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Damn that Stark to hell!

He should know my reasons by this point, so why the hell is he still riding my ass over those stupid, horrible poems? There useless now.

'But does that mean you've actually stopped writing them?' My stupid brain asked me.

I just let out a sigh and a soft, "No."

"No they haven't stopped coming. Doesn't mean they's important. I mean, I don't even think they mean anything no more." I said, really glad that I was alone, for once, to have this conversation with, well, myself.

But it was the truth! Have I destroyed the newest ones I made? Hell to the no! They are just that useless.

So technically I wouldn't get in trouble for keeping them from Neferet and the others, right? I mean, I seriously think that even Neferet should know by now that I'm not giving them to her. She of all, and I hesitate to say this, people should now I wouldn't disobey an order from her unless I had good reason!

I sighed to myself once more.

There was a time where that was completely true, but under different circumstances.

For one thing, I wasn't… Wasn't myself. Under her complete control, wrapped under so much Darkness that I… I… That I couldn't even think strait. I can't for the life of me, to this day, remember anything from those dark days just the hell was going on in my head. But I do my best to not think about it too hard. Because every time I do…

I kneel over the desk I was sitting at, practically digging my nails in the wood, hot tears, boiling in my closed eyes to try to stop them.

'Damnit!' I thought to myself. 'I thought I was through with this!'

Yes I was bad but that's behind me now. Or at least it was.

Now… I'm still apart of Neferet's army, but not because her Darkness that had a firm grip on me controlled me to want to, but because she had a new way to control me: My fear.

After she took over, and almost everyone died, she only the remaining Red Fledglings and Vampyres, one of whom I didn't even know had changed! Seriously! When the hell did Dallas turn? I mean I know Stevie Rae said that his affinity jacked up his good sense but I never imagined that she…

'NO! Just stop thinking right there! Do not think about her now, Kramisha! You just escaped an episode with the Dark past, but you can't recover from this! Stop it now!' I mentally screamed at myself. And after pulling back lava tears back, and taking in a couple more breathes I was fine again. Or at least as fine as I could be.

Because once she had her little Red army back, the very few of us, me, Stark, and the others included had no other option. We were vastly outnumbered! The little batch of us survived the Rouges once sure, but we had… Earth on our side. And she's gone. And Stark was blackmailed, so he was useless too.

So, after sighing once more, I figured I'd get out of this room. It's making me go all depressed.

But not before I picked up the newest poem I wrote, mere moments after Neferet asked me if I'd writing anything new and I told her no. I'd figure that whatever walk I'm having I could look over it and debate whether or not I should let anyone know about it.

"Three Princesses of Blood,

One of Blue,

One of Plain,

And One of Red.

The Blue princess,

Lives a tortured life,

Only to be set free,

To set the world to peace,

After years of war.

The Princess of Plain,

Has forgotten her royalty,

Only to trade it away,

For that of a life of a warrior,

The Princess of Red,

Will not be looked upon fondly,

The mother of her powerful children,

Only to be shunned and hunted,

Until the father's sin has been paid,

Through her Own's blood."

Well… That was confusing as hell. And I wrote the damn thing!

"Augh!" I grumbled to myself. Oh Goddess… I'm starting to sound like the old Aphrodite!

At that, I couldn't help but smile out of spite of the thought.

"Well maybe that ain't so much a bad thing. At least it'll bring back some normality." I said softly to myself.

"Bring back what? And for what reason again?" I heard the dark voice come from my left side.

"Dallas! Crap! Y-yo-you Scarred me!" I said, and it couldn't have been more of an understatement. When I discovered him siding with Neferet I have never felt safe around him anymore.

"Yeah-huh. What you got there poet lit?" He sneered. Ugh… And he used to be on the good side?

"Oh… I don't know if it means anything… But I have been thinking,"

"Yeah-yeah. Save it." He interrupted, snatching the poem out of my hand. Well I guess no more debating now.

"The hell is this?" He said after a while, obviously taking the time to read it. He even turned it on its side like it could show some hidden answer to the damn thing if he did.

"I don't know." I shrugged, giving him my honest answer.

"The hell you do!" He yelled, and before I could see it coming, he raised his hand and it latched itself to my throat, clamping me to the wall. I started scratching his hand struggling to breathe.

"I swear!" I ragged out, trying to reason with him. "I just… Wrote that damn… Poem. I have… No idea… What the hell… It means….*gak* I was just try… Trying to desipher it myself. Afterwards… If it was… Was important… I swear… I was gonna… *gak* Gonna give it… T-t-t-to h-h-h-her." I gurgled out as my breath was fading away. Through the corner of my eye I saw that Dallas was ready to shock me dead, but he was lowering his arm.

And just when I thought that he was gonna succeed in chocking me, he released me, letting me drop to the floor, gasping for air.

My poem floated down to my eye sight on the floor.

"Then give it to her then. The least you should do. Lying to her like that." He said like I was garbage and walked away.

"Fuck you Dallas." I grumbled, rubbing my throat, trying to ease the pain that was, just moments before, exploding there.

I made it to Neferet's chamber quickly, a little too quickly for my taste, but at least it would go over quickly.

I knocked on the door, softly enough so that it wouldn't wake the others, but not so softly as so she wouldn't hear me. I, as well as a couple of the others, had our own doubts if she even slept at all.

"N-Neferet?" I hesitated in calling out her name. It felt like sick bile in my mouth.

Without getting an answer, I knocked on the door again, and calling out her name, again.

Still no reply.

So ignoring the unhealthy, rapid, heart beating in my chest I opened the door, to find them empty. Nothing but a lit fireplace that casted eerie shadows around the room.

"N-n-Neferet? I-it's me. Kramisha. I, uh, I just wrote a-a-a-a… A poem. Right after I said I didn't write any. I-I thought that maybe…" I was cut off from a short, gasping noise which made my heart pause for a full minute before I felt it start beating again.

"Wh-who's..?" I tried to ask, but thought better of it. Instead I just walked towards the sound.

I found a small room. It was most defiantly not Neferet's room which was to be noted a thing of luxury. It was also dark; its only light was that of the crimson sky which Neferet has permanently stained to her own liking.

I felt for a light switch, which only took a couple of seconds. But I had to stifle a scream once I turned on the lights.

Zoey was here! Alive!

Sure she was in a cage, battered and bruised, wearing tattered and torn, ugly and dirty clothes, and obviously spent a lot of time crying, but alive.

"Zoey?" I managed to get out in a shocked whisper.

"Kr-Kramisha? Is that you?" Even her voice sounded broken.

I couldn't speak, all I could manage was a shaky nod.

"Leave! Get out while you still can." She told me urgently. And before I could take her advice she added on something else that made my feet feel like cement bricks.

"But by that I mean this room. Don't try to escape permanently. We will be saved. And before you go, just remember this; Don't lose faith. Now go. Before Neferet discovers you discovering me."

At those last words I started to bolt, with the fear of her punishment fueling me.

I was able to make it halfway to my room, before I stopped dead with guilt.

How the hell could I just leave her behind again? Zoey is alive and I just left her to whatever Neferet plans to do with her!

Then I looked to the poem again, like my subconscious wanted something to distract my guilt with. And after reading it again I felt… I don't know what, stirring inside of me.

Oh I still can't figure out this shit for the life of me, but that didn't stop this feeling.

I raced back to my room, thankfully it was still empty, and pulled out another piece of paper and a pen. Copying everything down on the spare, and once that was done, I hid the spare with, but one thought ringing in my mind once my brain decided to pass me out.

'I have to get this to Stark for the rebles!'

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