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Riley Hamilton woke up groggily one morning and wiped the sleep out of her eyes. She stretched and then threw her long, wavy auburn hair into a ponytail and climbed out of her bed in her little apartment in London. She cursed to herself that it was Monday and she had to go into the ministry. She was just completing her training as and Auror and would officially be one in a few weeks. She showered quickly, shoved some toast into her mouth and headed off to work.

"Morning Riley" Harry Potter smiled at his best friend when he saw her exit one of the floos into the ministry. She smiled and walked over to him. His hair was brushed to the side a bit and he looked a little anxious.

"Stop Harry, it's going to be an easy day, where is 'Mione?" she asked absently as they walked amongst the crowd of people around them.

"She should have been here by now," he frowned. A familiar click of heels behind them signaled her presence. She looked out of breath.

"Sorry, Ron and I were…" Hermione blushed and Harry waved her off, "Too much too early Hermione, let's just get this over with so we can go and have a nice dinner with everyone," he laughed which promptly shut her up. They walked into the room where they were to be having one of their final tests. Riley and Hermione sat next to each other. Hermione quickly whispered something about having to talk to her later and Riley nodded before Sirius Black and Remus Lupin walked into the room. Their presence automatically hushed everyone. Riley looked over to Neville Longbottom and Draco Malfoy on the other side of the room. She couldn't believe that all together, the five of them made up the new class of Auror's and they had all graduated from the same year at Hogwarts. It had only taken a year for their Auror training to culminate to this day and she could hardly believe it. She couldn't have ever asked for better friends, or for a better best friend; the man sitting beside her—Harry Potter.

Riley took her wand out and played with it a little as Sirius and Remus went over the criteria for their final exam. They would each have a dual with one of them. Riley smirked—too easy. Hermione was trying her best to hide a confident smile as well. Today was shaping up better than Riley thought it would for a Monday…there was just the little road bump that would be Molly's dinner that night. Molly Weasley had made it a habit for all of her very large extended family to get together every Monday night to start the week off well.

And this week it was "bring your significant other" week. And Riley had no one to bring, as usual. It irked her to no end that all of her friends were in a relationship and she wasn't. She constantly fretted about what was wrong with her, if she was pretty enough, or smart enough. Harry ribbed her hard to bring her back to reality. It was her turn.


"Oh Riley dear how have you been?" Molly hugged Riley fiercely as soon as she walked through the door. Riley blushed, she loved Molly but always felt a bit of an outsider when she was with the entire clan on Monday nights. And she had been dreading tonight. The only thing that made it easier was that she was officially an Auror now, and tonight they were going to celebrate.

"I'm great Molly, how are you?" she replied.

"Wonderful dear, still no lad?" she asked, concerned, as if her eggs were shriveling as they spoke. Riley blushed and shook her head. Molly gave her a sad little pat on the back and walked back to the kitchen. Riley stood there, awkwardly in her dark denim jeans that hugged her slightly curvy waist and the frilly white tank top that showed off her pale snowy skin and arms nicely in contrast to her green eyes and long auburn locks. She sat down on one of the Weasley's many chairs and waited for Harry to show up.

Looking around, Riley couldn't help but smile. She saw Hermione and Ron setting the table. They had been together for two years now and were more than in love. Bill and Fluer Delacour were having a sweet, hushed conversation on the stairs. Ginny and her boyfriend Cedric Diggory were sitting by the fire playing wizard's chess and George was cuddling with his girlfriend Angelina Johnson on the opposite couch. Fred, single as well, gave Riley a sympathetic look from across the room. She nodded, knowing he understood how awkward nights like this were for some of them.

The doorbell rang, and Riley, being the closest, sprang up and answered it. She found Neville and Luna holding hands and gave a hearty congratulations to Neville for his work today. Harry was standing behind them, looking as awkward as Riley felt.

"It's just a big love fest in here isn't it?" he laughed a bit as she closed the door and the newest couple went to help Ron and Hermione with the table.

"Yes, sickening isn't it? Molly already cornered me about why I don't have a boyfriend," Riley groaned. Harry shook his head, "Riles, do you really want to be like all of them?"

She thought about it for a moment…yes, yes she did. Of course she wanted to be in a relationship. She had everything. She had a great job now, and an education at the best wizarding school in the world under her belt…yes, she did want to be like her friends.

But she shook her head no for Harry and followed him over to the dinner table, taking a place next to him. Mr. Weasley poured them all glasses of fire whiskey and they toasted to the four new Auror's at the table. Riley was so thankful for the amazing witches and wizards sitting around her, but she wanted so badly to have what they had, and she knew that deep down, Harry wanted that too.

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