Hollyleaf x Ashfur

Hollyleaf deposited her prey, a vole and a sparrow, onto the fresh-kill pile.

A warm breeze blew through Hollyleaf's black pelt. She shivered, looking around the camp.

Ashfur sat under the Highledge, watching her. She blinked in confusion, her heart pounding. He's looking at me! Hollyleaf's pelt warmed.

"Hollyleaf!" Birchfall's demanding yowl sounded from across the clearing. "The preys going to die of old age by the time you get out there!"

Hollyleaf growled in frustration as she followed Birchfall's hunting patrol out of the thorn barrier for the second time that day.

. . .

Hollyleaf closed her eyes as Ashfur lapped at her pelt. A raindrop spattered on her nose. "Mouse-dung!" Ashfur muttered as the sky opened up upon them.

Rain drummed down on them. Hollyleaf bolted after Ashfur, heading for the warriors den. She yowled in surprise as she slipped in the mud, skidding across the clearing.


Hollyleaf sat up in her nest. "The roof is leaking." Berrynose muttered. Hollyleaf sighed. Ashfur sat up in his nest, narrowing his eyes as a raindrop fell in between them. "Rain." He grumbled as he stretched. Hollyleaf nodded in agreement and began to wash. She looked around after she was done.

"Missed a spot." Ashfur rasped his tongue over her back. Hollyleaf's heart stopped for a moment.

Cloudtail raised his head, his tail flicking irritably. "Would you go, and leave the rest of us in piece! Worse then a bunch of Badgers!" He grumbled.

Embarrassment scorched her fur and she pushed her way through the entrance to the warriors den. Hollyleaf looked around, watching Ashfur pad over to the Highledge.

"Hey, Ashfur! Do you want to share a piece of Fresh-kill!" she called. Ashfur nodded his head, his eyes clearing. Hollyleaf trotted up to the Fresh-kill pile and choose a juicy Rabbit.

Hollyleaf bounded back to Ashfur, setting the Rabbit down in front of him and settling down. Ashfur licked her ear and took a bite. Brambleclaw glared at Ashfur from the Highledge where he was organizing patrols. After the Rabbit was gone, they both stood up, stretching.

"Hunting now?" Hollyleaf mewed.

"Sure." Ashfur led the way out of camp. "Where to?" Ashfur looked around.

"How about Sky Oak?" Hollyleaf suggested. Ashfur nodded and padded ahead of her. They stopped at the Sky Oak. Ashfur turned toward her. Hollyleaf's green eyes danced. Ashfur pressed himself against her, wrapping his body around her. Hollyleaf let out a purr as Ashfur rasped his tongue over her ears.

"I love you Hollyleaf." He purred.

"I love you too, Ashfur." Hollyleaf whispered as she crouched down. Ashfur licked her between the ears as he mounted her.

"Forever." He whispered.

(A/N: I know, it's short, sorry I was writing this at 3 a.m)