Mcgee came into the bull pen and as normal he was early. 06:35 was the time and he sat down at his desk to start the day. He looked around sighing. As normal he was the only one there. Why did he feel the need to come in early everyday? Why did he feel he had something to prove? He's been on this team for 8 years now and still wasn't quite sure what his place was on the team. He shook his had and started up his computer to work his reports for the week.

Mcgee was so lost in his work; he didn't notice his team mates come into the office. He was reading through a couple of Abby's notes about an old case, and noticed a discrepancy. Knowing this had to be fixed ASAP he hit the print button on the computer and looked towards the printer, noticing for the first time Tony, Ziva, and Gibbs. Mcgee got up from his seat and walked to the printer to pick up his paper.

"Whacha got there probie?"

Mcgee was so entranced again at what he was reading that he barley heard Dinozzo.


Mcgee looked over at Dinozzo.

"You ok? I asked you what you have."

"Oh, it's just some notes from Abby about an old case. There seems to be a mistake."

"Mistake! Abby! She's not going to take that well."

"I know. I better go deal with this now." Mcgee said with a sigh. He turned walked to the elevator and took it down to Abby's lab.

Focusing on the paper he had in front of him, he entered Abby's lab.

"Abby, I have something I need you to…"

He looked up to find Abby doing a head stand against the wall.

"It's supposed to clear my mind and give me clarity."

She kicked her feet against the wall to stand upright.

"Now what were you saying?"

Mcgee shook his head. "Right. I have some notes I need you to take a look at." He handed her the booklet. "Either there's a mistake with the evidence or there's a mistake with the notes we both took."

Abby handed the booklet back to Mcgee.

"I don't make mistakes Mcgee."

She started walking back to her computer. He followed her begging.

"Please Abby! I need you to look at this again."

Abby turned around and looked to see Mcgee's puppy dog eyes. She sighed and took it back. Mcgee smiled and kissed her on the cheek.

"Thanks Abby."

He walked out of the lab to go back to the bull pen.

When the elevator closed to take Mcgee to Abby's, the outside elevator opened to reveal what looked to be a highly decorated Navy man. The man walked to Gibbs' desk, and stopped in front of it. Gibbs was having a fight with his keyboard, when he noticed the man. He looked up, along with Ziva and Dinozzo.

"Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs?"

Gibbs stood up and looked the man up and down.


The man held out his hand.

"Navy Admiral Brady Mcgee."


Gibbs eyebrows scrunched together in confusion and shook his hand.

"I believe you know my son…Timothy?"


Gibbs, Dinozzo, Ziva, and Brady all turned to see a terrified, and pissed off Tim Mcgee.

"Son, I know that…."

"NO! You don't have the right! LEAVE!"

"MCGEE!" Gibbs yelled.

This commotion caught the attention of everyone in the office. Tim looked towards Gibbs. He moved forwards, grabbed his fathers arm, and led him towards the elevator. Gibbs watched his youngest agent argue with his father.

"You need to leave. This is the one place I am treated normal and I want it to stay that way."

"You mean to tell me you didn't tell them?"

"NO! Of course I didn't tell them."

"You need to tell them!" Brady was in the motion of turning around to go back towards his team.

"NO SIR!" Everything happened so fast. Tim grabbed his fathers arm to stop him from doing something horrible, and Brady turned on Tim. Brady was furious with the way his son was treating him, especially in front of others, so much that he lost his temper. Brady Mcgee punched his son in the eye. And Hard!