Hello readers, sorry for the long wait on the sequel, I kinda lost my will to write and the internet kept stuffing up :/ This story is sequel to my first story (Me, My Sister, The Pevensies and Narnia) so I suggest you read it first. Sorry this chapter is bit short :/

Chapter 1

Gold Coast, 2012

Melanie's POV

"Michelle hurry up! We're going to be late to the airport!" I shouted to my fourteen year old sister, Michelle Bento. I'm Melanie Bento or just Mel and I just turned twelve last month, my sister and I went to a magical land called Narnia last year with the Pevensies, back then we lived in the 1940's, next door to the Pevensies, Michelle and Susan were best friends, Susan is a girl who has dark chestnut hair, blue eyes and is really smart, so smart to the point her brain might explode from overload of information, I guess Michelle and Susan were friends because they share the same interests in study choices, they both like history, English and maths. I befriended Lucy; Lucy is an energetic girl, who seems to have a bounce to her steps she has short reddish-brown hair, brown eyes. Then there was Edmund and Peter, Peter a tall guy who has golden hair and sea blue eyes, Michelle and Peter fell in love and were married in Narnia. Edmund is also tall guy with features totally opposite to his older brother, he has black hair and deep brown eyes, and I was married to Edmund back in Narnia.

"I'm coming!" I heard Michelle yell from her room upstairs.

An hour after we're on the escalator in airport when the escalator started shaking uncontrollably, I looked at Michelle, she felt too, we looked around at the other people on the escalator, it was just us that felt it, I felt Michelle grab my hand as we fell down, I felt Michelle lose her grip as we fell down, the last thing seeing green before blacking out.

Finchley, 1942

Edmund's POV

I walked to the train station with my shoulder bag on my shoulder; I need to find my siblings Peter, Susan and Lucy. I walked to towards the seats Peter said he would be at, I remember Susan said something about going to the newspaper stand outside with Lucy. I walked further into the train station and saw a large group of people crowding around something.

"Fight, fight, fight, fight!" I heard the group chant, oh so it was a fight, I shouldn't get involved, I thought, just as I was about to turn around and walk away I saw my brother in the middle getting bashed by three other guys, I had to help him. I pushed through the crowd, as I pushed through I heard Lucy yell out my name.

I got to the middle and pulled the guy that was punching my brother and I turned him around and punched him, he pushed me to the ground and continued punching Peter who was now pinned to the wall, I made a move to punch the guy punching my brother again when a whistle blew and the crowd started to leave, they knew the officers were coming. The fight would've continued if the officers hadn't come and told us to act our age.

Ten minutes later we sat on the seats waiting for our train, Susan with a disappointed look directed to Peter, he has been like this since we've back from Narnia, it was worse than the time in Narnia when Michelle and Mel left, he locked himself his room and would talk to no one, Susan, Lucy and I had to attend the council meetings without him for three months until Susan decided to pull him out of his depression by organizing a family picnic on the beach leaving Mr Tumnus and Orieus in charge for four hours. It worked, Su is a miracle worker.

"You're welcome," I told him

"I had it sorted," he replied, typical Peter, of course he sorted he was getting bashed by three guys, two of them held him pinned up against the wall while the other one punched him and he claims he had sorted.

"What was it this time?" Lucy asked Peter.

"He bumped me," Peter answered in tone was telling us that getting into a fight with somebody because they bumped you is normal.

"So you hit him?" asked Lucy disbelievingly.

"No, after he bumped me they tried to make me apologise, that's when I hit him," Peter answered her slightly annoyed.

"Really, is it that hard to just walk away?" Susan asked in a 'duh' tone.

"I shouldn't have to, don't you get tired of being treated like a kid all the time?" asked Peter.

"Ah, we are kids," I pointed out the obvious even though we all knew what he referring to.

"It's been a year, how long does he expect us to wait?" Peter asked us, ignoring my statement.

"I think it's time to accept that we live here," Susan started, "Oh no, pretend you're talking to me," she told us when she saw this geeky boy walk to us.

"We are talking to you," I told her but I was interrupted by Lucy crying 'ouch!'

"Lucy, keep quiet!" Susan hissed.

"But something pinched me," Lucy replied.

"What? Peter stop pulling!" I hissed at Peter

"I'm not touching you!" he replied as he stood up as well as Susan and me.

"It feels like magic," Lucy told us.

"Quick everyone hold hands," Susan cried

"No! I'm not holding his hands!" I whined

"Just hold it!" Peter hissed and grabbed my hand.

The walls and posters started ripping away as the train came by faster than normal speed, the place turned black for a moment then a bright light appeared and we were standing in a cave on a beach, the beach had clear blue water and the sand felt soft underneath our feet, we didn't know where we were but one thing is for sure, We were back in Narnia, we just don't know what part of Narnia.

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