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Casey folded her arms across her chest, standing beside Olivia, who in turn was staring at the cops. "Okay, no offense to anyone is meant by this, but seeing the police on our doorstep in the middle of the night is slightly un-nerving," the attorney remarked. "What I find even more frustrating is the fact that my wife is a detective, and that, last time I checked, no one in this house is a criminal, or harboring one. May I ask, then, why two fine officers like yourselves are calling upon us?" she asked, her voice dripping with sarcasm. There were many things the attorney was capable in the middle of the night. Respect for late night calls was not one of them.

Olivia sighed. "It's okay. They are probably just on normal patrol."
"Really?" Casey asked. "When you do normal patrol, do you by chance stop at houses that happen to be in your sector?"

"No," Olivia conceded. She sighed again and looked at the two officers. "How are you tonight?"

Casey scoffed, knowing Olivia was trying to balance her anger, but it was doing little to help. Meanwhile, the dark haired officer, who appeared to be in his early thirties, adjusted his belt and said "We're good, ma'am. As you guessed, we were on patrol in this area, until we got a call. We were told that there was a man with a knife running around the neighborhood. The call came in from a terrified housewife, and we wondering if you saw anything?"

"We have been upstairs with our baby and a guest for most of the night. I didn't hear anything."

Olivia stepped in. "When I came down to get our drinks earlier, I thought I heard a commotion down the street. I opened the front door, but by then it had stopped, and I assumed it was merely a couple arguing." She ignored Casey's confused look.

The older officer, who must have been nearly fifty, and who Casey thought should lay off of the doughnuts, jotted down everything Olivia said. "Thank you, Detective. Do you happen to remember from which direction the ruckus came?"

"Left," Olivia responded immediately. "At first I thought it was from the house three doors down from ours, because they fight every night. I did not hear anything out of the ordinary."

"Thank you. That will be very helpful. I wish we had come here first. Cops are always more helpful than civilians," the older officer remarked. He and his partner smiled at the two women, then left.

Casey turned to Olivia. "So there's a madman running down the street with a knife, and what, we're supposed to just sit here and drink tea?"
"Fat chance," Olivia replied, instantly slipping into cop mode. Casey followed her upstairs and into their bedroom. The detective grabbed her gun and shield from the nightstand and turned to her wife. "I'm going to help them find him. I'm not going to relax when my family could be at stake. We know nothing about this weirdo. He could be a rapist or a murderer or both. There is no way in hell I'm letting him anywhere near you or our daughter." Olivia kissed Casey softly, then placed a tender kiss on the redhead's swollen stomach. "Turn all of the lights off. I will bolt every single door in the house and draw the curtains on every window. The alarms are wired if he even tries to break in, and I'm sure Chocolate will tell him off." She kissed Casey again.

"He may not even come back," Casey said. "If he was seen running away, then he's fleeing. Why would he turn around?"

"Casey, I don't trust civilian statements," Olivia replied. "They can be accurate or inaccurate, but I don't believe anything until I see it for myself. You know that. For all we know, he could be running to the store for a beer."

Casey sighed. "How likely is that?"

Olivia merely shook her head. "Stranger things have happened. Now do as I say. And I want you, Alex, and the baby to be in the attic. It's the safest place."

"Oh yeah, we'll be perfectly safe. Let's all sip martinis while my wife is on the street chasing after a shadow. Olivia, please, let the uniforms handle it."

"Casey, you saw that younger one. He was stuttering, he had no idea what was going on, and he was completely dominated by the other officer. Maybe he's a great detective underneath that cowering exterior, but I doubt it. And I promised, when I became a detective, to protect the people at all costs. Sex crimes, murders, you name it. Being in one bureau doesn't mean you can't assist another. This is dangerous. I have to do my duty. I have to protect my family and the citizens, or innocent lives could be lost." Olivia kissed Casey again. "Just trust me, sweetie. Please."

Casey sighed, sitting down on the edge of the bed. "If you get shot, I will kill you for dying on me."

Olivia chuckled. "That's a great thing to look forward to." She shook her head and kissed Casey one last time, and, promising she would be back, left the room. A few minutes later, Chocolate perked up, which meant she had heard the front door close.

"Okay, beautiful, come with me," Casey said, reaching down to scratch behind Chocolate's ears. The puppy wagged her tail eagerly, assuming an attentive stance. She followed Casey into the nursery. Casey paused beside her daughter's crib. She was torn between obeying Olivia and waking Samantha, who was fast asleep. Then, the realization of what they could be dealing with dawned on her, and the attorney gingerly lifted her daughter out of the crib and into her arms. Samantha stirred, and Casey comforted her. Chocolate in tow, they exited the bedroom and walked up the stairs. Reaching the next floor, Casey made her way down the hall and knocked on Alex's door. "Alex, are you asleep?" she called out.

"I'm awake." A few seconds later, the door opened, and Alex poked her head out. Noticing Casey, the baby, and the dog, she paused. "Is it morning already?"

Casey shook her head. "No. Olivia wants us all in the attic."

"She has officially lost her mind," Alex murmured, shaking her head.

"Now, let's be fair. She lost her mind a long time ago," Casey answered, cracking a tiny smile. "But.." She regained her seriousness. "The police were here a few minutes ago." Seeing the concern immediately flash across Alex's face, the attorney quickly said "Everyone's okay. They wanted information. Apparently someone called 9/11 and said that there was a mad man roaming the streets screaming and wielding a knife. Naturally, they called the officers who were on patrol in this neighborhood, and they were going from house to house asking questions."

Alex nodded as she listened. "Well, this is a crazy time of year. Where is Olivia?"

"Olivia decided that she was going to go help them. She ordered us to confine ourselves in the attic until she got home."

"Leave it to her. She's the protector and everyone else is the damsel in distress." Alex sighed. "Alright. Let's go."

Casey followed her up the remaining stairs and into the attic. Once inside, the redhead closed the door tightly and locked it. She even blocked it with a chair in case of disaster. "Alex, can you get the window?" she asked, placing the baby in the play pen they kept in the attic. Samantha was beginning to wake up, and she fussed when Casey put her down. "I'm here, honey," Casey assured her.

Alex sat down in an old rocking chair in the corner after closing the curtains. "Do you think this guy is dangerous?"

Casey shrugged. She dangled one of Samantha's old toys over the play pen. The baby had lost interest in it after it had been replaced with something bigger and better, but it was as if Samantha sensed the tension, because she took it happily, and began gnawing on the teddy bear's stuffed head. "I don't know what I think," she answered. "I know how dangerous the city is. I mean, we all see that every day. But someone running down the street naked, wearing a knife? For all we know, it's someone drunk. Or maybe it's a homeless man chasing after someone who tried to hurt him. That could explain why he was naked. But I do not feel as if this is a dangerous person. I think, first of all, if he were truly dangerous, he would have been dressed, masked, the whole shebang."

"What if he's high?" Alex asked. "Maybe he is on cocaine or LSD or something equally mind-altering. That could explain why he's naked. People do strange things when they are high."

"Right," Casey conceded. "And I guess the knife could mean he's paranoid. But it doesn't add up. He was running, and it didn't seem as if he had hurt anyone from way the police spoke. It's just some nut job running down the street. And yet here we are, locked in the attic while Olivia chases after him. And what if he's not even real? People have prank called 9/11 for everything, especially this."

Alex nodded, crossing her legs in the darkness. "I know what you mean, and I agree fully. I suppose we will have to wait and see."
Casey sighed, looking at her daughter, who was still teething on her teddy bear. "Part of me hopes this is all some sick joke, and part of me hopes they actually do find him. I mean if he is real...then we may or may not be in danger. For now, we are stuck in the attack. Chocolate, don't chew on that." Chocolate looked up guiltily from gnawing on a cardboard box, and jumped into Casey's lap. Casey scratched the puppy's head. "You're a bad girl," she murmured, though the little dog was too adorable to be truly angry with, and all she could muster was a minutely admonishing tone.

Casey had fallen asleep in the arm chair across from Alex when she was startled awake by sirens. "What the-" She lifted her head and rubbed her eyes sleepily. "I guess he was real after all," she murmured when she realized that the sirens, judging by the blaring shrieks, could only be a few houses down the street.

A half hour later, someone pounded on the attic door. "Casey, it's me. Open the door."
"Sorry, don't know a me," Casey called out. "I may need further introduction."

"Casey Elizabeth!" Olivia scolded. She hit the door again. "Let me in."

Casey shook her head and stood up, unblocking the door and unlocking it. Once Olivia was inside, Casey sat down in the arm chair again. Olivia perched on the arm beside her, looking at the two attorneys. "We caught him."

"So he was real?" Casey asked, too sleepy to realize the redundancy of her question.

Olivia nodded. "After the uniforms cuffed him and tied a blanket around him, he was placed in the car. He wouldn't tell us much, but we managed to gather that he was with a hooker in his car, and she stole the car from him, leaving him to chase after it screaming."

Casey stifled her laughter at the mere visual. "Uh...then why the knife?" she asked.

"According to him, the hooker brought it with her, begging him to hold it to her throat while they..." Olivia shook her head. "The things people do..."

Alex interjected. "How do we know he wasn't raping her?"
Olivia sighed, folding her hands in her lap. "There were no offensive wounds on him, and he gave me the hooker's phone number and name. How real either one is, I don't know, but I have to believe he wouldn't try to use her as an alibi if he raped her. However, we will be investigating."

Casey nodded, laying her head on her wife's shoulder. "Good luck. Is it bed time now?"

Olivia kissed the top of her head. "Yes," she murmured. "Everything is safe."