Thunderclan Takes a Stand

(What should have happened that night.)

"How dare you!" Firestar roared. Silence filled the camp. All cats' stopped fighting; turning to stare up at him. The group of cats' parted as Onestar shouldered his way through. "We dare because we are true warriors!" Onestar hissed. Firestar stiffened with rage as Onestar continued. "This battle has been to long coming and Thunderclan needs to learn they are not the most important Clan in the forest." Firestar sat still as a rock, his tail twitching. "You watch the suffering of others like you belong to Starclan! We will not beg! We are Warriors! We will fight for the territory needed to survive!" Firestar bunched his muscles, the fur on the back of neck fluffing up. "You think being a warrior means saving Mountain cats and rescuing strays. We think it's about taking care of our clan." Onestar hissed. "No." Firestar's voice contained all the frost in leaf-bare. "I will not stand here while you insult my clan in our camp!" He jumped down from the Highledge. "If you want a battle, you've got a war." Firestar growled before leaping on Onestar and sinking his teeth into his shoulder. The clearing exploded once more into snarling and hissing as cats' leapt into battle. Yowls pierced the air and screeches of pain cut through the air like claws tearing through flesh.

(A/N: Sorry it's so short, it is a one-shot. If you want me to expand it, I'll gladly write more.)