad at her for telling him to leave her alone with Hannibal in the first place, "Kimiko how dare you! Letting me leave you alone with that thing at the ball"

Kimiko had to smile and kiss Dojo, "I'm sorry Dojo" then giving her full affection to him, "Thank You for coming for me"

Dojo couldn't help but cry.

Back to Chase & Riamundo's Chat

Looking away to not lose his temper Riamundo asks, "How long have you've had these feeling's for her"

"Since you became their leader"

Rising a brow to Chase Ria asks, "Really, how that happened?"

Looking at Riamundo Chase replies, "She showed too be a very worthy companion of your command"

"Can you see how she vexes you too?"

"She's like no other women I've met, overcoming the many obstacles she faced, never breaking her will to fight, like a true warrior" looking down Chase continues, "but to honest it was sexual at first, but after awhile I just became attracted to her mind"

Trying to understand Chase Riamundo asks, "It's been years and I never seen you show such an attraction for her"

Giving Riamundo a glare he says, "Is that all that concerns you, fearing that I feel nothing for her?"


Standing straight Chase says, "That's why I need that box from you, the one that you've been trying to hide from me"

Feeling the box in his robe Ria says, "Why did you go through the ceremony if you had this all along?"

Smiling Chase replies, "I follow tradition" he adds in a chuckle, "This ceremony was the perfect way of showing her that I care for her"

As Riamundo pulled out the little box he gazed upon it with envy, "Just promise me you'll take good care of her"

Looking at Riamundo Chase smiles at him, "Your truly a unique young man, you pass your judgments very well, whether you don't know it or not" Walking away with the box Chase lastly says, "You're a good leader" then disappearing around the corner back to the group.

As Kimiko laughed and giggled she was twirled into her lover's arms.

"Chase" she begins to kiss him, but he stops her by kneeling down before her.

Kimiko's eyes widen and she became shocked.

Smiling up to her he says, "Kimiko, I have dreamed of this moment for so long I can't tell how many aching nights I've spent every day thinking about you" laughing at the awkward behavior of being lovey dovey Chase bravely finishes, "today it will end if you accept this" pulling out the small red box Chase could see Kimiko's eye's glittering, "Kimiko" everyone was staring at her in shock and couldn't believe what happen the next moment.

"Will you marry me?" Opening the box Chase presented her with a jewel that brought tears to your eyes.

With a quick drop Kimiko landed herself into Chase's lips, now smothering him with the many yeses he wanted to hear.

Grabbing the ring out of the box Chase pushes the ring onto Kimiko's figure.

Soon to be bonded, Riamundo finally steps out of the corner to smile at the happy new couple, to congratulate them on their happiness.

As Kimiko looked up she walks over to Riamundo and grabs his hands, "Oh Ria, thank you so much for believing in me and Chase, I can't tell you how much that makes me feel" she looks down and starts crying.

Grabbing her chin he pulls her face up and wipes away her tears, to say, "You deserve to be happy, I just hope to be there when you enter it" he turns her around and walks her into Chase's arms.

Chase gave his last respect he could for the day by saying, "Thank You Riamundo, for giving me this honor"

As Ria and Chase shook their hands everyone gathered around to cheered for a happy ending.

The End

Or is it?

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