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Three years later

I was sitting on the beach one hot day underneath a huge umbrella we had brought with us for shade. Talon, Tama, Annie, and Finnick Jr. had stayed at the house for the day, but I had insisted that we come out.

The four of us were settled underneath the umbrella, my son Kieran was snuggled on my lap. Gale was trying to slather our daughter, Leila, in sunscreen, but she kept managing to squirm away from him. Before I knew it she had taken off on her chubby, two and half year old legs and was making her way to the ocean. Gale sprang up after her and reached her just as she splashed into the waves.

I couldn't help but smile. Since the twins had been born Gale had gotten a taste of his own rebellious attitude mirrored in his daughter. Now that she was proficient at walking and was getting better at talking it was even more fun for me to watch.

The waves caught Leila had her legs and she nearly fell face first into the water, if not for her father's large hand that reached out to grab her. She laughed, not scared at all and squirmed to be put back down. Gale obliged but held onto her little hand as they made their way a little farther into the ocean. Finally, Leila grudgingly reached up for Gale to pick her up. He did and they waded a little further so that waves washed over her legs. She laughed so loud that I could hear her from my comfortable seat in the shade. Her dark curls bounced as Gale jumped over the waves with her.

My daughter was fearless and was ready to take on anything, or anything that she could take on in her toddler sphere. My son however, was much more content to stay cuddled with me. His head rested on my shoulder as he watched his bold sister attack the ocean with the intensity of a fighter. Kieran's chubby hand was wrapped in my blonde hair, as had been his habit since he was a baby. It was a comfort thing, like a blanket or stuffed animal. While I was content to watch my daughter, I loved that one of my babies still wanted to be held and cuddled. It is a hard transition for a mother when their children grow up, even to only their toddler years.

I watched Gale and Leila, smiling as I could hear him laughing and playing with her. There had been many times when I thought that our little, perfect family would not survive.

Shortly after Gale arrived in 4 he asked me to marry him, but I had refused. I had not refused because I didn't want to be with him, but because I didn't want to bind him to a life that he didn't ask for. He had been terribly angry with me, but had come around when the babies were born. He asked again after they were born, and again I refused. Gale continued to ask me to marry him on both of their birthdays and I was afraid that he would ask again on their upcoming third birthday.

He was angry each time I refused him. I tried to explain each time, but he didn't seem to understand. I had never thought that domesticity would be for Gale and I certainly did not want to be the one to tie him to such a lifestyle. Gale was the kind of man who fought wars and rebuilt nations on his visions and dreams. He was not the kind of man who stayed at home and made dinner and changed diapers, or so I had thought.

After the babies were born, he had settled into our life easier than I had. He would get up in the middle of the night and feed both Kieran and Leila, refusing to let me get up to help. I had seen him manage bedtime on his own, including a bath and stories. Like everything else he did, Gale attacked fatherhood with an intensity the likes of which I had never seen.

Just after Kieran and Leila were born Gale had been asked to go to the Capitol to help reorganize some things. He had stoutly refused the invitation, but I had insisted. I don't know how I managed to lie and tell him that we would be fine and that I would be able to manage, because I knew that it would be a mess. The twins weren't sleeping well or eating and they were always fussy, but I assured Gale that I could handle it for a week. I had to let him know that he didn't have to stay in our obscure little home for me, that if he wanted another life he could go and seek it. When he was finally gone, I had no idea what to do.

The pair of them came back to the towels and dripped on us as we got settled. Kieran buried his face in my neck, not enjoying the water and Leila plopped down right next to us.

"Did you see us, Mama?" She asked.

I laughed. "I did! Those waves were so big!" I exclaimed.

"Daddy was bigger, though," she said calmly. To Leila, her father was bigger than everything. He could protect her from anything. I only dreaded the day when she realized that wasn't true.

Gale leaned over and pressed a kiss to my cheek. We spent the rest of the afternoon dozing in the sun. Leila continued to drag her father out to the ocean and I even managed to get Kieran to dip his feet in the warm water once. We dozed in the sun until it went down and we headed back to the house.

Leila had fallen asleep on Gale's shoulder on the way home and so had Kieran. I carried the bags and the umbrella and looked over at my family. Motherhood had not completely taken the passion from our relationship and seeing Gale's strong arms holding our children made me want him more than I had in a long while. He looked over at me and winked, seemingly understanding the look in my eyes.

I dropped our beach things off in their closet when we got in and followed Gale up the stairs to the twins' room. It seemed that Talon and Tama had called it an early night and Annie was coming out of Finnick Jr.'s room. She gave us a broad smile.

"Goodnight," she whispered as she disappeared into her own room.

Gale laid Kieran on his bed and I pulled the covers up around my sweet boy after I took his wet beach clothes off leaving him in a diaper. We would skip a bath that night. I kissed his forehead and then made my way to Leila. Gale went to Kieran, performing our usual goodnight switch.

We both backed out of the bedroom quietly, shutting the door without too much noise and went down the hall to our own room. Gale's mouth was on my neck before he had gently kicked the door close behind him. His hands found their favorite spots on my body and before I knew what was happening I was lying on my back on the bed looking up at him.

He pushed my hair behind my ears. I moved my hands to his shirt, but he stopped them.

"I have to ask you something," he said.

"Gale," I moaned. "Just don't."

"No, Tinka. I'm going to ask you until you say yes." He bit my shoulder. "Clearly, I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying right here with my family. I don't know what else I have to do to convince you that I don't want to be anywhere else." He leaned down and bit my bottom lip a little hard.

I sighed and turned my head away.

"Don't act like this isn't what you want. I don't know why you won't just do it." Gale pulled my shorts off and pulled me to the edge of the bed so that my legs were wrapped around his waist. He shimmied out of his own shorts and we were only a hair's breadth apart from each other. "I'm not going anywhere," he growled, giving me the sweet union that I had craved all day.

When he was finished and had pulled us up to the top of the bed, I looked directly into his Seam grey eyes. His hand was stroking my hair and I was curled into his chest.

"Fine," I finally said. "I'll marry you."

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