The Sage and Spider-Girl
Naruto x Mary Jane
Author's Note

Mary Jane's costume will be a mixture of Mattie Franklin and Jessica Drew's costume. Peter and Gwen Stacey are going to be in this in this story. I'm going to come out and say it now because I of course, will be doing different AU things like always.

Also Mary-Jane will have a mixture of Spider-Women abilities with an Immunity to Toxins, Poisons, Drugs, and Radiation along with Venom Blasts, the energy projections with Pheromone Secretion, Psychokinetic Webbing, Prescience, and Clairvoyance and Self-Propelled Flight. A good of these powers won't truly be controllable or come into play until much later in the story.

Expect mixing of the movies, games, and this such thing into the story. Do not expect Bashing or character exaggeration. I hope you guys enjoy the story.

Story Start

Leaping across the buildings of the busy city of New York street was an unidentified figure.

Briefly illuminated by the busy city's lights was a young man with abilities far beyond that of a normal human.

He was wearing an outfit with red, orange, and black flame like patterns weaved together in an intricate design. The red jacket had streams of orange line that extended around his neck and shoulders down to the front of his sleeves. His pants were also black along with his boots that allowed him to easily blend into the light. ''Things seem a little too quiet.'' he thought, purposely chancing fate as tonight's patrol was rather boring and he was hoping to bust some more criminals to help decrease the crime rate of the city.

Until the day he could find a way to get back to his own home dimension he would do anything he could to help improve the situation of this dimension.

He had been here for a while now and unfortunately he had made little leeway into getting back to his own dimension despite having encounters with an all powerful sorcerer, a genius scientist, and even a god.

But then again, when had the life of one Uzumaki Naruto been anything else but chaotic?

Naruto was snapped out of his reverie by the screams and shouts down below. Leaping down off the roof and jumping down to the ground,he saw a bunch of punks, one wielding a chain, another a plank of wood surrounding a young girl in an alleyway. ''Hey! Didn't anyone tell you smucks when a lady says no she means no.'' he shouted to the thugs who spun around.

''Get out of freak before we mess you up!'' One of them shouted.

''I wasn't aware Halloween came early, did you Jimmy?'' Another asked.

"Who cares, let's just take care of him so we can fun with the girl," the last thug grinned.

Naruto's eyes flashed dangerously as the three men charged his. Swaying to the side he grabbed the first thugs arm and twisted as he leaped in the air and axe kicked his head with enough force that it collided with the ground and broke his nose. The man with the chain swung it only for Naruto to catch it and pull the man forward clothes lining him. The last of the thug dropped the plank and started running only for Naruto to swing the chain around a few times before his head and lassoing around the man's leg and yanking him off his feet, resulting in him dropping down onto his forehead and knocking him unconscious.

Gathering them all in a pile, and by that he threw them all into a nearby dumpster Naruto turned to the shaking girl,who had stood watching the fight. It took Naruto a few moments before realizing he knew his. She was one of his classmates, Mary-Jane Watson. "Are you okay?'' He asked his as the young girl shook his head.

''Y-Yeah...thank you," the red-head said somewhat shyly. ''...for saving me.''

''No problem,'' he said with a charming smile. ''Just let me call the police and I'll be happy to escort you home.'' he said as he reached into his leg pocket for his cellphone. ''After all I can't let a pretty lady such as yourself walk home on his own.'' he added as the red-head's cheek soon matched her hair. As soon as the blond dropped his off he darted off to continue his patrol. Unaware of the enthralled looks the red-head was sending him or what was to come.

Mary Jane was currently sitting in her living room and watched as Shinobi defeated Havoc on TV. Ever since that day he saved her she had been enthralled only to be brought back to reality by Toshi Asakura and Liz Allen, the trio studying for a big math test coming up. ''Ooh man, first a tour to a genetics lab where we have to do a two page report on everything that we learned following by a big math test the following day? What did I do to deserve such a horrible fate?'' Toshi dramatically cried out as he leaned against the couch. Toshi, age sixteen, was an Asian American teen with short black hair, skinny frame and skin with a slight yellowish tant. He stood out because he had an odd obsession with the color orange, wearing an orange shirt (To which Liz always chastised him on his fashion sense) and jeans with black flip flops.

''Oh hush will you, you're not the only one suffering. My mom has been getting on my case about my math grades and won't let me go anywhere but the library until I bring it up. I'm the one suffering,'' the platinum blonde argued just as dramatically.

''No, but all the cute girls who need my charming smile as a pick me up are the ones truly suffering.'' he countered as Liz snorted and flipped her pony tail.

''If anything they'll be ecstatic of not having to deal with you, you horndog.'' she stated as the black haired man recoiled slightly.

''Mary-Jane, Liz is being mean. Tell her to stop,'' the ravenette whined, but the red-head paid no attention to him. ''Mary-Jane?'' he spoke again only to notice she was staring intently at the screen.

''Homecoming is coming up,'' the red-head spoke for the first time in the last fifteen minutes. ''You think Shinobi would take me if I ask him?''

''Isn't he like 38 or something?'' Toshi dimly only to be dope slapped by Liz.

''MJ, not like a certain someone who enjoys crushing people's dreams, don't you think you're aiming a little too high?'' Never let it be said that Liz didn't know sympathy or kindness. But it was rather limited in who she gave it out too.

''But its destiny. He saved my life not to mention he thinks I'm cute. Come on, cute red-read that the brave and valiant hero loves from afar, but he never approaches her because he secretly pines for her and afraid his enemies might use her to get to him? Its like all those super hero comics Toshi is always going on about.'' all whom she borrowed to gain better knowledge on her super hero crush. ''How can you not see the romantic overtones?'' she asked as a faint blush appeared on her cheeks. ''Not to mention he called me cute.''

''But he flirts with every cute female,'' Toshi interjected. ''He was flirting with that reporter not too long ago.'' he added only to be dope slap by Liz once again. ''Damnit woman that hurts.'' he whimpered.

''Well if you stop saying stupid things, which in your case is always I'd stop hitting you.'' she responded as she moved over to Mary Jane and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. ''And even if I were to support this idea how are you going to find him? Not to mention don't you think you're getting your hopes up? Besides plenty of guys like you, like for instance Harry Osborn.'' she hinted at as Toshi laughed his ass off.

''No way, Harry?'' he laughed some more. ''Mary-Jane Osborn sounds terrible. Sound like you got drunk and hitched up with a stage musician. Now Mary Jane Asakura on the other hand says you net yourself a rich and classy traveling business man from Japan.'' If there was one thing to admire about Toshi he certainty didn't dance around the question or came off as an indecisive tool.

''Do I have to get the spray?'' Liz responded with a rather testy look as Toshi shirk back.

''I'll be good.''

Mary Jane just chuckled at her friends antics. ''I swear Liz, if you weren't dating Flash I say you two would make a good couple.''

Upon her statement her two friends began to flush furiously. ''Me dating her/him! No way!'' they pointed shouted and looked away with furious blushes.

Deciding to poke at her friends some more on a later time Mary-Jane went back to formulating a plan to track down Shinobi.''Hhm, maybe if I map out all of Shinobi's sightings I can track him down.'' But of course nothing more of importance happened that night.

The fateful day soon came around. ''Why hello my emerald eye angel. Your gentleman has come to escort you?'' Toshi said as he extended an arm and Mary Jane giggled at his action. She had grown used to Toshi's flirtations some time ago. He always paid her complements like 'my angel' and 'my diamond.'

"Sometime I can't help but wonder what goes on in that head of yours, Come on, let's go ahead and go."

Toshi would soon find himself scowling as Harry Osborn beat him out of his seat next to MJ. Damn him and his urge to go back and get his ritz crackers. On one hand the boy had a rich father so the whining grated Toshi at times, on the other hand the man was a duechebag that berated Harry for his squandered potential. So yeah, a father that never seems his child except to berate them. Then again the man could have turned out like MJ's father, drunk bastard.

As per usual Flash was being an ass-hat and picking on Peter Parker. And then he was chastised by Liz, one of the few people who was nice to Peter while being among the popular crowd and Toshi, not knowing when the hell to shut up mentioned that with Peter's intellect and Liz's look they could make a decent child, resulting in Liz's infamous dope slap and chewing his ear off and many painful slaps to the arm. As such Toshi silently brood, silently walking along as the tour guide gave them a tour.

"There are more than 32,000 known species of spider in the world." The tour guide began as thirty-odd students and their teacher are lead around a cavernous laboratory by a tour guide and they pass a number of spider exhibits.

"They are in the order Aranae, which is divided into three sub-orders-Mesothelea, Orthognatha, and Labidognatha. All spiders are carnivorous, ravenous eaters who feed on massive quantities of protein...'' the guide continued on explaining facts until Peter Parker asked a question about taking pictures for the school paper.

The guide nodded and a few students rolled their eyes while muttering "geek " under their breath. Peter ignored them and raised her camera. Behind him, one of Flash's cronies bumped Peter's elbow on purpose, ruining the picture and the other kids laughed.

"The funnel web spider-family Hexathelidae, genus Atrax-one of the deadliest spiders in the world, spins an intricate funnel-shaped web whose strands have a tensile strength proportionately equal to the type if high tension wire used in bridge buildings." The tour guide explained.

Peter raised his camera again, but go bumped again. He turned and Flash's crony stepped forward threateningly.

"Leave him alone." Harry muttered.

The crony turned to see Harry Osborn staring at him. "Or what?"

"Or his father will fire your father." A boy retorted and the class laughed.

The teacher cut in, his voice being loud and clear. "The next person who talks is going to fail this course, I kid you not."

"The crab spider-family Themisidae, genus Misumen-spins no web to catch its prey, but hunts instead using a set of reflexes with nerve conduction velocities so fast that some researchers believe that it almost borders on precognition, an early awareness of danger, a "Spider-sense."" The guide explained.

They all reached the center of the rotund floor where researches are working at computers surrounding an electron microscope. Large video screens around the room display giant images of the microscope's area of scrutiny-spider DNA.

"Over five painstaking years Columbia's genetic research has finally mapped out the genetic codes of each of these spiders." The guide began and up above them a single spider sit on its magnificent web, glistening in the light, "Armed with these DNA blueprints, we have now begun what was once thought impossible-interspecies genetic transmutation. In this Recombination Lab, we use synthesized transfer-RNA to encode an entirely new genome, combining genetic information from all three spiders into these genetically designed super-spiders. The first mankind had ever produced." The guide explained almost excitedly.

The clad checked out each of the creepy-looking spiders and crowded around the glass tank.

"Disgusting." M.J said wide-eyed.

"Hateful little things." Harry said.

"I love it." M.J said.

Harry looked at her in momentary surprise. "Really? Me too."

''Obvious kiss-ass,'' Toshi stated, not even bothering with the cough muttering thing that everyone did and was done to death nowadays. As a result he received multiple glares. ''Oh toss off,'' he replied with an extremely horrible British accent. ''At least when I'm being subtle, I'm subtle.'' It was well known that Toshi didn't hold love for Harry Osborn, most likely because they both had a thing for the same redhead.

"Just imagine-one day we can isolate the strengths, powers, and immunities in human beings and transfer that DNA code among ourselves. All known diseases could be wiped out. Of course we're nowhere near ready to start experimenting with humans, so the moment we're concentrating on these 15 spiders. Any questions?" The guide asked.

"Fourteen." Peter whispered.

"Fourteen?" Harry repeated.

"I beg your pardon?" The tour guide questioned.

"There's only fourteen." Peter stated again.

"No, there's fifteen. Aren't there?" The guide questioned.

As she and the other students turned their attention to the tank, and started to count the spiders, the spider in its web begins to crawl across it and then begins to drop.

The tour group has given up on the mysterious fifteenth spider and followed the tour guide. M.J lingered for a moment to check out her reflection in the tank.

''Would the lady like use of my mirr...'' Toshi began but bumbled it and end up dropping it, cracked glass scattering slightly on the ground. ''Aah crap. I can't afford seven years bad luck.''

''You really need to be more careful.'' Mary Jane lightly chastised.

''Crap,'' Toshi mumbled as he pat himself down. ''Hey Patrick...''

''Peter,'' Mary Jane corrected Toshi.

''Yeah what she said, mind running to the restroom and...''

''Toshi,'' she said in a warning voice.

''Fine I'll do it...'' he grumbled as he went over to said boy and hook his arm over his head. ''But I'm not going alone. You know I hate going to public restrooms alone.'' he finished, dragging off a protesting Peter Parker. For reasons he would not disclose Toshi refused to go to public restroom by himself. Something about seeing something that scarred his mind forever and horrified his sensibilities.

So distracted by Toshi's antics Mary Jane didn't notice the spider slowly descend down the thread and drop down onto her arm. The spider continued down until her and finally biting down. MJ let out a cry and flung her hand back sending the spider to flying off to parts unknown. Now where this Spider went and why it was never confirmed dead or bit other people will never be known. As Mary Jane was too busy looking down at the tiny bite marks where the spider had sunk its fangs into her skin.

Suddenly she began to feel a bit woozy and fainted which caused some of the students to cry out and rush towards her.

"What's going on here!" one of the scientists who worked there called out, running towards where the students were crowded around the unconscious girl. ''Quick! Call an Ambulance!'' one of the workers cried out to a security guard. ''We need to get her to Hospital to make sure she hasn't been affected by anything in this facility.''

Sometime later in an unnamed Hospital. ''Mary-Jane? Sweetie are you okay?''

Mary Jane let out a groan and slowly sat up. It was then she took notice of the presence of her Aunt Anna, the older sister of her father Philip. Mary Jane had been living with her Aunt the past few years when her father was charged with extortion and selling drugs which resulted in a hefty jail sentence.

''Aunt Anna? What happened? Where am I?''

''You're in the hospital, dear,'' the woman answered. ''The doctor said you'll be OK. You fainted at the exhibition. I knew this so called diet of yours was a bad idea. You've lost too much weight, but you kids these days think everything. And...''

Mary Jane groaned as she laid back and tried to will herself back to sleep. 'At least things can't get any worst from here.'But Poor Mary Jane had no clue that shit was about to get real.


Chapter End


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