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Missing Lover

Kimiko tried not to think about that dark god of a man.

Or at least she thought she tried…

It was a moment of lust and nothing else she thought, so no need to crave the powerful, strong, young, gorgeous Chase Young, but in between her legs, it was SCREAMING for more OF HIM.

She wanted to have sex with him just onetime, but it was harder then she thought. It's only been hour since she left Chase in his bed, that vey bed that held the greatest lover in the world.

Her revisions of her first lovemaking made her hot. She now knew why men always wanted sex.

She was walking into the cold wet forest to find her cloths. She finds them but doesn't change back into them; she just collected them and left.

While walking back to the temple she enjoys the cool fresh air of rain soaked into the trees around her. It was dark but the moon was full and lit her way home. Everything was illuminated with the golden rays of the moon, beautiful.

Coming up to a familiar trail she sees the temple, quiet and the way she left it.


Kimiko finally remembers she knocked down everyone and just left them, she starts running.

She yells upon enter the court yard, "GUYS! CLAY! OMI! RIA! (Yes even) JACK!"

To her shock she sees everyone sitting down in a circle and discussing something. They didn't notice her at first but she directed her tone a little further, "Uh guys you OK"

They all turned and blushed, but soon bowed themselves onto the floor.

They all say at the same time, "We're so sorry Kimiko"

All of them were groveling to her feet, not that she was complaining but it was strange.

Omi speaks, "Yes, We apologize for our behavior Kimiko, it's just we never seen that side of you before"

Oh yeah, the calendar, Kimiko blushes, "Oh.. uh.. um" She at first didn't mind the calendar, but now it was causing trouble her.

Before Kimiko could put any words together Jack interrupts, "KIMIKO WILL YOU MARRY ME" he kneels down before her with a ring.

0_0 Kimiko was dead silent; she didn't know what to do.

"Now hold on their partner" Clay steps in front of Jack, thank god, "don't you think you should be giving us a chance" What the hell. Clay liked Kimiko too.

Jack whines, "NOOOO!"

Riamundo enters, "Whoa, hold up dudes, she's already spoken for"

Kimiko looks at Ria, "Who?"

With a side smile Riamundo says, "Me"

These guys are just crazy; she did love her friends and the albino Jack, but no she had no feelings that would lead to love or marriage with them. Someone took it already, but she wasn't sure if it was love that she had for Chase.

AANNND….Back to the Palace of Chase

Blinking awake from his hour sex coma the mighty Chase Young slowly opens his eyes. Feeling extremely proud of himself, he feels around for his lover.

Not feeling nothing he freaks, "Kimiko" he looks around frantically.

But he was also smiling because he thought maybe she was playing a game with him, he throws his sheets and pillows over his head, "Oh Kimiko, Kim, Kimi"

Until he reaches the bottom of the mat he realizes that she was gone.

He looks out to his room and sees that his closet was tampered with. He runs to the closet and sees that some of his cloths were missing, but more importantly Kimiko was missing. Running out, he now sees that his Chamber door was open.

She left.

But why?

Didn't she love the connection they made?

Chase became out raged. What makes her think that she can take off like that?

He quickly got dressed and headed straight out the door. Thinking

Kimiko…. Where the hell are you?

She was now being tugged and pushed around by all the men who were fighting over her. All four of them were yelling and screaming at Kimiko to marry them, "MARRY ME KIMIKO! MARRY ME"

She just about had enough, "WHOA GUYS! I don't think-"

Jack tugs on her, "Kimiko I loved you before any of these loser had any type of feeling's for you"

Omi yells, "Hey I always thought you were cute"

Clay hollers, "Now hold on they what about our training Kimiko, didn't you have feeling for me then"

Riamundo yells, "Hey you had a crush on me before"

Kimiko did admit that she did liked Riamundo at one point… but she was now thinking of the Heylin warrior.

As she was about to yell stop, they all hear a ROOOAAAAARR!

Before anyone knew what happen Chase shows up on the scene and snarls at everyone to get away from his sugar pot.


All four men screamed and fainted (A little sudden I now, but just go with it)

Kimiko eyes got wide, "C-Chase what are you doing here"

He transforms back into human form and sarcastically says; "Oh nothing, just taking a tour around the temple" then bursts out, "What's it look like I'm doing here! I'm here for you" He stomps over to her.

He came up to her with such stamina that she closes her eyes and fears the worst from him but soon fills a firm hug around her. She opens her eye and breathes in the scent of leather and sweat. He was holding her tightly like he finally found the light.

She was uncertain with the hug and tries to ask, "Cha-"

"Why" he stops her thoughts.

She was quiet, but then hear him ask, "Why did you leave"

She replies, "I thought you already took what you wanted"

He sniffs in her scent and says, "You must have not understood what I said"

Kimiko became confused, "What"

He puts her face in front of him and says, "When I say I'm going to take what I desire… I take and keep it forever"

She became happy to hear that her feelings towards him were now clearer and stronger

He continues, "I didn't know the word love" he looks down and back up to her, "Until I didn't see you next to me when I woke up… I got scared"

Shocked she was, "You were scared, about what?"

Looking deep into her eyes he says, "I couldn't find you; I got so upset at first, I ran in anger to find you, but the closer I got to you, the more I felt my anger disappearing, then the word popped into my head" he puts his forehead onto hers, "I love you Kimiko"

Feeling tears coming from her eyes she says, "Chase I love you too" she smiles

He smirks, "Besides I can't let the mother of my child marry anyone else but me"

She gasps, "I'm pregnant, how can you tell"

"My juices make sure it happens" he smiles.

She became so overjoyed that she cries for joy. Embracing and kissing her new and true husband Chase Young, passionately.

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