A/N: Hi! This is my first fanfiction, and I hope you like it. There are a few things I should explain to you first, or else you'll have no idea what you're reading. Ok, first, I was kind of too lazy to write what happened before this story took place (because I was thinking it in my head and at one point I decided to just write it down). What happened is: Victoria got kidnapped by Macavity, and Macavity erased all memories of Victoria from the Jellicles' minds (so they wouldn't go looking for her). Victoria stayed in a cell for a about a week and a half, and during that time, she met Macavity's son/henchcat, Plato. They quickly became fond of each other and one day Plato helped her escape. They were gone for about a week, hiding in dark alleys, but now Macavity has found them, and the story starts with them trying to fight off the henchcats that are recapturing Victoria. The "Vulcan Grip" is a method of making someone unconscious and was taught to Victoria by Munkustrap as a defensive maneuver.

Other things you should know: When I originally typed this story, I didn't separate it into chapters, so everytime there's a new chapter, it will be continuing from EXACTLY where the last chapter ended. Days won't go by without you knowing what happens during them.

One more thing! This story is written in past tense, but that's because it's really difficult for me to do it in present tense. Sorry if I switch around by accident. I treated it like it was written in present tense, though, because you can hear Victoria's thoughts. If this annoys you than just tell me and I'll change it! I wrote this on a road trip and originally had no intention of posting it on fanfiction, but I'm really glad I did!

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I attempted to use the Vulcan Grip on a few henchcats, but they easily overpowered me. One tom scooped me up and sauntered away from the others. I didn't fight back—I knew that would just end up in more trouble. He effortlessly carried me down the alley with one paw under the back of my knees and his left arm under my back, but not before gagging me and tying my front and back paws with a strong and uncomfortable rope first. I tilted my chin up to see Plato fighting off Macavity's henchcats with just a few swings of his arm and some kicks to their guts. One of the few toms standing approached Plato. It was rare to see a cat that was taller and more muscular than Plato. He must've been as shocked as I was, for all he could do was to stare up at the henchcat, mouth agape. The larger tom spun him around and tied his paws as well, and, before the copper and white tom could say another word, was silenced by a dirty piece of cloth. The henchcat lifted Plato with ease and cradled him to avoid the possibility of him escaping. Nevertheless, Plato tried to kick his face from the position he was in. His back paw made contact with the tom's right cheek, obviously angering him. With a good punch to the smaller cat's chest, he swiftly draped Plato, who was now coughing from the sudden impact on his lungs, over his left shoulder and continued to walk beside the henchcat carrying me.

We didn't try to make any muffled noises through our pieces of cloth. All we did was stare at each other. His chocolate-colored eyes said that he was sorry for not protecting me. I tried to "tell" him not to worry about it, that at one point or another, Macavity would have captured us anyway. I widened my eyes and batted my eyelashes to get the point across. The cat carrying me—I think his name was "Sulvar", from what was engraved into his utility belt—must have saw me making the Jemima-like eyes, because as soon as that happened, he turned my face away and squashed it against his unwashed, light brown fur. I tried my best to not breathe in his stench of rotten eggs. I could sense that Plato was still gazing at me, and Sulvar was watching me, too. It was uncomfortable to be still and have this on my mind.

This continued until we reached Macavity's warehouse. The henchcats carrying us, followed by the ones who had been briefly beaten by Plato, pushed through the steel doors to the back entrance. They trotted to a room six doors down the hall. There was no window and no candles. The only light came from the dimly lit hallway. The room would have been completely empty if it weren't for two back to back wooden chairs nailed into the floor in the very center. Sulvar gently set me down onto the chair and took some rope hanging from the wall, tying me down to it. I could hear Plato being roughly dropped onto the chair behind me by his goon and tied him down as well. The two criminals untied the pieces of cloth around our mouths, and I scowled at Sulvar in a threatening matter to show him I'm not always innocent and pure. He ignored the look and stepped back with the other henchcats.

"Good job. You are dismissed." Plato hissed. He could recognize his father's voice anywhere. The henchcats marched out the door in a disorderly manner. I joined Plato's hissing as the Napoleon of Crime stepped out from the shadows. As the last henchcat was stepping out, he slammed the heavy door shut. I flinched, seeing that I have sensitive ears.

"Well, I certainly didn't expect this," Macavity said smoothly. "My own tomson helps my most precious prisoner escape and runs away with her."

"You were treating her terribly!" Plato blurted out. "Who would want to stay here?" His chocolate eyes bore into Macavity's gleaming yellow ones. He wasn't afraid of him and, for a reason unknown, neither was I, even though I knew he would hurt us if he wanted to. The ginger cat wouldn't even spare an innocent, petite queen.

The Hidden Paw ignored his nasty attitude and kept his sly, cool one. "You're lucky I'm in a good mood today, Plato. The punishment for betrayal is always the death penalty, but I can't lose one of my strongest henchcats and my most…graceful prisoner, so I'll give you one chance to earn my trust again." He shot his head toward me and I squeezed my eyes shut, not wanting to look at him in the face, but then he cupped my chin and tilted my head up. Afraid he was going to smack me or something, I pried my eyes open but avoided his sickening eyes. "Do you agree to be loyal to me and follow my every command?"

He may have been looking directly at me, but he was speaking to both of us.

"No, Macavity, we don't," Plato said in a surprisingly calm voice after a moment of silence. The ginger cat raised his paw and slapped me across my face. I knew my left cheek was red, and I couldn't even comfort it with my paw.

"Don't hurt her!" Plato pleaded. It's a little too late for that, Plato. "She didn't say anything! If there's anyone to hurt, it's me. She never said that she didn't want to join you—I did. Don't take my mistakes and—"

"Shut up!" His father punched his chest harshly, adding to the large bruise that was already there from the incident that occurred before. Plato swore between his gasps for breath and I started to panic.

"Stop it! Stop it! Don't wound your own tomson! It's just not humane!" I wailed. Plato had saved my life many times before, and I couldn't just repay him by sitting there like a clueless kitten. "I p-promise that I-I'll—" I started to choke on my words and swallowed hard. "I'll b-be your prisoner. I'll d-do whatever you want, and I won't disobey you."

He leaned in closer to me. "Is that right?" "Yes," I muttered. He took a step back, and I let out my breath (which apparently I was holding in), thinking he was satisfied. Instead, I felt a sharp, painful feeling in my left shin. I let out a small cry of pain. I could sense Plato tensing up when he heard my yelp.

"Don't lie to me," Macavity sneered.

"I wasn't lying," I faintly whispered. I was only met with repeated kicks to my shins. I knew the Hidden Paw was holding back. I think he had a small liking towards me, and he showed it by never yelling and throwing less force into his beatings. He didn't stop kicking, but my shins were going numb, anyway.

"Macavity," Plato said sternly, finding his voice again. "I told you not to hurt her. She did nothing wrong and you're treating her like she's your sworn enemy. Just stop it and let her go! Please!"

The Napoleon of Crime gave one last hard kick to my right leg, and I dreaded the moment when all feeling came back to my shins. I didn't complain though—I was sure Plato was suffering and was about to suffer a LOT worse. I accidentally let out a small whimper. I regretted it because I knew Plato was going to stick up for me again and he was going to have to face the pain that would follow, and it's all because I'm acting like a wimp.

The yellow-eyed cat stepped back and observed us. He circled us and snickered when he saw me stiffen. I wasn't letting my guard down.

"What are you doing?" I was surprised by the harshness in my voice. I hoped he wouldn't overreact to it.

After a few seconds of uncomfortable silence flew by, he finally spoke. "I just looked deeper in your mind to see if you were telling the truth or not. Do you swear you'll never escape from your cell once you are my prisoner?"

I nodded, but then I decided to vocalize it, because there was no telling what he would get mad at now. "Yes, I promise."

"And furthermore, you may never speak to a tom, besides me, ever. Are we clear?"

I bit my lip, unsure of his reaction for the next few words I wanted to say. "What about Plato? You mean I can never—"

"Speak to him. Ever. Again," he finished.

"But…will he be safe? You won't hurt him? Ever?"

"Maybe….Yes. Alright, but he will still have to be my henchcat. He really has no other option. If he runs away again—and I will catch him—he will be shown no mercy. I'll claw him to death myself. Or maybe I'll electrocute him with my magic. Either way, he'll die. And you will be forced to watch. Do I make myself clear…Plato?"

"Crystal, sir," he responded in such a mocking tone it was almost hilarious.

Macavity took it as a "yes" anyway. He smirked and walked closer to Plato. I tried to direct his attention away from him to avoid any more injuries.

"Will you be kind enough to let us go now?" What a stupid thing to say! Great job, Victoria. You've probably just earned yourself a world of pain! He took a few steps towards me, his eyes blazing. "I'm not finished with you yet." And with that he grabbed my headfur and conjured up a knife to rest under my chin. I didn't move. I don't think I even breathed.

"Dad!" Plato started, but he stopped there. I could tell he didn't know what else to say. He has tried to defend me enough. One more outburst from him and he's a dead tom.

The ginger tom glared at his son for a second, and then directed his attention back to me. "Get up," he growled, "and follow me."

"But I'm tied to the—" I looked down and saw that the ropes no longer held me in place, but my paws were still bound together. Magic, I thought. The only other person I knew who was magical was my brother, Mr. Mistoffelees. My heart ached at the thought of him. He could be rescuing me by now if it wasn't for the Napoleon of Crime erasing all memories of me from the Jellicle tribe once he kitnapped me.

"Get. UP!" The yellow-eyed tom yanked me by my headfur, the knife still under my chin, to the door, leaving Plato alone in the dark room. I tried not to be scared, or at least tried not to show that I was, but I failed at both. The thought that he was probably going to hurt me scared the pee out of me.

"P-P-Plato," I whispered in a dramatic voice that made me seem like I was dying. Great way to make yourself seem pathetic, Victoria! Stop asking him to save your life! It's time you do something nice for him!

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Plato had his head hung low. No tears were coming out (he's too strong for that), but he was obviously upset and angry with himself for letting me be alone with his father. His killer father.

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