I just thought of this idea for a fanfiction. This chapter is just to set the story up. I should be publishing a new chapter every day for at least a week. I will warn you, the first few chapters come off to be a little too good to be true, but hey, sometimes coincidences happen, right?

Kurt has been living in the concrete jungle, the city of dreams, the big apple, whatever you want to call it; New York City, ever since graduating McKinley High three years ago. It's been a little tough, coming up with money for rent every month, but he's pushed his way through. Everyone knows, it's not easy making a name for yourself as an artist in New York, but if you've been blessed with the talented and you have enough ambition, it is possible.

His initial plan was to move here with Rachel. Rachel Berry, the Broadway bound best friend of his. They had both gotten into NYADA but Rachel dropped out after a very lucky audition with casting directors of Wicked's Tour Company. She was only cast as a munchkin but you can't always get the lead on your first try, so she took the job. Leaving Kurt, friendless, in this huge city. He was somewhat jealous, I mean ever since that Glee Club trip to Nationals, it had been Rachel's idea to study here. And she left him to make her Broadway dreams come true, whereas he still could not scrounge up enough money for balcony seats to a Broadway show. Totally unfair. But he tried his best to be supportive, being the loyal friend that he is.

Kurt had still kept in touch with Mercedes. She would make trips to see him for holidays, and a few times during the summers they would spend a weekend in the Hamptons, apparently her dad had one a lucky lottery, leaving the family an unnecessary amount of extra money. He had purchased lavish homes in Orlando, Los Angeles, and The Hamptons. Kurt missed her greatly throughout the year. But that was what Skype was for. Finn, Burt, and Carole would visit too which was nice, or help provide Kurt with a plane ticket or gas money to come up to Ohio from time to time. But other than that he did not miss too much about Ohio.

Except one very dear person, Blaine Anderson. Blaine was Kurt's ex-boyfriend, and the story goes; they were very much in love. But they had a falling out after a drunken night when Blaine came to visit Kurt last December. They had been argueing about trust issues. Kurt could not fully trust Blaine, and rightfully so, after Blaine had confessed to a night with Sebastian Smythe. It broke Kurt, he had never felt so betrayed in his life. He felt dead inside after hearing Blaine's intoxicating words. Hence the slurring.

"Kurt, I-I-I love you, I have never loved anyone before, so I don't know too much about love. But if love isn't what I feel when I'm with you, w-well then, I have no clue what love is. But, I need to be honest with you about something kind of crucial."

"What, Blaine, what?"

"It's Sebastian. It ment nothing Kurt, I swear, oh-oh God, Kurt, it was nothing. I'm so sorry, what have I done?"


Blaine raised his voice and Kurt could see anger mixed with regret pouring over his hazel eyes. The hazel eyes that at that time, for the first time ever, did not strike Kurt as enchanting or beautiful.

"No! You have to listen to me, Kurt! I love you! I was drunk, I-I barely even remember."

"Is that supposed to make it okay? Does it magically make it better because you were drunk enough to do that? You know how much I love you, it makes it worse that you let yourself drink to the point of losing control. I'm saying this one more time, and only once. Go, Blaine, leave. You're only making it worse. I will call you if I ever have the need to speak to you. Leave. Now."

And with that, Blaine left. He was sobbing uncontrollably. But he was also drunk. Him and Blaine liked drinking together on occasions. It's just comforting being in a state of mind like that with someone you love. You can say all the lovey things on your mind without feeling tacky about it. And you could be silly and act like children laughing at every little thing together. But Kurt could not believe Blaine had been with Smythe. Kurt did not cry while Blaine was in the apartment. He did not want to show weakness, he could not let his guard down. He needed Blaine to know what he had done, even if it had ment ending the relationship and not being able to look back. If he had cried, Blaine would have held him, which would have made it ten times harder to strictly tell Blaine to leave.

But for the past few months, Kurt was beginning to feel like something was missing or a part of him was lost and he could not seem to find it. He missed Blaine's arms being around him. He missed his un-gelled curly hair every morning. He missed coming home to the sound of Blaine writing new music. He simply missed Blaine.

Next chapter, Mercedes and Kurt reconnect, and she has some very exciting, and nerve racking(?) news for Kurt!