So I recently played Neopets the Darkest Faerie. I don't know why, I just saw it sitting there and I remembered how much I loved that game. So I popped it in and realized that it didn't get enough credit because it was neopets. So here's a story inspired by it.

Also, most of the characters are the same ones from the game, but there will be a few that are my own.

I don't own Neopets the Darkest Faerie.

Chapter 1

Sir Tormund Ellis, Knight of first class, Defender of Meridell, and Hero of Neopia looked out across his family farm from his position on top of the barn roof. He could see his sister Lucy trying to capture the loose whinnies and he laughed to himself. His mother was tending to the garden and his father was fixing the water pump. Again. He sighed. It had been a good three weeks of visiting, but it was time for him to return to Meridell and his knightly duties. Of course it had been nearly a year since he last saw them in Faerieland after the defeat of the Dark One and a short visit such as this one didn't seem to be enough.

These thoughts began to lead to Roberta, the blue acara sorceress of Brightvale. It had been the same amount of time since he saw her. In the beginning it had been strange, not seeing her everyday like he had when they were on their journey. In fact, everything had been strange, from eating real meals three times a day to sleeping in a warm bed. There had been a few letters in the beginning, but it hadn't lasted long. She had important things to do just as he did.

"Hey Tor!" Lucy shouted. "Can I have some help!"

Tor looked down at his sister. "No, I think you've got it!" He laughed when she huffed angrily and went back to work. Apparently she hadn't figured out the secret of catching whinnies even after years of laughing while she watched him do it. Tor stood with a yawn and stretched. He climbed down the ladder and walked into the house. His belongings were already packed into his bottomless sack. A gift from Roberta before parting. It came in handy. He went into his room and opened the wardrobe. His Altadorian armor gleamed in the dim light that came through the window. On either side was his sword from King Altador himself, and his custom shield with the Altador and Meridell crests.

"I take it you're leaving then?"

Tor looked up at his father with an embarrassed smile. Of course he would be caught admiring himself in the mirror. "Yes, I've been away from my responsibilities for nearly a month now."

Hubert nodded. "I didn't expect you to stay much longer. Not when you've got a castle waiting for you."

Tor laughed. This was a joke between them. "I'd rather stay here at the farm any day. It's just my duties always getting in the way."

"Well, you might as well start you're goodbyes now. I have a feeling that it may take a while."

It was an hour before Tor finally left his farm, leaving his family behind once again. Hopefully it wouldn't be as long until the next time he saw them. He walked along the long farm road, thinking that he should have left earlier. At this rate it would be dark by the time he even got to the bridge and in the early morning when he got to Meridell. He would have to stop for the night somewhere along the way and risk the thieves. He could easily fight them off he knew, risking few injuries, but it would just be a bother. But he did have a Meerca Speed potion in his bag.

Digging through his bag, Tor found the large vial. There was enough of the potion for three uses. With it he could cut his journey in half, maybe even more. He uncorked the vial and drank a third of the potion. A warm feeling spread through his body and he felt his muscles began to tingle. Giving into the potion, Tor began to run. His speed was tripled, everything he passed turning into a blur. Wind tore through his fur and he had to squint his eyes.

In no time he was passing the lake he used to swim in when he still lived at home. It was here that the potion wore off and Tor took a moment to rest. He saw Farmer Tessa scolding her son, Luke and his friend Peter. Claire was hiding behind a rock laughing at them. Tor walked up to them, smiling.

"You two aren't giving everyone a hard time again are you?" he asked and they all looked up in surprise and awe. He ignored that part. He'd become accustomed to it, especially when wearing his armor. He knew he made a striking appearance in it. It wasn't every day that you saw Altadorian armor. Or the Savior of Neopia as he knew they saw him as. He didn't like that the neopets he grew up with saw him like that, but he knew it wasn't something that they could help.

"Are you returning to Meridell then Tor?" Farmer Tessa asked, recovering from her surprise.

"Mhm. Been away for far too long. The other knights are probably getting fed up with having to do all the squire work."

"Why do ya do squire work if yer a knight?" Luke asked.

Tor shrugged. "There aren't any squires at the moment. Besides, I like it. The squires are the ones who do all the traveling. The other knights may not like running around, but I would rather that than being stuck in the castle."

"Well you best be on your way then Tor," Farmer Tessa said. "But come and visit again soon."

Tor nodded. "I plan to. Tell Farmer Addison and Old Man Boggs that I said hello." With that Tor took out his Meerca Speed potion and drank half of what was left. The same sensation filled his body. He nodded once in farewell and began to run again. He waved to the other farmers as he passed them but didn't stop to talk. There was no time for it if he wanted to get to Meridell before night fell.


"Sir Tormund," Guardsman Wade murmured as Tor walked through the gates.

"Just Tor, Wade."


Tor took in a deep breath and looked up at the sky. It was just beginning to get dark. He'd pushed the potion to its limits for the last stretch and he was really feeling it. He dragged his feet in the direction of the castle, greeting those he passed as he went. At the moment he didn't particularly care that knights were supposed to stand tall. He just wanted to get to his bed.

"Good to see you're finally back, Tor." Grayson said in greeting as Tor entered the dining area for a bite to eat before going to bed.

"Hey there Grayson. How are things around the castle?"

"tight. Many of the others are beginning to get fed up."

Tor nodded. "I'll get back to work tomorrow."

"I heard Angus over at the apothecary has been asking for you."

Tor grinned. He liked running errands for the old grarrl. It gave him a chance to get out and explore like he used to. "I'll head over there first thing in the morning."

"Alrighty. Get some rest first, you look ready to pass out where you sit."

Tor shook his head. "Has anything important happened while I've been away?"

"Well Cadmere has been trying to win the affections of Lady Anabel." Grayson laughed. "But that's nothing new."

"I said important," Tor laughed.

Grayson grinned. "Who said Cadmere trying and failing to win the affections of yet another woman isn't important. I mean, it's not his fault that she only seems to have eyes for a certain lupe knight. And I don't mean me tough I don't see how she can see past my dashing good looks."

Tor laughed. "So… Ebard then?" Tor asked jokingly. He knew that Lady Anabel had been eyeing him since he returned from his journey. But she only wanted the hero.

"Oh shut up. You know who I'm talking about." Grayson rolled his eyes and took a bite from his chocafish. "So in other news, there's a new guy in the arena who's moving up pretty quickly. He might even give you a run for your money."

"Oh yeah? Well I'm anticipating a good fight."

"It'd be a nice idea for a celebration of the one year anniversary."

One year. There would be a celebration in Brightvale in honor of it. There would be hundreds of neopets there for it, including him and his family. Only part of Tor was excited. The part of him that was still the farm boy, eager at getting to do something he hadn't done before. And then there was also the fact that he would get to see Roberta again.


Tor went straight to Angus' Apothecary the next morning, telling Master Torak that he would be running an errand for Angus and to take him off the job list until he got back. It was still strange knowing who the Man at Arms really was when nobody else but Roberta did.

"Morning Angus," Tor greeted the apothecary. "Heard you needed something done?"

"Tor! Good to see yeh back!"

"Good to be back, Angus. So, that job?"

Angus moved around the counter. "Ah, yes. I need a rather rare ingredient for this certain project I am working on." He picked up a large book and began flicking through the pages. "It will be tough to find if you manage to find it at all." Angus made a grunting noise and held out the book for Tor to take. There was a hand drawn sketch of a strange looking flower. The leaves were long and spikey. The flower had the look of a daffodil, but the petals were different. There were strange patters and Tor had to take a closer look. Music scales. In the drawing there were also music notes floating in the air.

"What's it called?" Tor asked.

"A harpflower. It emits a musical tone when night falls and the moon can be seen. It grows in beachy areas in the sand. The flower is a deep blue in color."

Tor was thinking hard. There was something very familiar about this flower and he was sure he'd heard its sad song once before. "I think I know where I might find this flower. It'll be at least a day and a half until I can get there."

"You're sure? As I said, this is a very rare flower. I didn't expect you to already have a location in mind."

"I've heard it before. On a small beach on the outskirts of Brightvale." Tor closed the book and gave it back to Angus. "I'll need a few supplies obviously. I've run out of Meerca Speed. Also something to keep off the hunger."

Angus was already gathering potions. Tor leaned against the counter and waited. "That'll be five hundred neopoints, Tor."

Tor nodded, remembering the days he would have passed out in shock at that amount of neopoints. He rummaged around in his bottomless sack and pulled out five bags of neopoints. Each bag contained a hundred neopoints. "Here you go Angus."

"Better watch yourself with that amount of money, Tor. Thieves are ruthless."

"I know that better than most, Angus," Tor said. "They may be ruthless, but they're also brainless. Well, save for a few that I've met in my travels. I'll be the first to admit that there've been a few who have managed to wound me."

"You may be the first to admit it, but only so that others stop thinking that you're some sort of god."

"True." Tor stowed his purchases in his sack and shouldered it. "I'll see you in a few days, Angus."

"Take care, Tor. I feel trouble brewing."

"All the fumes from those potions you cook must be going to your head Angus."

Tor walked out of the apothecary's and headed in the direction of the east gate. He met Sir Aldwin on his way, interrupting a conversation between the techno and a pretty Aisha who Tor didn't recognize. Which was odd because he knew everyone in Meridell. His fellow knight didn't seem to appreciate the interruption very much, but he agreed to tell Master Torak where he was going and wished him luck. Tor did the same to him, nodding at the Aisha in a discrete manner and winking.

"You should bring someone else, you know," Aldwin told him, looking serious for the moment. "You know that Torak doesn't like when we go out alone."

"You're just worried Torak will take it out on you."

"I am, but he's also right."

Tor sighed. "Fine. I'll be at the East Gate waiting. Go to Torak and have him send someone." He bowed to the Aisha. "Pleased to meet you, though I am sorry that we don't have the time to get better acquainted." Tor saw Aldwin roll his eyes and chuckled to himself before heading off again at a slower pace. If he was going to have to wait for someone to show up he didn't want it to have to be for too long.

"Hey Champ!" he heard a familiar voice call as he passed the battle arena. Tor walked over to the blue acara.

"Hey there Shanra. What's this I hear about a new competitor?"

"Ah, you heard about him eh? Kid's good." She gave him a sly grin. "He might even be good enough to beat you."

Tor raised his eyebrows. "You think so? I never knew you had such little faith in me."

Shanra shoved him to the side playfully. "So where are you headin off to now so soon after your return?"

"Out toward Brightvale for Angus."

"Off on some other quest for some rare flower then I see. You'd better get going."

"I have to wait for Torak to send someone to go with me. Which is completely ridiculous if you ask me."

"You would think that a knight of first class wouldn't need a babysitter."

Tor growled. "I don't need a babysitter."

"Whoa, simmer down there champ. I never said you did, and I'm sure that Master Torak doesn't think so either." Shanra told him. "He probably just wants others to get some experience out there like you did with Roberta."

Tor shrugged. "Maybe."

Shanra sighed. "Alright, you get going. You've wasted enough time here."

Tor laughed and dipped his head. "As you wish. Tell the new guy I can't wait to fight him."


And there's chapter 1.