Song: Amazed by Lonestar

TV Show: Nine Lives of Chloe King

Ok, this is one of my favorite bands of all time. They write some of the best songs. And even the songs they do redo by different artists are amazing. Anyway it's Chloe and Alek's one year anniversey. Not a wedding anniversey, but just a dating anniversey. Chloe is 17 and Alek is 18. Hope you enjoy it. Btw, Brian is still alive, but don't worry, he'll get what's coming to him. Well, at least what I think he has coming to him. I never liked him. Well, maybe for the first twenty seconds, but the British accent that Alek has gives him such an unfair advantage when smooth talking. Anyway, I'm done rambling, on with the show!

"Hey girl, you excited?" Amy asked me. "It's yours and Aleks one year anniversey! You know if he has anything special planned?"

"I don't know, Amy," I said. "Alek's been really distant for the past week. I think that he might break up with me."

"WHAT? You're kidding me right? Please tell me you're kidding me!" Amy exclaimed. "Trust me, that boy is so not going to break up with you. He's really been-" Amy stopped, her eyes widdening as she relised that she almost said something that she shouldn't have.

"Amy," I said, my tone of voice warning her. "What do you know?"

"Uh, well I-I mean," she said, trying to stall for time. "Look, there's Paul. Hey, Paul!" Amy called, running across the hall to her boyfriend.

Sighing at Amy's crazy antics, I turned back to my locker, waiting for the final bell to ring. Suddenly, I felt a strong pair of arms wrap around my waist, and heard a very familar accent. "Happy Anniversey, love," Alek whispered in my ear, sending pleasureable shivers down my spin.

I turned around, smiling. "Happy Anniversey to you too, Cocky Bastard," I told him, smiling. He chuckled at the nickname I picked up on, then leaned down to kiss me. I kissed him back, pouring all the love I had for him into the kiss.

He pulled back, but still kept his arms around my waist. "So love, I was thinking that for our anniversey, you could come over to the penthouse, and could I make you dinner. Then I have a little suprise that I want to show you."

"That sounds great," I said, smiling up at him. He leaned down for another quick kiss, but I turned away at the last second so that way he would kiss my cheek. "But first, I have to go to work. How about you pick me up at my house at say, seven?" I said.

Alek groaned, pouting slightly, before he perked up a little bit. "Fine, but I'm driving you to and from work, and I'm watching you from the coffee shop."

I smiled. "Deal," I said, before reaching up on my toes to chastely kiss his lips. He tried to deepen it, but I pulled away. "Save it for tonight," I said, just before the bell rang, releasing us from this prison we call school for the next two days. I finished grabbing my stuff, before heading out to the parking lot, toward midnight blue Alek's Jaguar. (I know that it's been done a thousand times, but I had to have Alek drive a Jaguar. It was just too tempting. And tell me that you can't see him driving that. I dare you.) I hopped in after Alek opened the passenger side door for me. Such a gentleman. After getting in himself, he leaned over to give me another quick kiss, before starting the car, and driving like a mad man to the vintage clothing store that I worked at.

"I'll be over there." Alek pointed over to his usual table. I nodded, before checking in with Lana.

She was in the middle of checking the sales books when when I tapped her sholder. She looked up from the book with suprise. "You're five minuets early," She said. "Looks like I was right. This one is a good influence on you." Her tone was smug as she smirked, looking over at Alek who was ordering something at the coffee shop. "Oh, and I decided to grant your request for time off. I'll let you go a half hour early today. But just this once." And with that, she burried her nose back into the sales books.

About an hour and a half later I was hanging up clothes that had just been marked, when I felt a pair of familar, strong arms wrap around my waist. "Now that would look good on you, love," Alek said into my ear, making me shiver again. In my hand, I held a barely there, half see through baby blue top. It was more like something that you see certian people wear when to go clubbing. Of course he would want me to wear something like that, for his own personal enjoyment, no doubt.

"You know, it amazes me that we have been together for a year, and you still can't get over seeing me in something like that," I said. I turned around in his arms so that I could give him a kiss on his cheek.

He just smirked. God, I couldn't decide which I wanted to do more; slap it off, or kiss it off. "Yeah, but that's one of the many things that you just love about me." He leaned down to give me a kiss just before the bell rang, signaling a customer. Suddenly, Alek pulled away from me gently, stepping in front of me slightly, as if to protect me. "What are you doing here?" He growled at the customer. I looked around Alek's shoulder, to see who he was talking to. I gasped slightly when I saw who it was. I hadn't seen him in months, when he tried to get me to leave Alek for him.

"Brian, what are you doing here?" I asked, repeating Alek's earlier question.

He gave me and Alek a cold glare. "I'm here to see if he's done with you, and if you're ready I can deliver you that 'I told you so' and sholder to cry on that I promised you." He sneared at the two of us, his gray eyes colder than they were a few moments before.

"Well, then," I started. "I'm sorry to disapoint, but you won't need to give me the 'I told you so' and crying sholder that you wanted to give me. Now if you'll excuse me, I'd like to finish my shift, so that I can go home early and get ready for my anniversey date tonight."

That seemed to make Brian even angrier. His face took on that of a shocked expression "Anniversey date? Are you kidding me, Chloe?" Alek moved to sheild me behind him even more, in case Brian suddenly became hostile. Suddenly, Brian's face went back to it's hard angry look from before. "You know what? Fine, go out with him tonight. In fact, go out with him for another five years, get married to him, and have twelve kids with him! I don't fricking care any more. I'm done with you. So just remember that when he does eventually break your heart - and trust me, he will, - I won't be here when that happens. I can't believe that I took another year off of school for you." And with that, he stormed out of the store.

I smiled, and Alek turned around, smiling as well. "Well, that takes care of that little problem," he said.

I nodded in agrement. "Now you go off, and I'll be over there in less than thirty minuets. Then we can head back to my place, and I'll change while you're at the penthouse, preparing dinner." My hand wandered up his shirt, 'till my fingers were twisted in his hair. "Then you can show me that surprise that you said you had for me." Alek's eyes hooded with want, as leaned down to kiss me, but I pulled away at the last second. "Nah ah ah. After work. Then you can kiss me all you want. Untill then, I have to hang up cloathing. And no suggestions to my atire," I told him playfully.

Alek pouted, then slumped away back to the table where he left his stuff. Thirty minuets came and went, and before I knew it, we were in Alek's car, speeding toward my house. After a great make out sesion in my room I finally kicked Alek out. "I need to get ready, and you need to start dinner. It's almost six thirty, so that means you have about thirty minuets to drive back to you're place, cook the food, then come back here and get me."

He sighed, seeing the logic in my words. "Fine. I'll be back in thirty minuets." He kissed my head and then jumped out the window. As soon as I was sure he was gone, I quickly changed in to a cute knee length draped purple skirt and black leggings with a black lace top that had wide sleves. I added a gold owl necklace that fell to the middle of my chest, and a small cat ring that was almost compleatly made out of rhinestones, except for the cats eyes, which were a blue kind of stone. After adding a natural looking makeup, a fedora that was the same shade of purple as my skirt with a black paisley design, and black slouchy boots that fell to mid calf, it was 6:58.

Mom still wasn't home so I left her a note on a table telling her where I was, and not to worry about anything. Since it was a Friday, she knew that I more than likely wouldn't be home untill tomorrow morning. I grabbed the anniversey gift that I had got for Alek off the kitchen counter just before the door bell rang signaling that my boyfriend had arrived.

I smiled. "Perfect timeing," I said, giving Alek a peck on the cheek. He was dressed in dark green button down shirt that really brought out his hazel eyes, with dark wash jeans that hung on his hips in just the right way. In his hand was a bouquet of my favorite flowers; white roses mixed with bleeding hearts. (Those are my favorite flowers. I couldn't think of anything else.) "They're beautiful, Alek," I said as he handed me the flowers. "You really didn't have to."

"Of course I did," he said, whispering into me. "Besides, what boyfriend wouldn't bring his girlfriend her favorite flowers on their anniversey?" He asked, using that smirk that made me want to melt right into his arms. I rolled my eyes at him, then led Alek to the kitchen so that I could grab a vase. When I turned around after placing the flowers in the vase with water, I found Alek standing directly behind me with the look on his face that he got when he was about to kiss me.

"Not now, tiger," I said, putting a hand on his chest as he leaned down to kiss me. "Later tonight. I promise." He mumbled something about later not being soon enough, but complied and led me out to his car. With the way that Alek drove, it took us only minuets to get to the penthouse. Surprisingly, Alek didn't try anything on the elevator ride up to the apartment. After Alek had unlocked the door, I could smell the chicken alfredo that he had made. The lights were dimmed, and as I looked at the kitchen island, I noticed that it was set with red rose petels scattered around on top of it, a pair of candles burning, one on each end of the table and the chicken alfredo layed out across from each other, so that when we ate, Alek and I would be looking right at each other. I was utterly speachless.

"Chloe?" Alek asked. "Are you okay, love? Do you not like it? 'Cause if you don't then I ca-" I cut him by kissing him on the mouth, hard. He responded quickly, but confused. When I pulled away from his honey and vanilla tasting lips, we were both breathless, but Alek still had a confused look on his face.

"This is perfect. No, it's more than perfect. There aren't words to even describe this. You are absoutly, positively, the most perfect boyfriend in the world." He smiled at me, relived that I loved this. He lead me to the island where the food was. It was perfect, the setting, the food, the guy. I knew that Alek was a good cook, but I didn't know that he was this good.

After dinner, Alek cleared our places, and blew out the candles after turning the lights back on, but only slightly. "Do you want your gift now, or later?" I asked him.

I recived a look that clearly said, You're kidding me, right? I giggled at him before handing the carefully wrapped box. He tore at the paper, like a child might on Christmas, then threw the lid off of the small box. His eyes widened at the gift that was inside. Carefully nestled inside the tissue paper, was a artfully framed picture of a young couple, no older than twenty-five. The man had a lightly toussled dirty-blonde hair, that fell into his eyes, but not enough so that you couldn't see his sky blue eyes. The woman had carmel hair with natural red highlights and hazle eyes. They held a baby in their arms, that had inherited his fathers blonde hair and his mothers hazel eyes. The three of them stood infront of a Russian palace.

"Chloe...where did you get this?" Alek asked in awe as he looked at the photo of him and his parents.

"Valanetina gave it to me. She said that this would make the perfect anniversey present."

Alek wrapped his arms around me in a gentle and loving hug. He then kissed the top of my head before whispering, "This is the most perfect gift that anyone could give me. Thank you, darling. I love you." I smiled up at him, his eyes were filled with tears as I reached up to kiss him.

"I love you too, Alek," was my reply.

"Now it's your turn," he said, before getting up off of the sofa. I gave him a confused look. "I'll be right back," he told me, before heading into his room. He was back five seconds later, with his gutiar in one hand, and CD case in another.

"What are you up too?" I asked him.

"Just hush." He sat back down on the couch, the gutair across his lap. "This is part one of your present," he told me, before he began to play. He strummed the instrument for a few moments, before he began to sing.

Every time our eyes meet,
This feeling inside me,
Is almost more than I can take,
Baby when you touch me,
I can feel how much you love me,
And it just blows me away,
I've never been this close to anyone,
Or anything,
I can hear your thoughts,
I can see your dreams,
I don't know how you do what you do,
I'm so in love with you,
It just keeps getting better,
I wanna spend the rest of my life,
With you by my side,
Forever and ever,
Every little thing that you do,
Baby I'm amazed by you,
The smell of your skin,
The taste of you kiss,
The way you whisper in the dark,
Your hair all around me,
Baby you suround me,
You touch every place in my heart,
Oh it feels like the first time,
I wanna spend the whole night,
In your eyes,
I don't know how you do what you do,
I'm so in love with you,
It just keeps getting better,
I wanna spend the rest of my life,
With you by my side,
Forever and ever,
Every little thing that you do,
Baby I'm amazed by you,
Every little thing that you do,
I'm so in love with you,
It just keeps getting better,
I wanna spend the rest of my life,
With you by my side,
Forever and ever,
Every little thing that you do,
Every little thing that you do,
Baby I'm amazed by you.

By the time that Alek was finished, I had tears in my eyes. "That was amazing, Alek. No, it was perfect. You're perfect. I can't believe that you did that." I smiled up at him.

He smile back at me. "You're welcome, love." He grabbed the CD case that was next to him. "This is the second part of your gift. I recorded some music for you." He handed me the CD case. On the front was a picture of the two of us, just snuggling together on the couch in my living room. The back of the case was white with words in a light blue print. There were at least twenty songs, all sung by Alek.

My eyes filled with even more tears. I couldn't believe it; the most perfect guy in the entire world, was all mine, forever. "I love you, Alek Petrov."

"I love you too, Chloe King," Alek told me, before leaning in to kiss my neck. "You know," he whispered in my ear, making the shivers run down my spine again, "when Mai fall in love, we fall in love for life."

I pulled away, staring at him in shock. "Are you serious?" He nodded. I was frozen for a moment. Then I threw my arms around him, locking my lips to his in a passionate kiss. He responded with a great amount of enthusiasim. I pulled away to breath, then looked into those beautiful hazel eyes of his. He really was all mine. Forever and ever.

This anniversey has been compleatly, totally, and utterly amazing.

So, what you think? Was that not a totally sweet thing that Alek did? I would love it if my boyfriend did something like that for me. First I have to get my first boyfriend. And who didn't think that Chloe gave Alek the perfect anniversey present? That was one of the hardest parts of writing. I'd like to thank my mother for helping me with that part. I never could've done that without her. And if you didn't catch the name and group who preformed the song at the top, it's Amazed by Lonestar. One of my favorite bands. Sadly, they haven't done anything new since I was 8, because they are now retired. So with that, I hope you don't mind reviwing this story. I'm still taking requests. Either leave them in a review, or PM me with them. Thanx. Again, review please!