In my own experiences I have found that spending time away form your parents, especially reading, is beneficial to the soul. I guess it helps me relax, and enjoy being a teenager. (Yeah I know, what teenager enjoys books?) My parents can sometimes be intense so oftentimes I venture to the property in adjacent to mine and read there. Even more now that the for sale sign has been up for quite a while.

Well it seems I didn't notice when it was taken down because while I was reading someone screamed. I shot up from the furniture cushions I had been laying on and I grabbed the book I had been reading about molecular physics. When I hipped around I saw a girl that seemed about my age. She had blonde hair and blue eyes but now they were widened with fright. She bolted for the door and stared at me once she was safely behind it. I realized that she and her family must have moved in recently and the girl was checking her new house. I was kind of curious about her and wondered how she would fit in around here. I didn't want to alarm the girl anymore than I already had so I picked up my jacket and my book. I wanted to give her some reason to think I wasn't weirdo before she came to the conclusion anyway so I looked right at her and mouthed sorry, hoping she would get the message. I wished I could tell her that I don't normally trespass on people's property like a homeless just to read, but I didn't want to scare her anymore.

After walking to my house I let myself in still thinking about what kind of a neighbor the girl was going to be. I checked to phone for messages and, of course, there was one from the lab my parents worked at. My mom voice was pleasant if you didn't listen for the signs. The slight sighs and the raising of her tone showed me that she was worried and she wanted me to be there. I sighed before walking to the bus and riding it to my parent's lab since my car was still being worked on.

They both looked relieved when they saw me. It wasn't that I my presence was required for the lab function in any way. Maybe it used to be but since I quit and started working elsewhere they seemed to have done fine without me. Quitting was one area that my parents and I will probably never agree on. I thought it was helpful in my experiences about a real workplace. Not one where everyone pressures a child and when they fail it actually affects something. This workplace was just like my old school. If you don't think of something or you think of it too late then something detrimental could happen. The boy who sits next to you could become valedictorian because you didn't understand one thing about the molecular structure of blah blah.

Being at the lab now was something of penance for being caught with that stupid beer. If I could take that mistake back then my parents might not be as anxious about the switch from my old school to Jackson. They wouldn't be as nervous about seeing Riley around me.

When I left to go to my job at smoothie place my parents reminded me of the meeting they planned to have with my principle about my standing at Jackson. with seeing the new girl and reading my book I'd managed to forget about the meeting and it brought a new wave of anxiety. Then my parents told me they'd see me a home, which is their subtle way of saying that I couldn't go anywhere. I figured I shouldn't push my luck and I went straight home after work at the smoothie place.

After talking to them for an hour and trying to be a good son I'd had enough and I crept to the basement. While going there I heard running coming my way and the muffled sound of men's voices shouting. I realized what was going on and when the figure running came nearer I grabbed it and pulled it over the wall. I realized it was a girl and let out a "umph" at her weight on top of me. We fell down the stairs and after a second I shut the doors so the cops couldn't follow us. Cops broke up the party that she had been attending and she apparently had made a run for it even though, without me, she would have caught for sure.

"What the-" the girl started to say before I shushed her.

"One sec," I said. "Just let him get by."

We heard the cops leave after checking the doors. They seemed frustrated by their inability to catch us. I wanted to reassure the person, which is kind of ironic that after saving her I wanted to prove myself trustworthy.

"I'm going to turn on a light," I said. 'Don't freak." I was trying to calm her down because I could imagine that after being caught by cops, pulled over a wall, and dumped down stairs I would be nervous. Not to mention the mysterious voice that pulled her through everything.

After turning on the flashlight I saw my new neighbor who I been expecting. I had assumed that she was the "delinquent" who I had saved at the party. I noticed that up close she was much prettier than between a glass door. Although the dim flashlight might have something to do with it.

"Hi." I said with my most assuring voice. "I'm Dave."

She didn't say anything so I decided to try a different approach.

"Sorry if I startled you," she still stared at me. "But I figured it's better to be surprised than busted."