Hollyleaf x Ashfur

Chpt 4

Hollyleaf stared around in dismay as hisses and growls erupted around the clearing. The full moon shone on the tiny island, illuminating the cats on the island, their pelts bristled. Why! I just gave my own secret away! WHY!

Breezepelt bared his teeth in a snarl, his mother hissed and swiped at her mate, Crowfeather. The Clan leaders looked stunned. Firestar sat still as a rock on his perch as he watched, trying to register what just happened.

"Is it true?" Firestar's mew rang throughout the island. He glared down at Squirrelflight and Leafpool.

"I have kept this secret for too many moons." Squirrelflight said, regret edged her voice. Brambleclaw hissed in anger and clawed at the ground. "You kept this a secret from me! Why!" Without waiting for an answer, he turned his back on her.

Firestar's green eyes glinted with anger. "We'll deal with this at home. Thunderclan lets go!" he leapt down from his perch, rounding his cats up. Hollyleaf followed her Clan slowly, her head spinning as she realized what she just did. She gasped for breath, feeling sick.

"Are you ok?" Squirrelflight came up behind her, pressing her flank against her, trying to steady her.

"I'm fine! Go away!" Hollyleaf snarled at her. Hurt sparkled in her eyes, but she padded away.

. . .

"You have broken the Medicine cat Code as well as the Warrior Code." Firestar's mew was as cold ice. Cats clustered around the Highledge as he spoke to Leafpool.

"You have trained Jayfeather to be a Medicine cat and his training is complete. You must step down as Medicine cat."

Dismay sparkled in Leafpool's eyes. Leafpool nodded and padded away to the Medicine cat den to clear her nest away, her tail dragging in the dust.

Hollyleaf sat in the shadows. Deathberries lay on a leaf by her side. Leafpool stiffened as she scented Hollyleaf.

"Hollyleaf?" Leafpool sounded wary.

"You ruined my life Leafpool. I want you to die." Leafpool's eyes widened.

"Eat these Deathberries!" Hollyleaf shoved them at her.

"I already killed Ashfur, I'm not afraid to kill you!" Leafpool's eyes stretched wider.

"You killed him!"

"Of course I killed him! And now I'm going to kill you!"