The Sage and Spider-Girl
Naruto x Mary Jane
Author's Note

Mary Jane's costume will be a mixture of Mattie Franklin and Jessica Drew's costume. Peter and Gwen Stacey are to get this in this story. I'm going to come out and say it now because I of course, will be doing different AU things like always. Like, this isn't a Spider-Man in this version, but he will be in the this version.

Also Mary-Jane will have a mixture of Spider-Women abilities with an Immunity to Toxins, Poisons, Drugs, and Radiation but it will take longer to quick in than in the comics. In other words, more then one exposure will be required to make his body is totally immune to radiation. Along with Venom Blasts, the energy projections with Pheromone Secretion, Psychokinetic Webbing, Prescience, and Clairvoyance and Self-Propelled Flight. A good of these powers won't truly be controllable or come into play until much later in the story.

Expect mixing of the movies, games, and this such thing into the story. Do not expect Bashing or character exaggeration. I hope you guys enjoy the story.

Expect future Naruto x Liz Allen, Betty Brant, and this pairings as we all know, no one else will do them, but me. I'm Kyuubi16, I always have to do the crazy and unusual pairings. Well ones that don't force them into Naruto's world and eventually stop. (I will update this stories soon so stop bitching damnit.)

And why the hell aren't you all reviewing? You do realize the reason why it takes me so long to update, why I've been so psychotic lately, and this shit is because I spend hours on end doing research and reading material so instead of updating or doing five stories I barely manage two a day. I hope you all realize that. Say something at least. Tell me what you like about the story and what pairing you want to see damnit. Normally I wouldn't care, but considering all the effort and research I put in the story and I get less reviews then all the badly written Yaoi, Hetero, and Yuri stories out there with OOC and done to death plots you can understand me being a little pissed.

Story Start
Leaping across the buildings of the busy New York street was an unidentified figure. Briefly illuminated by the busy city's lights was a young man with the inhuman abilities of meta humans, villains, and aliens alike. He was wearing a short sleeved coat with flame patterns, black and orange dashed down across the bottom of the red cape. The red jacket had streams of orange line that extended around his neck and shoulders down to the front of his sleeves. His pants were also black along with his boots that allowed him to easily blend into the light. ''Things seem a little too quiet.'' he thought, purposely chancing fate as tonight's patrol was rather boring and he was hoping to bust some more criminals to help decrease the crime rate of the city.

Until the day he could find a way to get back to his own home dimension he would do anything he helped to improve the situation of this dimension. 'Gah, you would think with an all powerful sorcerer, a genius scientist, and the help of a god they would have some clue on how to locate my home dimension and send me back.' he added as a scowl tugged at his lips. He knew he was being unfair, that he should be more grateful that they were taking time out of this day to help him like the heroes they were, but after eight months even Naruto's patience which was surprisingly high as of late was growing thin and he was going crazy.

Naruto was snapped out of his reverie by the screams and shouts down below. Leaping down off the roof and jumping down to the ground,he saw a bunch of punks, one wielding a chain, another a plank of wood surrounding a young girl in an alleyway. ''Hey! Didn't anyone tell you when a lady says no she means no.'' he shouted to the thugs who spun around.

''Get out of freak before we mess you up!'' one of them shouted.

''I wasn't aware Halloween came early, did you Jimmy?'' another asked.

"Who cares, let's just take care of him so we can fun with the girl," the last thug grinned.

Naruto's eyes flashed dangerously as the three men charged his. Swaying to the side he grabbed the first thugs arm and twisted as he leaped in the air and axe kicked his head with enough force that it collided with the ground and broke his nose. The man with the chain swung it only for Naruto to catch it and pull the man forward clothes lining him. The last of the thug dropped the plank and started running only for Naruto to swing the chain around a few times before his head and lassoing around the man's leg and yanking him off his feet, resulting in him dropping down onto his forehead and knocking him unconscious.

Gathering them all in a pile, and by that he threw them all into a nearby dumpster Naruto turned to the shaking girl,who had stood watching the fight. It took Naruto a few moments before realizing he knew his. She was one of his classmates, Mary-Jane Watson.

"Are you okay?'' he asked his as the young girl shook his head.

''Y-Yeah...thank you," the red-head said somewhat shyly. ''...for saving me.''

''No problem,'' he said with a charming smile. ''Just let me call the police and I'll be happy to escort you home.'' he said as he reached into his leg pocket for his cellphone. ''After all I can't let a pretty lady such as yourself walk home on his own.'' he added as the red-head's cheek soon matched her hair. As soon as the blond dropped his off he darted off to continue his patrol. Unaware of the enthralled looks the red-head was sending him or what was to come.


Chapter End


I'm sorry folks. Yes, cliche save and meet, but its a shout out to the first Spiderman Movie. And this was to be so much longer, but I kept being distracted and bothered and knew if I didn't finish the chapter tonight I was just going to put it off so I'll just continue and do a double length chapter of my usual length next chapter to make up for it. (One of you guys are going to have to review with a long review and mentioned that so I'll remember.)