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One Year Later

"Wow, Riley you look incredible," Hermione hugged her best friend as Riley, her, and Ginny stood in the girls' tent near the edge of the lake at Hogwarts, where Harry and her decided to get married.

She was looking at herself in the full length mirror in front of her and admiring just how good of a job Fleur and Ginny had done with her long auburn locks. Hermione had taken care of her makeup, and Luna had magicked her incredibly high pumps to be comfortable throughout the ceremony and reception that would take place in the rather large white tent that was being set up by the Weasley boys.

"I can't believe I am getting married," Riley whispered to herself and marveled at the pretty white dress she was wearing. Everything had turned out exactly as she hoped and she turned to hug her bridesmaids who were all wearing red dresses.

Since Hogwarts was so important to both of them, they had decided it would be the perfect place to finally make their relationship official. It was where Riley had fallen in love with Harry, and it meant so much to her.

"So you have something old, right dear?" Molly Weasley asked, checking her over. Her own mother was sitting in the corner of the tent, wiping happy tears with a handkerchief.

"Yes," she smiled, fingering her mum's necklace, "Something new right here…" she pointed to the diamond hair pins her bridesmaids had pulled together to buy for her.

"Something blue," Tonks said with a smile as she handed Riley the earrings Harry had bought for her and she quickly placed the sapphires in her ears, smiling.

"And every bride needs something borrowed," Sirius Black stepped into the tent with a black box and Riley smiled, walking over to hug him. So much had changed between them since a year ago, but in the course of those events he had made up with his Godson and him and Riley grew a deep friendship that was nothing more than platonic.

"How does my future husband look?" Riley questioned.

"Debonair, I would say," he smiled, "But nothing compared to his best men," he smirked, referencing himself and Ron. She took the box from him and opened it to find a thin lacy garter.

"You would be the one to give me this," she rolled her eyes.

"It was Lily's. I kept it for all these years for when Harry finally got married," he gave her a kiss on the cheek and left the tent. The girls helped her put it on and put the finishing touches on her before Hermione handed her a bouquet of red roses tied with gold ribbon. They had a slight Gryffindor theme to the wedding.

"Time to go," Ginny grinned and they stepped out of the tent, the girls fixing her train and placing the veil over her eyes. She couldn't have been more nervous. It had been a year of excitement and planning and waiting and today she was finally going to be married to Harry.

The music started playing as Hermione led Riley to the edge of the ceremony, which was on the grass facing the lake with a hundred white chairs set up on either sides of the aisle and Harry standing at the end under a gazebo of red roses with Kingsley officiating. To his left were Ron, Sirius, Remus, Bill, Cedric, and Neville. The seats were packed with their friends and family. People from the Ministry, from Hogwarts, everywhere. And they were all looking at her.

She didn't love the attention, but she focused on Bill and Fleur's sweet little girl as she walked down the aisle first throwing rose petals. Luna walked down the aisle first…well bounced down it, then Ginny, and Fleur, Tonks, and Riley's cousin Annie. Hermione was last, giving Riley a small smile before walking down the long aisle.

Riley's dad came to meet her, taking her arm in his as they began the walk down the aisle. Riley was shaking. She had never been so nervous, but when she finally caught sight of Harry, all of that nervousness went away as her father kissed her cheek and left her standing across from Harry.

"I am so happy to have you all here today to witness the marriage of Harry Potter and Riley Hamilton," Kingsley began and then his voice was nothing but noise to Riley, who couldn't help but smile her head off as she looked at Harry, felt the soft touch of Hermione behind her, and looked down the line at his groomsmen. She saw her parents in the front row, and two empty seats reserved for the spirit of James and Lily besides them. Draco was there too, honestly looking like he was fighting back tears.

"Do you, Harry James Potter take Riley to be your wife; to protect and honor, to cherish and love for the rest of your life?" Kingsley's voice brought them both back to reality.

"I do."

"And do you, Riley Elizabeth Hamilton take Harry to be your husband, to care for in times of struggle, and to celebrate with in times of happiness?"

"I do."

Sirius and Ron handed Kingsley the two rings. Harry slipped the dainty gold band on her finger above her engagement ring, and she slipped the larger on his hand.

"You may now kiss your beautiful bride," Kingsley smiled and Harry took her into a kiss instantly, the crown erupting into a happy roar for both of them as they kissed for the first time as husband and wife.


A few hours later, the sky was dark and the reception was in full swing in the glowing tent by the lake. There was no expense spared, and the live band was playing as the guests helped themselves to a never ending chocolate fountain which Remus was enjoying immensely, and plenty of champagne.

Harry and Riley were blissfully dancing together. They hadn't stopped smiling as he twirled her around the dance floor and they watched their friends enjoy themselves.

Bill dancing with his little girl Rose as Fleur watched, Cedric and Ginny who were newly engaged were lost in their own world in a dance. Hermione and Ron had been back together for months now, and Harry knew his friend was going to pop the question in a few weeks on Hermione's birthday. Remus and Tonks were a happy couple now too and Neville and Luna had gotten married just the month before. Everyone was happy.

Even Sirius looked slightly besotted with Riley's older cousin as they had been dancing for the last half hour together. Riley breathed a sigh of relief. Everyone was happy.

"You are so incredibly beautiful Mrs. Potter," Harry smiled at her and she turned her attention to him and his gorgeous eyes.

"And you are just as equally handsome my husband," she giggled. She didn't think she would get tired of saying that, now that she was truly living out the love story she had always hoped for.

"Why don't we take a little walk outside, no one is going to miss us," he looked around at all of their friends enjoying their wedding to the fullest and she nodded, slipping her hand into his as he led her outside into the moonlight.

The music was softer out here and the lights from the tent looked magical as they reflected out onto the water.

"Do you remember the night you and I came out here to talk at the beginning of our 6th year? About my scar, and just about everything?" Harry asked. It had been a rough first couple weeks and Riley had been there for Harry, sneaking out here with him just so he could get some peace. They had sat in front of the lake for a few hours, just talking and listening the water lap on the shore.

"Of course," she smiled.

"That was the night I fell in love with you," he told her, turning to her and kissing her deeply. They were both so in love, and although it hadn't been easy getting to where they were, it had been more than worth it.

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