Our Piece: Compass left behind, it'll only slow them down; their hearts will be their guide as they raise the sails and take the helm. These legendary people that you will submit to me will go on their own journey, the new era of One Piece! (to the tune of Funimation's "We Are").

Once again, the world of four oceans seems to be on the brink of turmoil. Ever since the mysterious disappearance of Monkey D. Luffy, the King of the Pirates, and his crew; the balance of power is once again tediously placed between the world government and pirates. Out of the chaos appear an underdog rookie and his rag tag crew searching for adventure and trying to fulfill their dreams. Submit your own character to be part of the new era!



Physical Appearance: (Hair, skin, height, clothes, tattoos, scars, ect.)


Occupation:(pirate, marine, bounty hunter, etc. in addition to chef, navigator, sniper, ect.)

Affiliations (If relevant): (particular pirate crew, world government, crime association)


Back Story:


Devil Fruit (If character has):

Powers/Abilities: (fighting style and/or useful skills)

Other traits:

I am so excited to see your character ideas!