The Sage and Spider-Girl
Naruto x Mary Jane
Author's Note
There will be no Spider-Man in this story, wait for the next one. I need to focus on developing an entire Rogue's Gallery and such and I don't feel like doing things that would steel the spot light off the central characters.

Story Start

Mary Jane couldn't help but admire her growth spurt in front of her mirror. Super powers really did grant young girls bodies of a model. During her flexing she discovered she could shoot silk threads from her wrist. It was one of the coolest things so to speak. She began doing research on everything she could on spiders and began exploring. Sticking to walls, shoot out thick threads, super strength. The busty red-head was beyond thrilled. The only downside was having to give away most of her clothing once the growth finally stopped. Mary-Jane couldn't help but enjoy being able to leap from building to build, the wind rushing through her hair. Being a Saturday she didn't have to worry about school.

''So this is what it feels like,'' she said to herself as the hair flung wildly. She never felt so alive. After half an hour of leaping from building to building, taking no mind or care about the fact people could possibly see her she dropped down in an alleyway and ran her fingers through her hair. She began walking down the street, strutting her stuff. She couldn't help but enjoy the fact that all eyes were on her. At first she began wondering why her hips widened and her waist line shrunk, but than she wondered why should she complain? This was the exact sort of thing that happened all the time in comics with female characters granted super powers so it was normal.

Mary-Jane decided it was time for her to go out and make a name for herself. She was going to become the newest thing on the street, and surely Shinobi would take notice. So she did like any newly powered teen becoming a vigilant hero would do. Design a costume based off her motif. She scrunched up what money she had and ordered the material. Most of the costume was made out of a sparkling red material that would snugly fit her body with the exception of a flame-orange shaped spider emblem on front, along her beasts, and a large spider image shaped along on her back. There was a hole in the back of the mask of the same material so her long flaming hair hang behind her and in the front of her mask revealing her nose and mouth. There were also two thing, white eye patches that allow her to see yet kept the color of her eyes visible and offered some protection. That last bit of material she borrowed from Toshi. To complete the outfit she got flame-orange gloves, webbed cape and go go boots.

Her uniform clung to her, allowing her to pull off amazing movements while still being sexy. No reason why she couldn't fight and still look good.

Mary Jane was glad she spent so much time fooling around with web swinging or else she have went splat some time ago. Web swinging around unfamiliar territory unnerve her a bit. Having to pay special attention to avoid smoke stacks and helicopters was not what she expected of a first patrol. Where was the excitement? Where was the action. That was then she caught it. The sight of armed thugs robbing a large black van. She wasn't sure if it was weird or not, just that finally she had something to do. As two men went in and out of the van, unloading goods the two other members of their posse kept a look out.

Landing on the vehicle, causing a massive dent and causing the robbers to turn around Mary Jane gave them a sassy love, placing her hands on his shoulder. ''Didn't your mothers ever tell you its not nice to take things that don't belong to you?''

''Great! Another one of those costumed freaks! Riddle her with bullets!'' the thug carrying the semi-automatic ordered before firing.

Mary Jane gasp, a sound, a sort of loud, ringing vibration filled her eyes. She could see everything, the movement of their bodies and the bullets escaping the chambers. She moved, leaping up and over with amazing leaping ability only to clumsily land on the far more reinforced van with a thud. She quickly recovered and leaped over the side as the thugs continued to fire. Holding out her arms she shot web threads and yanked the weapons away from two of the thugs. During this one of the weapons was still in the process of fire and one of the stray bullets shot another one of the robbers in the back. ''Oh god!'' she cried out. She was trying to take the weapon away. She wasn't trying to get one of them shot. Letting her gun down she was just able to barely avoid a bullet hitting her in the cheek. Acting on instinct her hands shot forward, trying to knock the man away sending him hurling into the getaway car, causing a dent and the man to crumble down on the ground, knocked out cold.

''I give up!''

''Don't kill us!''

Using their heads the other robbers quickly gave up. Hearing a muffled sound Mary Jane went inside to discover a tied up guard. She pulled off the gag and began undoing the ropes.

''I don't know who you are girl, but you saved my life. Those thugs were talking about killing me after unloading the money.'' the fifty-something guard muttered.

''Well, its all in a day's work.'' she replied with an in-geniune grin.

"Yes…I, I…thank you," the man said somewhat awkwardly, lifting up his hat to rub his hand through his comb over hair. ''Are you some sort of girl spider vigilant or something. Because those are webs, aren't they?'' he asked, pointing to the silken threads visible on the ground.

Mary Jane paused, thinking about. ''Spider-girl, call me Spider-girl.'' she replied. It had a nice ring to it. ''Will you be okay from here?''

''Yeah,'' the guard nodded as he turned to find his cellphone. ''I'll just call the police and...'' he turned back to notice that Mary Jane was on her, way, leaping from the ground and crawling up a building. ''My daughter was right. I need to get the hell out this city before its invaded by aliens or something.''

Once she was satisfied she got far enough away Mary Jane took off her mask. She took deep breaths as she tried to relax. 'Note to self. Work on super strength and coordination.' she thought. Suddenly the sounds of an alarm was picked up by her new, sensitive hearing. ''Well, its show time.'' she thought as she put back on the mask. That morning Mary Jane was pleasantly surprised to find out that 'Spider-Girl' was all the rage.

Norah Winters, a journalist from the Front Line was sitting opposite of J. Jonah Jameson and other personalities debating the emergence of this new hero. They were also getting some calls in, quite a few of them complaining about how decent Spider-Girl was, strutting her stuff about. Mary Jane merely snorted, mocking many of the callers doing the voice of old foggies and starting off many of the sentences, 'back in my day'.

''We don't know anything about this so called Spider-Girl. Where she came from and what she plans on doing. I know one thing and its clear. She's a menace. Like all the rest of these masked vigilantes using their powers to do whatever they want. They pay no mind to the fact they threaten the livelihood of others and they need to be hold accounted for their actions.''

Mary Jane scowled and rested her head on her hand. She tuned out Jameson's menace this and menace that until an image of Shinobi appeared on the screen to which she cranked the volume. ''As many of you know Spider-Girl appeared in the same general area around the same time of another of our celebrated heroes, Uzumaki Naruto, otherwise known as the Shinobi.'' Norah Winters continued as another image appeared. This was of Naruto being surrounded by children at an orphanage. ''What sets this young man apart is that we have both a name and a face to put to his identity. This morning one of our reporters approached him for his thoughts on this new vigilant.'' the screen behind the personalities on the show flickered to life.

Sure enough it was Naruto sitting at a cafe, drinking a coffee. Hundreds of his copies had formed a line to keep people from mobbing him as those who were at the cafe couldn't help but stare or stole glances and tried to hide them at the blonde. ''Mr. Shinobi,'' the young, timid reporter began.

''Just call me Naruto...'' he snapped his finger. ''Tim.'' he said, recalling the reporters name.

''Right, Mr. Naruto, what are your thoughts on S-Spider-girl?''

''Who?'' he asked, putting down the paper.

''Spider-Girl. It was all over the news last night and this morning.'' he said, pointing to an image of the paper on the other side of the paper Naruto was reading. He turned to the image and glanced it over.

''She's pretty cute.'' Mary Jane couldn't help but blush at this admission. ''But a bit reckless.'' he added as her mouth dropped. ''Its obvious by the injuries caused to some of the criminals she's new to her powers. I look forward to meeting her, but only after she gets a better handle on her powers. Hopefully she plans on helping people. As I mentioned before, everyone has a story, its just a matter of listening. I've been hearing complaints of rising number of vigilantes and stuff. While it might be ideal for gifted people such as her to end up inadvertently being one of our great men and women in blue that's not always the case. I don't have any loved ones that can get in danger from associating with me since I associate with everyone. I can only wish this Spider-Girl well and hopes she realizes what she is getting into.''

Mary Jane couldn't help but smile. She got the attention of the Shinobi. She was not going to let him down. Or at least what she hoping. She was going to need some positive publicity. She needed to get the public to see that she was a good person and she wanted to help. She may not have had that in mind when she started, but saving that guard felt good. Stopping those robbers from making off with the bank money felt even better. Yeah, Spider-Girl was here and she was there to stay.