Hours later, Casey curled up on her side, looking at Olivia. "It's three AM," she murmured. "We were at it for four hours."

Olivia checked the clock with a smile. "Mm. Yes we were. What else is new?" she asked, pulling Casey into her arms for a passionate kiss. The detective paused, noticing how quiet Casey had fallen. "Baby, are you okay?" she asked, brushing a stray red curl out of Casey's emerald eyes.

"Huh? Oh." Casey smiled. "No. I was just having one of those moments...thinking..spacing out." She shrugged. "I'm back to Earth now, I promise."
Olivia, however, wasn't letting it slide. "When my wife spaces out and leaves the planet, I like to know why. You're obsessing."

"No." Casey sighed when saw Olivia's chocolate brown gaze narrow. "Okay, maybe," she admitted. She sat up, holding the comforter to her naked body. "It's not what you think."
"Then what is it?" Olivia asked. She reached for a chocolate kiss from the bowl beside their bed, unwrapping it and handing it to Casey. "It's the mint flavor. Your favorite."

Casey thanked her quietly. Without eating the candy, she launched into explanation. "I was just thinking about Jameson. Like I said, no judge is going to sign a warrant on the evidence we have, and since he lawyered up, we can't talk to him." She sighed, falling against the pillows and staring up at the ceiling. "We're screwed."

"How romantic. Right after sex, she's thinking about a rapist," Olivia muttered.

Casey turned her head to glare at the detective. "Don't try telling me it doesn't bother you, because I know it does. In fact, those crinkles at the corners of your eyes tell me so, because you only get them when you're pissed off. Olivia, what are we going to do about this?"

"It does bother me. But Casey, we can't do anything right this minute. Besides, don't you think I already thought of this problem? There's a reason I have a partner, you know. As much as I regret it sometimes...he is a good researcher."

Casey shrugged, eating her chocolate kiss and throwing her legs over the bed. "There's too many of us and not enough of them. Ugh, I mean there's too many of them and not enough of us." She growled and stormed into the bathroom, muttering to herself as she closed the door.

"Pregnancy hormones," Olivia murmured, grabbing her boxers and redressing. "I'm going downstairs for a minute," she called to the closed door, sighing when she heard the running water.

She fed the dog, letting her in before returning to the kitchen. Ten minutes later, she stirred sugar into Casey's chamomile. It was one of two things that soothed the pregnant attorney when she was in one of her moods, next to chocolate.

Carrying the tea upstairs, Olivia placed it on Casey's nightstand and knocked on the bathroom door. "Case?" she called. "I made you some tea. Are you feeling okay?"

Casey opened the door. She was wearing her favorite black silk robe. "I'm fine. Never better. Jameson is really getting on my nerves. Thanks for the tea." She kissed Olivia, who rolled her eyes, shaking her head the minute the younger woman's back was turned. Casey sat on the bed with her tea, blowing on it. Steam rose out of the cup, billowing into the air and dissipating.

"I know, honey. He's getting on everyone's nerves. Thirty seven women...and all we can do is watch helplessly from the sidelines. However, as awful as this situation is, I meant it when I said I'll fix it. That bastard is going to pay for every last punch he inflicted, every drop of blood he spilled." Olivia sighed, turning to face Casey. "Casey, your feet look extremely sore."

Casey shrugged. "They are. But I'm fine. They are just a little swollen is all."

Olivia shook her head, positioning herself at the edge of the bed. She gently reached for the attorney's swollen feet. "Let me help," she murmured as she began to massage them.

"Olivia." Casey moaned softly. "God, is there anything you're not good at?" she asked, her feet slowly relaxing into Olivia's touch. "Do you know if Amaro found anything that can be of use to us?" she asked.

"He hasn't texted me yet. When he does, I'll let you know. In the meantime, I want you to relax, and try not to think about it. The stress is not good for you or the baby."

Casey knew, as much as she wanted to try to figure the mess out, Olivia was right. She needed to protect the baby at all costs, and the stress that Jameson's attacks were inflicting was incredible. It had to be dangerous to their little one. As Olivia continued to massage her feet, Casey sipped her tea, remaining quiet, save the occasional moan of pleasure.

"You know what we can talk about?" Olivia asked, her gaze locking with Casey's. The brunette smirked, seeing the younger woman's curious look. "We can talk about how incredible that was. Baby, I'll be lucky if I can work in the morning after that."

Casey blushed. "It's all the pent up stress and anger, I guess. Well, that and the pregnancy hormones that you apparently think I have so much of."

"Casey, please." Olivia smiled, moving up to kiss her. "You're crying one minute and laughing the next. You're constantly horny. And you obsess over everything...well, you did that before, but now it's worse. Don't get me wrong. Motherhood definitely becomes you, but your personality is definitely hormonal."

Casey opened her mouth to argue, but she quickly closed it, settling instead for a pout. She knew how right Olivia was, and that she had no place to argue. "You're right," she said, changing the subject. "It was amazing. It always is, but that...that was something we haven't had in a very long time." She nuzzled into the older woman's neck.

Olivia kissed the top of her head. "I love you. No matter what happens, no matter who tries to come between us, I will always love you."

"Well, that's good, because I'm a mess without you. Oh, who am I kidding? I'm a mess with you," Casey answered, laughing. She laid her head on the older woman's chest, closing her eyes slowly. However, just as she was about to fall asleep, Olivia's phone vibrated on the nightstand.

Olivia sighed and answered it. "Benson." Casey remained quiet throughout the conversation, hearing, of course, Olivia's end only. "You did? Oh, that's great. Yes, I'll tell her. Do what you need to do, but he needs to be brought in. I'll be in around eight. If you need me sooner, just call." The brunette hung up, smiling at Casey's eyebrows, which were arched hopefully. "How happy would you be to know that Amaro found a loophole?"

"Happier than a kitten with a ball of yarn." Casey sat up suddenly, then regretted it. "Oh, bad baby," she murmured at her stomach. "Uh. Anyway...did he find the loophole I think he found?" Seeing Olivia's curious gaze, Casey smiled. "Did he not sign a form to officially invoke?"

"He did. The loophole is more complex than that, and something Jameson will certainly try to bypass. He was picked up in an assault against a prostitute this morning."

Casey sighed. "Olivia, it doesn't matter. His invocation counts regardless of what he is arrested for."
"You didn't let me finish," Olivia pointed out. She continued. "When he was arrested and read Miranda, he interrupted Fin, telling him to go to hell. When Fin tried to tell him he had the right to an attorney, Jameson screamed that he had fired his attorney that morning, and that he didn't do anything wrong this time, and no longer needed an attorney."

"What an idiot. Does he not realize that he will still be charged with the original list of crimes?" Casey asked, shaking her head as Olivia gave her another chocolate kiss.

"Who knows? What matters in this moment is that we're back in. We'll interrogate him about his attack on the prostitute, and hopefully in the process, use our powers of persuasion to get him to confess to the other attacks."

Casey smiled. "That's great, Olivia." She kissed the brunette softly, pulling back to gaze into her eyes. She moaned when Olivia pulled her closer. When the brunette tugged on her nipples, the redhead whimpered against her, wanting to pull away, but finding herself unable to. Her arousal curled within her, seemingly stronger than it was before they started.

It was, ultimately, Olivia who broke the embrace. "I'm torn between my sexy wife, and knowing that I have to get my butt to work in less than four hours."

Casey looked into Olivia's eyes. "You've stayed up for three days before," she murmured, her fingers tracing patterns across the older woman's olive skin. Part of her felt guilty for keeping Olivia up, but she was also torn herself, because it was rare for them to have so long to spend as a couple, between work and the baby, among other things.

"You're very talented at arguing," Olivia whispered in her ear. "But if I fall asleep and drool on my desk, in front of the guys, it's your fault."

"Blame duly accepted," Casey answered, grinning. She pinched Olivia gently, smirking when the older woman threw her head back. Olivia pulled the attorney into her arms, kissing her passionately. Her fingers wandered down the redhead's pale skin, which flushed as a spark of arousal shot through her. "I love you," Casey moaned, wrapping her arms around the brunette's neck. Her tongue circled Olivia's playfully, before being pinned by the older woman's. "I want you," the young woman purred. "I want you more than anything in the world."

"And?" Olivia asked, raking her nails down each of Casey's hips.

Casey whimpered, arching her body off of the bed. Olivia had pinned her, sometime between the battle of the tongues and the incredibly hot nail raking. "And what?" she moaned. She knew what Olivia wanted her to say, but she struggled not to, attempting to defy her.

Olivia drummed her fingers on the attorney's hips. "I'm waiting," she murmured. Still, she got no response from Casey. "Okay. I guess you just don't want me. I need to take care of some things." She sat up, attempting to get out of bed. However, Casey's legs wrapped around her waist pleadingly.

"Please," Casey moaned weakly. "Olivia, I need you. You know I need you...so badly...please.."

"Are you sure? I think you're just saying that to keep me here."

"Olivia, please!" Her resolve had fallen quite quickly, but Casey was far too worked up to care. All she could think about, all she wanted to feel was Olivia inside of her, torturing her into oblivion. "Please," she moaned. She hadn't realized it, but her fingers had latched onto Olivia's hair, yanking on it.

Olivia growled quietly, kissing her deeply. Her fingers trailed down the redhead's body. "I need you too," she whispered in Casey's ear. "Forever."

An hour later, Casey snuggled under the covers, Olivia beside her. Both women were panting, and both were flushed with the afterglow that only sex provided. "Jesus Christ," Casey murmured. "H-how many stars are on the ceiling? I sort of lost track."

Olivia chuckled weakly. It was clear that the detective was out of breath. "None, baby. No stars...just the ceiling. Are you okay?"

"Okay in the sense that I feel okay, or okay in the sense that I'll never be able to walk again?" Casey asked, only half joking. All she remembered was grabbing onto Olivia, screaming her name...and then...nothing. She had completely lost any sense of anything. Her wife had truly sent her into the most incredible oblivion.

They had just snuggled together when two sharp noises rang over the baby monitor. Casey sighed as Olivia reached over and turned it off. "I'll get the baby."

"I'll get the dog," Olivia answered. The two women broke apart, quickly pulling themselves into robes as they rushed to tend to the needs of their two little ones.

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