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"James." Blaine answered, internally rolling his eyes.

"Did you move? I tried contacting you at your New York apartment, I wasn't aware that you moved, I should have been."

"Actually, I see no reason why I'd have to notify you."

"Well, I'm just calling to let you know that I'm working on getting Sophie back, my daughter back."

"It's not going to happen; you know damn well that Kurt and I have legally adopted her." Blaine spared a look at Kurt, he was listening intently, eyebrows creased. It was clear that this was already upsetting him.

"Sophie needs a real man for a dad, you love her, so give her that. A real father, not to mention her biological one."

"I am more of a man then you will ever be, and Kurt too. Call me if you have something actually valuable to say. Goodbye, James."

Blaine hung up, fell back onto the couch and let out a much-needed groan.

"I do not want to deal with this man. Everything has been going so well."

"We'll get through, it'll blow over." Kurt reassured, even though he really had no idea how this obstacle would end up turning out.

Blaine couldn't help but think that it wasn't going to blow over. James was persistent, and even though chances of him getting Sophie back were slim, he was her biological parent, and that was exalted throughout the court systems.

"Sophie, you are going to look beautiful." Blaine was busy French braiding Sophie's long curly hair into one single braid; she had a ballet recital tonight, her first one in this new town. She was not nervous; Sophie never was. She was confident in everything she did. Kurt had even given her a bit of blush and one coat of mascara. She was not in her costume yet, she was such a bad eater and they've yet to have supper. Kurt was ironing it in the kitchen for her. It was just a typical ballet costume, pastel pink with a simple tutu, but inside the mesh of the tutu were silver sequins. It was adorable, and Blaine knew that Sophie would look lovely.

"Thank you Blaine! Do you think I'll be the prettiest one there?" She asked after turning around to face Blaine. She circled her small arms up around his

"Well, Sophie you are so so so so pretty! But all girls are pretty, so it's not nice to think you're prettier than anyone else, right?"

"Yes, like Mia, she's pretty!"

"Yes, she is!" Blaine tied off the braid with a pink hair tie and then looped a piece of shiny-silver ribbon into a perfect bow around the tie. "Your braids done, let's go see if Kurt is done ironing.


The show was going to start in about ten minutes, Blaine had been nervous for the last forty. He was almost positive that Kurt no longer had circulation in his hand; he just wanted Sophie to do perfectly, he knew she would, but he could not help to worry.

"I think I'm going to go to the bathroom, get some air."

Kurt giggled, "You go do that, but hurry back, okay?"

"Of course." Blaine replied with a quick kiss of Kurt's cheek.

Blaine walked into the bathroom and saw his student, Aiden, hunched over the sink. He looked to be crying, or just finished crying. He was washing his face, but Blaine could tell from the redness around his eyes, that he had definitely been crying. Blaine stood, and looked for a moment, probably a bit too long, because Aiden quickly noticed him.

"Shit, Mr. Anderson, uh hi, I guess?" He ran a hair through his hair and worried his bottom lip.

"Hi Aiden, what's going on? Have you been crying?" Blaine reached out for him, not sure what he was reaching out for exactly but knowing that something was wrong, it was his natural instinct.

"No, I'm fine. What are you doing here anyway?"

"My niece, it's her first recital, and you?"

"My little sister. I was dragged along, well uh, I gotta get going."

"Are you sure you're okay, Aiden?"

"I said I was fine, Mr. Anderson." Aiden spat out. He trudged to the door, whipped it open, and slammed it behind him. Blaine was always good with his gut-feeling, and he could tell that something was wrong. Aiden was always so collected, always so confident. He couldn't help but see that as a mask now, a mask for something bigger, or maybe something darker. He'd have to ask around about his family life. It's not that he wanted to pry, he just wanted to make sure that Aiden was okay. He made his way back out of the restroom, trying to find his way back to his seat while subconsciously looking for Aiden.

"She looked so beautiful up on that stage tonight, Kurt." Blaine said while unbuttoning his dress pants, he and Kurt were getting ready for bed. After the recital that had taken Sophie out for ice cream at Coldstone. She got her favorite; sweet cream and gummy bears. She was one of those kids, or people rather, that ordered the same thing every time she'd go to a certain place. She never enjoyed mixing it up, Blaine would do the same. But Kurt, well Kurt was an adventurous eater. He tried new things every place he went, Blaine usually ended up looking over to his plate in pure disgust.

"She always looks beautiful, Blaine. Now come to bed."

"I know," Blaine lay down in the bed and cuddled up behind Kurt, letting his arms wrap around Kurt's waist; pressing him flush against him. He pulled the comforter up over both of their bodies, "I feel so lucky."

Kurt turned and pressed a baby kiss to Blaine's lips, "Why's that?" Kurt was now facing Blaine, his stomach was pressed against Blaine's stomach, or tummy as he liked to call it. Neither slept with shirts on, only boxer briefs, if that.

"You. You have supported me through so much, Kurt. I could never thank you properly for everything you've done, and because we have Sophie. She may not be ours, but I love her so much, and I love you for doing this with me."

Kurt didn't want to use words right now, so he brought his hand to the side of Blaine's face and pulled him in for a kiss, getting deeper as the lazy minutes passed by. Blaine slowly pulled away with a chaste kiss to Kurt's lips and then yawned.


Blaine muttered something disjointedly as a response.

"Is this it for us?"

Blaine perked up, "What do you mean?"

"I mean, is Sophie it? Or do you think we might, you know, have more kids someday, some that we can call our own?"

"Baby, of course I want to have more children with you, but when the time is right. We're still so young right now, hell, I'm only 23. We have plenty of time, okay?"

"Yeah, of course, I'm just so happy that you've thought about it."

"I think about it all the time."

"What do you think about, Blaine?"

Blaine pressed a small kiss to Kurt's forehead before he began; "I see us, living in a house, a little bigger than this one, painted white with pastel shutters. I see a picket fence, and even maybe a dog, preferably a husky dog with bright blue eyes. His name can be Flomar, because that means 'Somewhere' in Martian, and I've always thought that was to coolest dog name. I see me picking up our other little girl or boy from day care, while you pick up Sophie from school. Us getting home around the same time and making dinner together while our adorable children watch tv. I see me, making a mess of the kitchen while you faking an attitude with me. I see us talking about all of our days at the dining room table, and us laughing at ridiculous stories that our children tell us. I basically just see us happy and in love, every day of my life."


"I guess I overthink when I'm bored at work, what can you do?" Blaine shrugged.

"You. Are. Perfect."

Kurt smiled and smashed his face into Blaine's; his Blaine, forever.

"I know." Blaine said with a cheshire grin on his face. This earning a fake slap from Kurt.

"Okay class, we are going to have a vote!" Blaine, or Mr. Anderson said to his class as he passed little scrapes of paper to his students sitting indian style on the floor of the stage. "We are voting on our end of the year musical! The choices are Little Shop of Horrors, Godspell, South Pacific, and Beauty and the Beast."

He took a look around the classroom, he was happy with how his students were reacting to the musical choices. He could see most of his students planning out the parts they wanted already by the dreamy looks on their faces. He hoped everyone would enjoy the part they got, auditions were the worst; he hated letting people down, especially his students. But he saw Aiden, off to the side, which was peculiar because he regularly sat with Max. He also noticed that Aiden hadn't even picked up his piece of paper to vote.

"Aiden, that includes you, come on, vote."

"No, Mr. Anderson." Aiden responded in a stubborn manner.

"Do you have a good excuse?" Blaine retorted.

"I'm not going to be in the musical anyways, so what does it matter?"

"Okay, see me after class, Aiden."

Blaine kept the rest of the class going, pushing Aiden to the back of his mind. The class talked about ideas for the musical, Blaine hadn't tallied up the votes yet or even looked at them for that matter, but it seemed like most people wanted Godspell. Blaine couldn't be happier, it would have also been his personal choice, but he wanted his students to feel like they had a voice. It was definitely a celebration show, and costuming would be easy. Basically just anything quirky, or from the 60's-70's era.

The bell just rang as he was in the middle of a sentence, but most students began packing their bags two minutes before the bell anyways. He saw Aiden headed for the door.

"Aiden? I said I wanted to talk with you after class."

"I can't be late, Mr. Anderson. I know you're probably trying to get a quick fuck in but my ride is already out front."

"Aiden, do not speak to me with such vulgarity. I want to know what's up with you; what's wrong, you're so disconnected lately."

"I really have to go, sorry." And he stormed out. Leaving Blaine even more confused.

Blaine arrived home as quickly as possible, even forgoing a trip to Starbucks with Ellie to talk over details of the musical. He needed Kurt, he needed to ask him some advice. He arrived home and basically sprinted to the kitchen, his heart melted at the scene unraveling before his eyes. Sophie was popping blueberries one by one into pancake batter, and Kurt was spraying a pan to get ready to cook them.

"Brea'fast for dinner Blaine! Kurt told me you'd love the pancakes because I maded 'em with love!"

"Maded 'em with love?" Blaine questioned, turning to Kurt, "Adorable, really." In a sarcastic tone.

"You love me."

"Yes, and I love that apron."

"Oh hush."

"Make me."

"Not now, Blaine."

"Yeah not NOW, Blaine!" Sophie bit back. She felt the need to be a part of every conversation, no matter the topic.

"Sophie, I think your new Angelina Ballerina came in from Netflix today, do you want to watch it before dinner?" Blaine asked.


"Where would we be without television?" Blaine asked, rolling up his sleeves to help Kurt dry the dishes.

"I have no idea, but parenting would be a hell of a lot more difficult."

"So, I want to ask you something."

"Uh oh."

"No, no, I just need some- advice, I guess."

"Okay, I'm listening." Kurt put down the plate he was trying, turning to Blaine, to show that he was giving him his full attention.

"I have this student, and I'm so worried about him, it's like he's closed himself off all of a sudden, I think something may be going on at home, but I don't want to get anyone involved unless I'm sure." Blaine huffed out.

"Huh, right. Well, are musical theatre teachers allowed to assign writing assignments?"

"I don't see why not, where are you going with this?" Blaine quirked an eyebrow at the Kurt's proposition.

"Well, sometimes kids use acting or singing as an escape mechanism, I know I did. Maybe he's doing the same? And you know, it's not so one on one, he won't have to say anything to your face, it's kind of just like the paper and him. I'd give it a try."

"See, this is why I need you. I never would have thought of that."

"I'm always here for you." Kurt shrugged.

"Thank you, Kurt."

Sophie was running around Kurt in circles with a towel wrapped around her neck, and her princess pajamas on yelling "I'm Cinderella Superhero here to save the world!" over and over, and over, and over again. Anyone else Kurt would have developed a headache the twelfth time around the living room, but Sophie? No, her adorable antics never sickened him. He looked over at Blaine sitting at the desk in the corner with the small reading lamp on. His glasses were perched on his nose, and Kurt wondered how he got his work done with this maniac running around the room. Patience, he supposed. "Come on Soph, time to wash your face and brush your teeth."

"Didn't you hear me? My name is Cinderella Superhero!"

"Sophie, come on, it's time for bed." Kurt had gotten stern all of a sudden, it was a half an hour after her bedroom as it was."


Blaine turned around in his chair, "Kurt come on, clearly that is Cinderella Superhero, I don't know why you're calling her Sophie."

Mr. Anderson's Honors Musical Theatre Class

Writing Assignment #1

Prompt; In a detailed paragraph, I want YOU to tell me why you love acting, and what acting/performing in general does for YOU. Also, write what kind of characters you like to take on and why. This is personal, and you will not be presenting it to the class; unless of course you choose to.

Aiden Rooke

I love acting because it takes me away. It lets me be someone else, even for just 10 minutes. It feels good to get away from who I am, because sometimes I don't like who I am. It lets me get away from everything and just forget. While I am playing a character, I don't have to think about the chaos that awaits me when I come home every day, I don't have to think about anything. I specifically like to play emotional characters because it acts as a release for me. I can cry and let emotion overcome me, but it's as the character and not me, over the characters problems and not mine.

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